Mandatory Vaccines for Adults? Leave It to California

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After the California State Legislature passed SB277, which forces all children attending school or daycare to be vaccinated, it was clear that this state was on the road to medical tyranny. Unfortunately, it’s hard to say where that road ends. Like all freedom killing mandates, they never draw a clear line. Each one begets another until all freedoms are lost.

That seems to be the case with SB277, which has spawned SB792. If kids can’t attend school without vaccines, why should adults be exempt? reports:

SB792- The first US adult vaccine mandate with NO personal exemptions (only medical exemptions approved by a doctor and defined by the bill) and CRIMINAL penalties for failure to comply will be heard in the California Assembly Human Services Committee this Tuesday July 14th at 1:30 in Room 437.

SB 792 would eliminate an adult’s right to exempt themselves from one, some, or all vaccines, a risk-laden medical procedure. This bill would make California the first state to require mandated vaccinations for all childcare workers, including all private and public school early childhood education programs (Headstart, Private preK and preschools), family daycares, and daycare centers.

Commencing September 1, 2016, a person shall not be employed at a family day care home if he or she has not been immunized against influenza, pertussis, and measles. An employee shall receive an influenza vaccination between August 1 and December 1 of each year.

This bill eliminates medical autonomy, crushes religious freedom, undermines personal freedom, and burdens quality providers with a non-optional series of medical interventions in the form of mandated vaccines that are not even 100% effective.

You can see what this is leading to right? Like I said before, each tyrannical mandate begets another. Every bill sets a new precedent. In this case, SB792 is the first bill that would force adults to take a vaccine. There are already hospitals around the country that have tried to force their workers to take flu shots, but this is the first time (that I know of) where a state government has used the force of law to make grown adults take a vaccine. But for now, it’s limited to people who work with children.

But does anyone really believe that it will end there?

Laws like these are forging a burden of responsibility that is collectively shared by everyone. The fact that it’s possible for one person to spread a disease to anyone else, means that everyone is responsible for everyone’s health, or so their logic goes. But why apply this thinking to kids, or adults that work with kids, when it’s equally applicable to every form of human interaction.

Unfortunately, it’s only a matter of time before they start to apply that thinking for everyone. Schools and daycare centers aren’t the only places where adults interact with children. I cross paths with minors every time I go to the store or go for a walk. Should I be forced receive a flu shot every year, just because I have the gall to step out of my house?

That’s the precedent that SB277 has set, and SB792 will reinforce. It won’t be long before they try to force vaccines on every adult and child in California. And if they pull it off there, legislators in other states will try to see if they can use the sheepish tyranny of majority rule to force vaccines on their citizens as well.

The slippery slope never looked so slick.

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Contributed by Joshua Krause of The Daily Sheeple.

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124 thoughts on “Mandatory Vaccines for Adults? Leave It to California”

  1. I don’t think it’s going to be too much longer before the shooting starts. It’s just like driving an overheated car. You can get away with it for a little while, but then it all goes to hell in two seconds. Count on it, we’re very close at this very moment….

    1. The mindless left is too far gone and is taking down the whole country. Maybe, it’s time to divide America into 2 countries. The disarmed, defenseless immoral progressive socialist NOT Z’s and the armed…every household armed, moral law abiding Constitution believers. Although, lets face it, most of the lefties will give up and come crawling back begging to get into the real “right” side. I know, it’s an impossible wet dream…wait nothing is impossible. I wonder which side the military would choose?

      1. Seriously, though, I do think that that is what it will come down to. America is divided along every level at htis point anyway so Why would this NOT be the most logical solution to the problem?? (other than the fact that the leftists will never give in to this because they will not control ALL of the people)….

        1. It’s not something that would be easy that is for sure, I think taking some advice from the founders and the federalist papers would be an excellent start. Always a good read and reminder of what brought about the birth of this once wonderful nation.

          1. Nothing worthwhile is ever easy…. Look at the founding of our Nation and the struggles it has endured since. I think an agreed upon seperation into two seperate entities or nations would be the easiest of the solutions that I can see facing our future. I say everything west of the Mississippi goes to the Right and everything East to the Left. They can have Their bastions (read as Cesspools) of New York, New Jersey, Baltimore, D.C. and all of the other crime ridden holes and the right wing good solid, work hard, law abiding Americans can take our constitution to the Rocky mountains, The beautiful plains and Deserts and (after we “relocate” the liberals) the beautiful pacific coast states. I think we get the better deal here. Ahhh, a guy can dream though , Can’t he???

