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Obama Impeachment: GOP Faces Three HUGE Obstacles

Now that we are a full five and one half years into Obama’s tenure, the GOP knows that it is too late to go after Obama’s unprecedented betrayal of the American people.

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Obama Impeachment: GOP Faces Three HUGE Obstacles


EAR: GOP Very Afraid To Impeach Obama For 3 Reasons

I. Fraudulent And Forged Birth Certificate; Falsified Social Security Number: The GOP has a visceral fear of this truth tearing apart the Republic

The author has spoken to many politicos in and out of the Republican Party, disaffected Democrats, betrayed Independents, and politically nonaligned yet fully engaged folks. Particularly among the Republicans and Independents, there is a palpable fear at the prospect of impeaching Obama. They are quite literally afraid for the future of the Republic should Obama’s fake birth certificate go prime time.

Let’s face it, nothing even close has ever been perpetrated on the entire body politic. The GOP knows the seriousness of the numerous high crimes and misdemeanors (as well as felonies) which were committed — over many years — by many high-powered political operatives.  Not only would the Democratic Party be brought down by such exposure, the entire mainstream media (MSM) is deeply complicit in this multi-year crime spree against the American people.

GOP failed to put out the fire when the building was burning down

The real problem for the Republican Party, however, is that they refused to take timely action as soon as they were aware of the fabricated birth certificate, which was well before the 2008 presidential election. The entire GOP leadership is grimly aware that they have had at least seven years to prosecute Obama’s several crimes concerning his qualifications to run for president. In their failure to properly investigate and prosecute him, they have forgone one opportunity after another. Unfortunately, they have now dug themselves a grave — a very deep and wide grave — right next to Obama’s for what could be termed misprision of felony*

Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 8.39.23 PM

Many of the Republicans justified their genuine fear as a byproduct of what would happen to this nation. Truly, they are deeply concerned about all the ramifications of a sitting president having conducted himself in such a lawless manner, and with such audacious impunity. The repercussions within the realm of international affairs alone would be quite overwhelming, as well as profoundly undermining of US interests … everywhere.

That the GOP used Donald Trump to be their point person also speaks of their lack of backbone to expose this the whole sordid affair. They saw the extraordinary backlash that Trump has since endured. Like him or not, Donald Trump has more courage than anyone in the entire US political firmament. The public flagellation that he has taken throughout the MSM is as unparalleled as it has been awful to watch.

The GOP leadership has also witnessed the baseless persecution and political prosecution suffered by Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Phoenix. That the sheriff of a major American city would be so scorned and ignored, in the face of such hard indisputable evidence which he produced clearly proving that crimes were committed in the execution of BCgate, was more than the Republicans could bear. Particularly in view of the popularity that Obama seemed to enjoy … that is until now.

Now that we are a full five and one half years into Obama’s tenure, the GOP knows that it is too late to go after Obama’s unprecedented betrayal of the American people. They are now seen as a willing institutional accomplice for their years of inaction, as they should be seen.

Qualification: The GOP may be patiently waiting to take back the Senate after the upcoming midterm elections, whereby a case for impeachment can realistically be prosecuted for a full conviction. Otherwise, only the House can successfully take the limited action of impeachment.

II. Vice President Biden will become President! 

Can anyone imagine such an outcome?

B I D E N ! ! !

Is there any question about this?

Clearly, Barack Obama has provided an extraordinary and unprecedented number of legitimate and weighty justifications for his impeachment. Truly, no president in US history has piled up so many scandals, so much lawbreaking, so much sheer incompetence as this ‘president’ has. His blatant disregard for the US Constitution and flagrant disrespect for the balance of power afforded to the three branches of American Government is, at once, habitual, stunning, and undoubtedly criminal.

No president has shown so much contempt for the American people, their values, their religious sensibilities, their social mores and their traditions, as has Obama. His driving the wedge of racism into the public discourse, whenever he can exploit an event, is as irresponsible as it is reprehensible. So is his immediate embracing for all things morally depraved.

This ‘president’ has put more time and energy and resources into promoting his own socially warped agenda than addressing a paralyzing recession. Than fixing the incredibly disastrous Obamacare. Than approaching Congress in a good faith and with respectful manner. Than assuming a dignified and trustworthy posture within the community of nations that once looked up to the US global stewardship.

How can world leaders take Obama seriously for one moment when he spies on them … and then justifies it.  The blinding arrogance has been too overwhelming to watch.  The willful ignorance quite unparalleled, especially where it concerns the traditional American role in international affairs.  We are now a laughingstock … not to be trusted for the rest of our lifetimes.  Who in their right mind would trust such a woefully incompetent and neglectful, deceptive and deceitful presidential leadership  . . . and that question goes for his entire Administration.

