Nurse Refuses to Break Law for Cop. Cop Brutally Arrests Nurse. The Internet Is Still on Fire.

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Whipping like wildfire across the internet late Thursday evening is arguably one of the more shocking incidents of brute force displayed by law enforcement in the United States — indeed, a rare characterization, given American policing’s interminable list of killings, beatings, corruption, lies, and general misbehavior — because, this time, the subject of a bully cop’s strong-arm tactics was a nurse.

A nurse, just doing her job.

The nurse, Alex Wubbels, doing her job in Salt Lake City’s University Hospital, tried to protect an unconscious patient from having their blood drawn without their ability to consent or refuse, by the order of Salt Lake City Police Detective Jeff Payne — whose demands unequivocally violated her employer’s strict policy against drawing blood from unconscious patients without warrant, prior consent, or unless the patient is under arrest — which would have supplanted said rule.

“I’m just trying to do what I’m supposed to do,” Wubbels told the detective on the July 26th video, released late Thursday by the Salt Lake Tribune.

As Payne’s body camera records their rapidly escalating encounter, Wubbels can be seen holding papers and a cell phone, over which it becomes clear a man named “Brad” has been listening over speakerphone — as he, too, tries to reason with the brash detective, explaining the orders for forcible blood draw must come from proper channels.

Unamused, Payne persists — even as Wubbels grows visibly nervous and unsure how to handle the irate detective.

“This is something that you guys agreed to with this hospital,” Wubbels tells Payne. “I’m just trying to do what I’m supposed to do. That’s all.”

“So I take it, without those in place, I’m not going to get blood,” he retorts. “Am I fair to surmise that?”

From the cell phone, Brad is heard telling the nurse, “Alex, you’re not representing the University Hospital.”

“I have no idea why he’s blaming me,” Wubbels, shaking, responds softly.

Sternly, Brad interjects, “Why are you blaming the messenger, sir?”

“She’s the one that has told me, no,” Payne replies.

“You’re making a huge mistake right now, because you’re threatening a nurse,” Brad admonishes Payne, apparently setting the officer’s temper aflame, as he abruptly lunges forward and grabs for Wubbels’ phone, snapping,

“No, we’re done, you’re under arrest.”

Understandably startled to be manhandled and intimidated by the detective who apparently didn’t understand the law or policy, Wubbels recoils reflexively from his clutches, turning from the impending detention in disbelief — but, Payne pursues her roughly, backing the nurse around equipment and into a uniformed officer’s arms, and then outside.

With body camera rolling, the nurse screams in agony at Payne’s clutch on her arm, now held fast behind her back, “Help! Help! Somebody help me! Stop! Stop! I did nothing wrong!” Hospital employees are seen congregating and attempting to quell the detective’s rage, telling him an administrator is en route to mediate.

“She can sit in my car while they’re coming,” Payne assures them.

“This is unnecessary, man,” someone asserts — to which the cop replies, “You’re right.”

Wubbels has obtained an attorney, saying she was illegally arrested and assaulted; although, no lawsuit or claim has yet been filed — but there are no shortage of odd facets to this interaction on video.

For one, the unconscious patient never was a suspect in any crime, and would be considered the victim in this case, as RT reports, since “[he] was driving a semi-truck on July 26 when a suspect, fleeing Logan, Utah police in a hot pursuit, swerved and slammed his pickup truck into [him], igniting an explosion that left [him] burned. The suspect, Marco Torres, died at the scene.”

Forced blood draws and testing have not been deemed acceptable by the U.S. Supreme Court, and certainly not in a situation where the subject isn’t the suspect.

Although remaining on active duty, Payne has been temporarily removed from the Salt Lake City Police blood-draw program, pending the conclusion of an internal investigation into the incident, according to Sergeant Brandon Shearer.

Should Payne go unpunished for the shocking, wrongful arrest, a grim portent would exist both for workers going about their duties, as well as the innocent public leery of having law enforcement attempt robbery of their blood under conditions where such an act would never be allowed.

Wubbels, who is still coming to terms with the incident, has one warning for the public:

“If this could happen to me it could happen to anyone.”

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75 thoughts on “Nurse Refuses to Break Law for Cop. Cop Brutally Arrests Nurse. The Internet Is Still on Fire.”

