New Designer Vape Drug Made Guy Think He Was Thor, Attempt to Have Sex with a Tree

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This is one instance where you might wanna just say “no.”

Remember the horror of the Miami cannibal attack which was later potentially attributed to designer drug bath salts?

Apparently a new cheap, easily available, synthetic drug is making its way around Florida, and while there are no reports of cannibalism (yet), if one came in at this point, it wouldn’t be all that surprising:

One man ran naked through a Florida neighborhood, tried to have sex with a tree and told police he was the mythical god Thor. Another ran nude down a busy city street in broad daylight, convinced a pack of German shepherds was pursuing him.

Two others tried separately to break into the Fort Lauderdale Police Department. They said they thought people were chasing them; one wound up impaled on a fence.

The common element to these and other bizarre incidents in Florida in the last few months is flakka, an increasingly popular synthetic designer drug. Also known as gravel and readily available for $5 or less a vial, it’s a growing problem for police after bursting on the scene in 2013. (source)

Flakka, made in China and Pakistan, is purchased through the mail and comes in a crystal form that people smoke in electronic cigarettes. The main ingredient, alpha-PVP, might make people feel like they have a heightened awareness… until the paranoia and hallucinations set in. Aside from naked rage and delirium, Flakka can cause dangerously high body temperature spikes and lead to kidney failure.

Police have said that people on Flakka exhibit super-human strength and it can require four men to restrain one whacked out guy. Tasers and pepper spray are practically useless.

Due to mail order online, use is increasing. Reports of people cracked out on Flakka are coming in several times a day at Ft. Lauderdale’s Holy Cross. While it has shown up in a few other states, Florida is considered the Flakka “hot spot.” And gee, Florida is a state where not even medicinal marijuana is legal in 2015; if a Floridian with a medical condition is found with a joint, he or she will be arrested on the spot.

Pretty sure there wasn’t a psychotic tree raping Thor hallucination scene in [amazon text=Reefer Madness&asin=B001GPNLNQ]

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