Let’s face it — the US electorate got EXACTLY what it deserves.  They elected a glorified community organizer whose only real skill is to organize his campaigns to get elected.  Talk about perpetual electioneering.  Every pronouncement is made with obvious political intent around getting someone, some idea, something ‘elected’.  Obama’s exceedingly disdainful behavior toward George Romney throughout the 2012 election will go down in history as the most disgraceful presidential conduct EVER.

Back to Biden

Now you know why they ran Joe Biden as his running mate.  We’re talking about a very strange twist here on the proverbial poison pill strategy used by corporations to ward off  hostile takeovers.  In this convoluted context of Obama + Biden, they knew they had the American people by the short hairs … and that there was absolutely nothing we could do as long as Old Joe kept getting up every morning.

Yeah, that’s right, impeach Obama and you’re staring right at the craziest VP ever to set up shop in DC … as president! ! !  Now many might say “crazy like a fox”, and he may very well be.  But his vice-presidential behavior has been so consistently beyond the pale that no other world leader would take him seriously.  Honestly, we’re talking about somebody who might be ready for the six-padded room at Chattahoochee.  Yes, they pad the ceiling and the floor in the Chattahoochee penthouse suite when someone’s been properly adjudicated, as Biden has been by EVERYONE but his mother (just remember his wild-eyed debate performance, if nothing else).

With that said, now we all know why Obama has yet to be impeached.  He has perpetrated enough high crimes and misdemeanors to warrant who knows how many consecutive life sentences, and no one dares lift a finger … or call for a vote.  Do you now see how they set this little scheme up?

III.  GOP Fear of the Race Card being played against them … again … and again … and again.

The Republicans again are actively rebuilding their party and platform to appear as though it is more inclusive of all Americans.  They are NOT very good at it, nor have they ever been.  However, the electoral realities, especially the demographics which underlie successful elections, clearly indicate their need for minority support — across all the entire spectrum.  Hence, the GOP leadership has a very real fear of alienating the many minority groups which they desperately need to win future elections.

Given this Administration’s propensity for stoking all the fires around immigration, thus opening the borders to millions of future voting Democrats, the GOP is especially scared. All the electoral metrics point directly to a huge growth in undocumented voting by illegal aliens.  The GOP knows that it must either get on this gravy train … or derail it completely.  Nevertheless, all of the racial overtones in this particular public discourse have given the Republicans good reason to pause.  And, to consider how to avoid the mere perception of racism, even though it is the other side that plays the card in every game.

Whether such a fear is legitimate or perceived, the GOP knows that the current incarnation of the Democratic Party has used racism as no other in US history.  The Obama Administration has driven the racism wedge so deeply into the heart of the electorate that it cannot be ignored.  Many of those throughout the top level of Obama’s leadership — that would be the Czars and Cabinet Secretaries — are historically hard-wired to plug into this highly volatile issue, and show no reservations about using it for purely political ends.  Truly, they have shown no conscience about how they use racism to gain favorable public perceptions at the expense of whoever.

Because it has been so unsettling to see a president use the race card so often and cavalierly, the Republicans are afraid.  Especially in light of the extraordinary willingness of the media to carry water for him concerning this issue (it sells MSM newspapers when they should already be bankrupt), are they even more concerned.  No other president in the nation’s history has used raw racism as a means of accomplishing a political agenda.  The GOP knows this well after observing 5 and 1/2 years of unconscionable behavior, so they cower in fear instead of confronting it head on.


Only by executing their sworn duties with competence and all deliberate speed will the Republican Party gain the trust of the American people.  When those who occupy high office are permitted to flout the laws of the land, the entire political realm undergoes a profound degeneration. The citizens then begin to feel that if the lawmakers can routinely break the law, so can they.

Look around and see the “State of the Nation”.  It’s NOT a pretty picture, is it? And the Obama presidency has done more to undermine the moral fabric of society than any other, and that includes Richard Nixon. In reality Watergate does not even compare to:

•  BirthCertificategate
•  IRSgate
•  VAgate
•  NSAgate
•  Benghazigate
•  Fast&Furiousgate
•  Obamacaregate
•  Bergdahlgate
•  Ukrainegate
•  Libyagate
•  Syriagate
•  APgate
•  Rosengate
•  Solyndragate
•  Sebeliusgate
•  Pigfordgate

Author’s Note:

It does appear that the Repubs may be waiting for the midterm elections to take back the Senate, and restock the House even stronger.  In which case they may be waiting for a pretext to impeach both Obama and Biden. In which case the new Speaker’s wife just may move into Michelle Obama’s bedroom.

This five plus year saga has got to have a happy ending.  The ever-increasing list of White House scandals is literally shutting down (and shutting out) the people’s business.  Of course, that may not be a bad thing. It seems that when nothing gets done in Washington, so misguided and dangerous is the legislation coming out of the DC cesspool, We the People can sleep much more peacefully.

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