    1. Keep in mind that if a person scores high on IQ tests, the police departments will not hire them. This police policy of discriminating against intelligent people has been upheld by the courts!
      Also note that written tests have been eliminated by most police departments because stupid people could not pass them.

    1. The Cop Code of Silence prevents them from speaking up, unfortunately. Most cops are good, dedicated people, but the rotten apples are the ones that garner all the publicity.

  1. Clearly the police are trying desperately to protect themselves from a lawsuit for causing the accident resulting from there high-speed chase.

  2. Die f*cking Pigs. Die. I am an American Citizen and White and I am saying it.

    They had their chance to get straight with the people back in the 60s when they were f*cking with the people, but all law enforcement did was double down, militarize up and continue on being militarized goons thugs and PIGS.

    Did you notice that there were a bunch of other PIGS and Private Security PIGGLINGS standing around, probably creaming their pants at this nurse being f*cked over. Kill these PIGS on sight.

  3. This will never stop UNTIL we the people return action for action. When they fear us, they respect us. How can you serve a community you do not respect or fear you are not a servant you are a master and they will continue to treat us like slaves UNTIL the whip is turned around and they get what they serve….

  4. “pending the conclusion of an internal investigation into the incident”

    I’m sure everyone here knows how that will turn out. Regardless, justice will never be done until this POS is held personally accountable, and that won’t happen unless the nurse or her clan make it happen. I hope they do.

  5. I have drawn blood on people who were suspected in a drunk driving accident, but not if the person WASNT a suspect. To do anything invasive is assault on a patient, if the patient doesn’t give consent. If it is deemed life threatening or if the person is not in their right mind then you can without their explicit consent. This nurse was right to refuse to participate in this.

    1. What about inserting catheters into little boys, as well as adults?? Ever do that, you know, like they do in south dakota??

      1. If the child is suspected of a urinary tract infection and can’t give us a urine specimen, yes, I have. In and outs on boys and girls, but that is rare. Usually the child is so obtundant that they don’t even know I was there. Same for the severe MR who we suspect have urosepsis. I am sure you have a point, but it is failing to strike home.

  6. I will bet that this POS hiding behind his badge goes home and slaps up his wife and kicks his dog what a sorry excuse of a human being

  7. I’d gladly contribute to the nurse’s legal fees to help her take this pig down. And all of his little buddies that didn’t intervene to stop him are just as guilty…

  8. Cops typically don’t know the law they’re supposed to be enforcing and don’t care. They’re used to getting their way by threats and intimidation. It’s not unusual for cops to arrest or threaten to arrest someone for a “crime” that doesn’t exist. In this case it looks like an attempt to blame the victim. The cops were trying to manufacture evidence of drug or alcohol use by the victim so as to have leverage when the victim files a lawsuit against them for his injuries that resulted from the high-speed chase. Roast this piglet.

    1. It turned out there had been a previous draw. So, it was available all the time. Somebody didn’t ask the right question. Don’t know who actually got access to it.

  9. Glad this came up…I red it last night on Deseret News….made a comment regarding “militarized” police…they wouldn’t post it!!!!! No free speech on Deseret News – tightly controlled Utah.

    1. I did see a comment somewhere that the “SLC PD didn’t show up with their tanks”. Actually, they have some Bearcats as do several other agencies along the Wasatch range.

      1. no, they just allowed this military behavior to take place…. oh dear. I don’t live in Utah but I like to see what goes on…

        1. This is an aberration of the usual police practice here in Utah. That’s why the Mayor and Police Chief held a press conference and took a lot of questions. Just for reference, I used to live in California until they closed my Air Base. Our level of freedom is a lot higher here.

          1. oh yeah…how come the Deseret News won’t allow a comment on “militarized” police? Where is our freedom of speech?

          2. enjoy whatever level of freedom you think you see…the filthy ZIONIST AGENDA is destroying America in every way imaginable…they control the US and our military…the Mormons are also Zionist…bye bye Miss American Pie. We could save our country if the DARPA mind-controlled, drugged, brin-damaged zombie masses could wake out of their coma, but that isn’t happening. They don’t even SEE THE CHEMTRAILS!!!

          3. Do you believe the meaning of the song is a metaphor for the plan being carried out, or was it just a figure of speech?