          2. Commiefornia is unsalvageable, and the virus from Commiefornia is spreading fast and taking down oregon and washington fast so we better hurry. Not so sure the progressive socialist monsters would give up control of anything without armed resistance taking a stand. All good things start with dreams!

          3. Where do I sigh up to fight the liberal resistance. When they see that death is not neat and quick I think they will loose their will to fight.

          4. We just need to give them their own little space and they’ll vaccinate each other to death and the godless survivors will choke eating the flesh of their fellow, hell what do you call them, brothers or sisters is probably racists, I guess monsters will do.

          1. It was out strength when the immigrants wanted to become Americans, learned the language customs and so forth. Sense the Liberal Progressive control freaks have encouraged the immigrants to not learn the language and culture, We get the mess that they have created.

      2. Mr. Gadget, quit trying to divide us. With the many problems at hand we will need everyone’s help. Rush Limbaugh “is” a comedian…not to be believed but to be laugh at.

        1. It’s clear obama uses the divide and conquer strategy all day everyday and the mindless fools who “believe” he is some savior and that progressive socialism is what is good for America need to be culled out and left alone to destroy themselves and not take the rest of the country down with their ignorance. Nice run on sentence just for you. I don’t make a point to listen to rush, but hear his show on occasion and he’s too polite and controlled for me.

  2. Try that shit… I dare you. Any informed citizen knows it alters your DNA in horrible ways. Then, you pass it on to your kids. Not happening.

    1. They can truly take a flying fuck at a rolling doughnut. I sure as shit am not getting forced to vaccinate. Ever. I don’t work in caretaking (my mother does and is forced to take the flu shot). But yes, I see where this is going. You open the floodgates to forced vaccination and it ends somewhere along the lines of forced RFID for ID and Monetary transactions. No comply, your money is cut off. Yeah, that will go over really well. Fucking sheep.

    2. It is people like you that are the reason serious diseases and illnesses are making an alarming comeback. I don’t agree with all vaccinations, but vaccinations for things like pertussis and measles I do and if you don’t give your children at least the bare minimum and life saving vaccines, you deserve to have them taken off of you. Sorry.

      1. It’s okay to get sicknesses such as mumps, measles and chickenpox. It conditions your body to be able to fight against the killer diseases such as cancer. I’ve had the pox, the real scarlet fever and the mumps and I’m still alive and have never had cancer. Don’t trust the government and big pharma. They do not have your best interests when they operate in tyrannical conjunction.

        1. Never had cancer never had a disease other than chickenpox, never get sick. Never been vaccinated. Too bad joe american is still listening to paid liars.

      2. Its people like you that make the system work. Sure go ahead and give your kids autism idiot. Why not research the issue yourself… Oh wait.. blindly follow paid talking heads on your TV. Wake up. Do your own research… Or blindly follow the cdc advice. Slave.

        1. My children are vaccinated and they do not have any form of autism. All medicines have the potential for side effects. I would rather take my chance of my child being 1 in 100,000 and getting a serious reaction to a vaccine, then watch them die from measles. Even paracetamol can have side effects.

          I have researched this issue. Not once have I come across any credible study proving vaccines cause frequent autism. I am willing to give you the benefit here and would love for you to link me to some credible studies that back up your claims.

          Please don’t link me to any alternative news sites or blog posts with people talking about their experiences though. Link me to credible evidence and if you can convince me, I will admit I was wrong.

          1. Die of measels? Damn, I must be one of the survivors along with every one of my classmates in the second grade!

          2. Not everyone is as lucky as you are. You do realise that measles doesn’t kill you directly, but there is a chance that getting them also gives you pneumonia. This is what kills you. And if you think your immune system can fend off pneumonia, then you are not a very intelligent human being.

          3. People survive pneumonia all the time. If their body is strong enough. More often the body can fight off pneumonia. Hey, I survived a blood clot that hit both lungs, and was walking around with it. The human body is a very resilient entity!

