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NYC Mayor: Alarming Rise in Stabbings Due to Gun Control — UK-Style Knife Ban Next?

Once the guns are gone, ask yourself America, are we next for knife bans?

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NYC Mayor: Alarming Rise in Stabbings Due to Gun Control — UK-Style Knife Ban Next?


Gun control is supposed to make us all so much safer, right?

The gun grabbers love to twist statistics and talk about how much better life will be when everyone’s Second Amendment is done away with (as if innocent, legal gun owners are the ones causing the problem) and the only option the average innocent person should have to protect him or herself is to call the cops and wait however it long it takes for the cops to finally show up. That person, by the way, better hope he or she does not try to defend herself with another weapon in the meantime because if the cops show up in the middle of that, the victim will end up shot. Why?

Because we live in a country where cops can burst into the wrong house during a raid and taser and arrest an innocent 86-year-old man because he dared to hold a knife while cooking soup in his own home (and this happened in NYC, too).


This Brady Center ad is a parody, but considering their goal, how would you know?

But now even New York Mayor Bill de Blasio has had to admit that gun control doesn’t exactly work, especially not in the ways the anti-Second Amendment camp has promised.

Sure, there are fewer guns on the streets of New York, but does that automatically equal safer people? As the NYPD has cracked down on guns, slashings and stabbings have now increased dramatically in NYC, up a whopping 20 percent so far this year.

The reason? De Blasio says the reason is gun control.

Via NYC.gov:

NYPD has driven down violent crime now for almost a quarter-century and increasingly they are getting at the supply of guns with, by the way ­– a very adverse situation because there are so many guns available in this country, and all the guns that come up from other states. But there’s been a major increase in gun seizures. There’s been a reduction in shootings. NYPD is doing extraordinary work. We now have the Gun Violence Suppression Unit – 200 officers focused specifically on getting at guns. We have the new gun courts we’re instituting. So, I’m not a criminologist, but I can safely say that guns are being taken off the street in an unprecedented way. Some people, unfortunately, are turning to a different weapon – thank God, typically, a less deadly weapon but they’re turning to a different weapon. Well, guess what that means? The NYPD will now go get those weapons.

While knives can be less deadly than guns, they can also be just as deadly as guns. China has seen mass stabbings that have left 29 people dead and 130 wounded.

Similarly in the UK, where all the guns have been grabbed, stabbings are off the charts and now the government has started asking people to turn in their knives:

The new “Save a Life – Surrender Your Knife” program is in full swing and police are telling us that they have joined forces with an already growing trend in the United Kingdom to ban “pointy” knives.

Lancashire Police tell us that an “amnesty” program began at the end of August, and “more than 800 knives have been handed in across the county – including swords, machetes and commando knives.”

“The amnesty was extended for a further week owing to its success,” Lancashire Police representatives explained.

The Lancashire department explains that their “officers have now given their backing to a national initiative designed to raise awareness of knife crime and encourage the surrender of dangerous weapons.”

That’s right. This even includes kitchen knives. It’s the “Save a Life — Surrender Your Knife” program:


You can just see the Black Lives Matter crowd getting in on this one at some point in the future, can’t you?

They even card people who attempt to buy plastic cutlery that includes knives over there:


Once the guns are gone, ask yourself America, are we next for knife bans?

You can almost see it coming. The justification is already being laid the same way as it was in Great Britain.

Once again, this just goes to show how faulty the gun grabbing argument is. Criminals who want to commit crimes of violence against others will always find a way, no matter how many laws and how much gun control gets instituted. Take the guns? They’ll use knives. Take the knives? They’ll use whatever else they can get their hands on. The police can’t ban everything and they can’t protect everyone. It’s security theater to act like they can. Why do you think gun grabbers like former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg walk around with an entourage of guards armed with guns?

Everyone has a natural right to self-protection. The people behind this agenda ultimately want a completely helpless populace where only the government has the guns, but even if they find a way to erase the Bill of Rights, it will never happen. Criminals will still get guns and the tyrannical government will still be armed to the teeth — the very reason the Second Amendment was penned in the first place.


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Contributed by Piper McGowin of The Daily Sheeple.

Piper writes for The Daily Sheeple. There’s a lot of B.S. out there. Someone has to write about it.

Piper writes for The Daily Sheeple. There's a lot of B.S. out there. Someone has to write about it.


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