          4. oh…. don’t remember the’s been a long long came out two years after I got out of high school

  10. A bad scene. The cop should have known the law. He was on the blood draw task force for God’s sake! The nurse has a good case. She was doing her job, following the law and stuck to her guns. The driver wasn’t even a suspect………so why the heck was the cop so insistent? Perhaps because since his suspect died he was casting about for another arrest he could take credit for? Hoping the unconscious and burned driver had traces of drugs or alcohol perhaps? Pretty weasely.

  11. Good boy. Good cop here. Another reason for the good citizen to avoid being in there sight. That was a feloney cop. No more right to have a gun.

  12. The law of the land does not apply to the self proclaimed overlords, just us peons must grovel at the feet of the masters…we’re long gone people, no turning back. That distant memory that was the beacon of light, of hope to humanity, is dimming and with each passing year, ever more so….

  13. That is COMPLETE HORSESHIT! That cop is durrrrty. He had NO RIGHT TO TOUCH THAT NURSE. Hopefully her lawsuit will kick him in the dick–hard.

    1. Unfortunately, a lawsuit will likely only kick innocent taxpayers in the dick.

      A 2×4 to the back of the dome, however. . .

  14. This unprofessional bully does not belong in law enforcement! Wasn’t he given any training? Didn’t he know the laws and regulations about drawing blood? At the very least, he should be given a suspension without salary. Abusing a good woman who was doing her job correctly is inexcusable.

  15. He knew the law, there was another motive, the nurse was keeping him from it. Probably something illegal in the high speed chase that they were trying to pin on the innocent truck driver.
    That is why there are supposed to be checks and balances. When a judge gives him permission to draw blood then there is a check. It is called a warrant. But those pesky things just get in the police way. Best to have a lawyer on speed dial to talk to a police officer directly in this kind of situation.

    1. These days, there is the next best thing: A room full of people with video capable cell phones and people not afraid to push the button. Good for them.

  16. as far as i see it, mr abusive cop caused the nurse to not help her patient. the man died due to this cops direct involvement in illegally arresting her.

  17. I detest Black Lives Matter…..however, if blacks in this country have been putting up with this crap, then I get their point. The cops are out of control….LaVay Finicum, the Aussie lady in Minneapolis shot by a Muslim Cop….and the list goes on. Cops should be held personally liable for their misdeeds.

  18. The video speaks – summary execution for the pigs is the only next step guaranteed to bring Justice.

    Dox ’em, and dump ’em in a ditch.

  19. The nurse did the right thing and was punished and abused for it by a bully cop who thinks he is above the law. I wish this were the norm, but unfortunately it is the exception. More often than not, these nurses will give in to this sort of abuse so they don’t have to deal with being arrested, despite the fact that they would end up with a fat lawsuit because of being falsely arrested.
    Abusive, lawbreaking pigs like this need to be fired and held personally liable for any damages. And to ensure that they are able to pay whatever damages result from any lawsuits the cops might incur, all cops should be forced to pay “Police Brutality Insurance” policies while employed as a police officer, as a condition of employment. That way, when one of these malcontents fucks up, the ensuing litigation doesn’t cost the taxpayers a penny.
    It’s gotten to the point where police brutality and abuse of authority has become an epidemic. Yet the media will ignore this epidemic, and instead will focus on fake news, labeling whatever nonsense narrative they are pushing to be the epidemic.
    This shit needs to stop. And it needs to stop costing the taxpayers millions of dollars every time it happens.

    1. The problem is, we have such the police state, that, everyone was afraid of what the govt will do to THEM for doing what we all know is right! Think about it, if that cocksucker was NOT a govt wanna-be thug, he would have gotten his ASS BEAT DOWN for even trying to kidnap her!!

      1. Oh, absolutely. If that thug didn’t have the back up of the rest of the police department, he wouldn’t have acted like he had such big balls.
        He should have gotten his ass beat for the way he behaved.
        Besides the fact that he was a complete asshole, he also violated the rights of both the unconscious truck driver and the nurse who was caring for him.
        I would have been extremely grateful if a nurse did that for me while I was unconscious.
        Both of these people should sue the shit out of this pig. They should both file lawsuits against him personally. And hopefully he will be held personally liable for any damages.
        I’m sick and tired of these lawsuits being paid for by our tax dollars. I think that all cops should be forced to carry “police brutality insurance” as a condition of employment. And it should cover the cost of these lawsuits instead of us having to pay for it. And this insurance should come out of their pay. And every time they have to make a payout for some lawsuit because of one of these cops, the offending officer should be dropped, causing him to lose his job, or perhaps they could do a three strikes thing, depending on the severity of the offense. And the rate should go up for all the remaining officers for a period of time.
        And I’m not talking about accidents or anything that isn’t a direct result of their negligence. I don’t want cops to make the claim that they are afraid to do their job because they might get sued and lose their jobs. This is something that would be specific to police brutality, assault, unjustified shooting, abuse of authority, things like that where a cop has made a conscious decision to violate someone’s rights or beat the shit out of someone for no reason.
        There needs to be some sort of oversight in these police departments. They very obviously cannot be trusted to police themselves. And they should not be able to get away with sending us the bill every time they fuck up.