      3. Serious diseases aren’t making a “comeback” so stop peddling the mainstream BS. In fact, all of the diseases that are allegedly addressed by vaccines were dropping before mass vaccinations even began. You cannot improve the health of your body by injecting it with poisons.

        1. I am not peddling “mainstream BS” the facts are vaccines save more lives than they harm. Every form of medicine can have serious side effects. Even basic things like paracetamol or cold and flu tablets can cause harm like liver damage or worse. Like I asked someone else, can you please link me to your credible information that proves vaccines are dangerous and that we shouldn’t be giving our children or ourselves them?

          No alternative news sites or blog posts, I want factual material to back up your dangerous claims. If you can link me to a few pieces of credible information that backs up your claims, I will admit I was wrong. The issue here is every time I have ever asked for an anti vaccination crusader to link me to credible information, they can’t.

          How ironic that we talk about injecting our bodies with poison, yet we happily consume MSG laced takeaway foods, high fructose corn syrup is in everything, radiation in your microwave, pollution from factories and fuels being burned that we breathe in. The government doesn’t need to kill us with vaccines, we are already killing ourselves. Even the water we drink is laced with so many chemicals and other harmful things, vaccines are the least of our concern.

          1. As long as we opt out, vaccines are the least of OUR worries, as for you, keep drinking the kool aide.

      4. The fact you defend the pertussis vaccine exposes your ignorance. What are they up to now, 8 shots? It’s a complete scam and has been forever. It spreads the disease to others while the host never really clears it properly (the same can be said for measles and varicella).

        1. Once again, I ask like I have to the previous commenters, can you please link me to your proof? Actual scientific and credible research, not some blog post experience or alternative news website. Nobody else seems to be able to back their claims of vaccines being bad up with evidence. It really highlights the ignorance of people who argue against vaccinations.

          1. You have a medical doctor, right? Ask them how many vaccines they take along with their kids and see what you get.

          2. I went to a paediatrician appointment yesterday for my little one who is 12 weeks old. He has been doing his job for decades and he is in his early 60’s (so he knows a thing or two). I asked him what he thought about vaccinations. He told me that all 4 of his children are vaccinated and anyone who brings in a child that hasn’t had their vaccinations or the parents are deciding against, he tries to sway them with the facts because it worries him that people are basing decisions on opinions and not facts . Going to be the GP in a couple of days, I’ll ask what they think of vaccinations and if their children (if any) are vaccinated.

          3. So, let me get this one straight from you. You are willing to let the medical people inject something into you, sanctioned by your government?

            You must be new to the alternative media.

          4. Bearer, please read the circular that is included with the vaccines you are about to allow injected into your child. Understand what you are about to do to your child, because they cannot make the decision.

          5. You have heard of HIPPA, right? You have a right to see the circular that is with the vaccine. You have a right to informed consent. One major problem with a vaccine is, it is an irreversible treatment. You can stop taking medications that are oral, if they affect you adversely.

    3. Alters your DNA? Where the heck did you read that? Can you all link us to some factual and credible scientific studies/research that backs up your claims of vaccines modifying DNA. You’re more than likely to have your DNA modified using your microwave then a vaccine. Don’t be an idiot.

      1. DNA Vaccines themselves.

        A DNA vaccine uses copies of a small number of HIV genes, which are inserted intopieces of DNA called plasmids.

        1. Thanks for avoiding the question. You couldn’t even link me to one credible resource. I have done my own research, I couldn’t find anything that proves your point. You’re the one making claims here, not me.

          1. Use your brain… Find out what youve done to your offspring yourself. Stop being a little bi+ch. Grow the fuq up.

      2. We are bombarded with microwaves all the time, especially out of doors, So take that excuse somewhere else.

    1. I’m a hippie. . . who has been sick 4 times in the last 20 years. . . because my immune system gets real practice on real microbes.
      Awwww. . . too bad – your pet ignorance just got shot down. . . poor slackjaw.

      You might want to get an education, before you spout off any more brainless fuckwittery.

        1. If you are vaccinated against all the diseases…then you shouldn’t have to worry now would you ?? You have the reasoning of a 5 year old!!!

          1. Exactly! If vaccines are so effective, why are the pig-ignorant frightened to pissing themselves at the thought of someone unvaccinated?

          2. Are you stupid enough to not read up as to what the real problem or you going to suppose no diseases are actually harmful? I suppose you think cigarettes are good for you because your gandpappy lived to 85 after smoking since he was a child without ever any health problems?

          3. Ever hear of Hal Roach?
            Fucker smoked 3-4 packs a day, until he died – at 105 years old.
            George Burns smoked. . . til he died at 101. . .

            You’re gonna have to do better than that, fuckwit – your fear and pig-ignorance is getting boring.

            Maybe – just maybe – spit out that dick and crack a book.

          4. Probably not, but neither is our governments worldwide setting off a little over 2000 nuclear weapons on this planet, now they want to tell us climate change is the most serious condition we face.

            Wake up and smell the coffee.

          5. So there’s a vaccine to protect you from smokers now? I didn’t know that smokers were contagious.

          6. Gil, using your logic, man should have never survived long enough to get where we have the “life saving” vaccines!

          7. Big pharma has done such a good job at brainwashing people into believing that those who haven’t had the vaccines are carriers of disease, when actually those who are fully vaccinated are the carriers.

        2. Everyone that gets a flu shot usually gets very sick from it and continue to have a lot more colds and illnesses throughout the year more than unvaccinated people…

          1. Not to mention the fact that a flu vaccine every year increases your chances of alzhiemer’s.

          2. Yeah, inject aluminum into your body. This is an activator for your immune response. It is also a metal that is like other heavy metals, very difficult for your body to get rid of naturally. It has been discovered that aluminum is a likely cause of alzhiemer’s.

        3. No. . . because pathogens that get into my body are eliminated – terminated – destroyed – immediately and without mercy. They don’t live to be passed on to anyone else – which you might have a small understanding of if your IQ was bigger than your hat size.

          Seriously – are you this fucking pig-ignorant on purpose. . . or is it simply that your such a mindless fuckwit that you can’t help it?

          1. I love when people at work say “Stay away, I’m sick.” I look at them and grin and say, “I don’t get sick” and jsut carry on. I say it a lot so they are just WAITING for the day I show up at work sick so they can laugh… unfortunately they will be waiting for a VERY long time though.

          2. My wife worked in a hospital lab for a bit over 10 years – she’d been there for 4 when we met.
            She was introduced to all manner of microbes during her time there. . . and was rightly concerned that I – not having been exposed to the gamut of pathogens she had been exposed to – would get sick from the various microorganisms that stuck to her clothes, hair, skin, during her shift – much as she did when she first started.

            Still waiting for me to get sick. 6 1/2 years later.

          3. I believe you already know what I do, lol. I am interested in what rev does also. It may not be anything at all. If you eat healthy, exercise, get sunshine and avoid the “medical” system altogether your chances of getting sick go way down.

          4. Lol yep, I do know! I try to do all of those things and I’m a pretty healthy person generally (not counting the RA), but it’s always good to know how others do it.

          5. I make sure my immune system gets plenty of practice. I go outside and (figuratively) eat dirt. I don’t always wash my hands after I use the restroom (my mom taught me not to pee on my hands). Sometimes the “2 second rule” becomes the 5 or 10 second rule.
            Like any other body part – including the brain – atrophies if it isn’t used, so does the immune system.
            Vaccines are counterproductive, even in the rare instances when they actually work – because the immune system doesn’t get it’s absolutely required exercise.
            These vaxxers are going to be in for a big surprise, when they discover their “immunity” is anything but, as their insides turn to liquid shit – and people like me are pointing and laughing.

    2. Uneducated people such as yourself is more of a danger to all of the informed people who are smart enough to know that vaccines are a minefield of damaging chemicals that are not good for you one iota!!!!

    3. I thought the vaccines were supposed to help you build an immunity to disease? Even if someone is sick those who are vaccinated have nothing to fear. RIGHT?
      I actually fear more from those who have been vaccinated. You better do some more reading, and not from the alphabet agencies that lie to you.

    4. Hippie, here. 10yrs healthy, no colds, nothing. I use cannabis daily but
      I don’t walk around stoned all day, contrary to popular belief. I was forced off of it to placate an employer mandate and I swore I would never give in to that BS again. Before that unconstitutional breach in my life it was a previous 13 years of perfect health. I don’t have a doctor, know a doctor, nor will ever need one unless I am stabbed or shot. My girl used to be sick all of the time 5 years ago before she started vaping cannabis daily to all but cure her MS, not even a cold. I’ve been called lucky, luck has nothing to do with it. Good luck with the mercury/formaldehyde/MSG/aluminum jabs, hope that works out for you. I’ll stick with plants like a hippie.