  20. she’d of been black he’s of shot her. Like most any other story the black person runs, or pulls away they get shot and the blue line would defend it.
    other than inforwars most the comments are against what happened. But just came from there and most comments are just gogglygoop and have nothing to do with the story. at least most sites I’ve seen are against this.
    I just want to point out the hypocrisy of how she’s white so it’s easy to say no but black most would say yeah grab her again shoot her down fro not complying!

    1. Cops kill more white people. . . so her skin color is a nonissue.

      White, black, or pink with purple polka dots. . . the cop who put his hands on her should be executed, and the badged cowards who failed to defend her from his assault should be stripped of their ability to work in law enforcement (or even as an unarmed security guard) for the rest of their misbegotten lives before they spend a decade behind bars – in GenPop.

      1. No it’s not and I agree that he should be fired and Prosecuted, but the point is/was you see lately where the person was black doing the same or very similar “Not complying “, and or “Pulling away ” More likely would of been shot,and most cop apologists would be saying the “Comply don’t die” Garbage they do and you know it. Yes cops shoot more white people , but in most those cases the white person was armed or was doing something illicit.

        Also trying to point out the Hypocrisy of people and how much easier it is to side with a white person than a black person.

        You can’t use those other situations had different circumstances either because it shouldn’t matter if innocent of a crime and one knows it it is human nature to pull away or run which is exactly the same here, but they were shot, and most the cases I’ve seen were black or Hispanic. And no they weren’t being accused of a felony crime.

  21. Another LEO that should never be allowed to work in any law enforcement agency, the military, private security, or private investigations anywhere in the USA for the rest of his life.

  22. I’ve been thinking about this, in particular, lately, and I came to the conclusion that, these “people” calling themselves nurses, doctors and citizens, who stood by and watched, instead of just going about as though nothing was happening, are as useful as the german citizenry who also stood by and watched people being kidnapped and transported to cages. Hell, standing there and watching, might just as well go about their daily routine;as far as the other dinks standing there watching, also doing nothing, paints a much larger picture. They are programmed to see EVERYTHING from big govt point of view, NOT to protect and serve, the community anyway. Nazi’s I think they call them. All it takes for tyrants to do their deeds, is for good people doing nothing to stop it! If this was planned, in such a setting as it was, there would be absolutely NO DOUBT what they can get away with.

  23. In my world [22+ years on duty in the UASF plus another 40 in close association], the term Chain of Command came up frequently. In Salt Lake City PD, that would be the arresting officer, his immediate supervisor, and all the way up to Mayor Biskupski. The nurse produced a letter that stated the requirement for either consent (not possible due to medical condition) or a warrant. So, who told the detective to detain her? Who was that person’s boss? Somebody made a decision and that person should be held accountable.

  24. sounds like the nurse was obeying her EMPLOYER’S rules-NOT THE RULE OF LAW-in which case she was disobeying a LAWFUL police order. Just curious-if a patient came in,unconscious from a car accident, would they still not draw blood? I believe the officer was acting within the law-and the nurse was willfully obstructing justice-and will probably be charged as such.

  25. People should be more outraged that the cop was handed over to the wolves (a police administrative board for review) that are watching the hen house. The guy is getting a paid vacation – for committing assault and battery.

  26. I like good Cops but BAD Cops like this are one of the one’s “We the People” will be coming after when the day comes, and I can see that day coming a mile away and so can Millions of other Americans…this Cop better leave town..NOW..!!! God help us, PLEASE!

  27. The outrage online should have been worse, for the white female stopped on the hwy, and the cop (Lt. Greg Abbot) telling her: “We Only Shoot Blk People.” (Scene from “Lethal Weapon”)

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