  3. Need daycare or schooling? If you can’t provide it yourself, send your kid to a trustworthy friend or family’s place. We just have to decentralize away from public anything.

  4. Mandatory injected diseases to all except,(only medical exemptions approved by a doctor and defined by the bill) which will be issued to everyone from the Light Upon Nations !

  5. Good! If it’s mandatory for children it should be mandatory for adults. Any adult that doesn’t want to be forcibly vaccinated should’ve stood up for the children! Mercury is gonna hurt a developing brain worse.

    What the Hell happened to the concept of protecting children before adults?

      1. Your first grade teacher wants you to know that you didn’t understand my comment. My saying it’s good that adults should have to be able to get vaccinated if children do is because unlike children; adults can fight back.

          1. How is it a back pedal? You didn’t get the parts about “protecting children” and “mercury being bad for developing brains”?
            I don’t want to argue with you, because we’re both against forced vaccinations- but you misread my first comment. Notice I got thumbs up by other anti-vaxers that got it.

    1. Mass vaccination has nothing to do with protection. It’s about control and money and eventually killing as many of us as possible.

  6. Mandatory invasion of my body with a needle containing some concoction the manufacturer got an immunity from lawsuits for and now you are saying I must have it injected into my body?
    Who will be there to remove the syringe after I jam it into your neck and watch your reaction?
    Doctors have become nothing more than the same sell outs the politicians dream of being and the liberals are getting so damn stupid I wonder if they are filming a new “idiocracy” in the streets using every day activity for the content. I think it would work fine

  7. It is a tyrannical imposition, there is no question. How it can be legal in the USA I am confused. The People are being accosted. Why anyone would tolerate I have no idea. Maybe Jade Helm should swoop in and overthrow the CA Gov’t.

  8. I foresee more and more outbreaks of diseases like measles and others that the left sees as “life threatening” because of the vaccines. When daycare workers and preschool teachers infect little children, even babies who are too young to get some vaccines, who will they blame it on next?

  9. I DARE an Agent of the corrupt State to try to enFORCE some bullshit like this on me or a member of my family! I have just about had enough!

    1. You’ve just about had enough? How much will it take for more people to stand up for what they believe in? How far will they push before it’s enough?

    1. Good for you. But they’ve already begun to arrest and charge people with felonies. It wouldn’t be that hard to vaccinate a person in handcuffs. I’d say “if it’s a fight they want, a fight they’ll get”.

        1. I was just saying. You don’t think they haven’t thought this out and prepared for those who will refuse?

          1. I’m sure they have underestimated the push back they will get. I don’t have insurance and will only trust my Dr that I have known for 20 years.The cost of going door to door will be too much so I will take my chances.

          2. I hope they’ve underestimated the push back. There has to be an all out revolution to stop this. So far it hasn’t happened with childhood vaccinations and look how many children have been killed or permanently harmed and there’s a handful of people who have stood up. Since when are adults more important than children?
            I don’t have insurance either, never have. I have no doctor that I would trust, don’t like doctors or hospitals.
            The cost of going door to door to enforce this has to be too much for them to consider. I will refuse too but I’m a woman and I don’t know how strong I’ll be against 5 or 6 officers. I don’t intend to take any vaccines, haven’t ever had a flu shot or many of the others they plan on mandating for adults. I don’t plan on taking any now. I drive a school bus, how long do you suppose it will take them to get to me? I will quit my job before I agree to get vaccines to work.

          3. They will force you to quit because all school employees will be vaccinated first. The way they will do it is through employers first and thru schools that will get a 90+% coverage. The holdouts will be us that never get flu shots and don’t get sick. I hope you are armed because that is the only thing you will have going for you if they come.

          4. I am one who hasn’t ever got a flu shot and don’t get sick. I’m also a great procrastinator. I have thought very seriously about arming myself but still haven’t. I know that will be my best defense when they come.

          5. There are Gun Clubs out there that love to help women learn to shoot safely and you should get trained for your own sake. Be safe and God Bless

          6. Oh I know how to shoot and handle guns. I was on a girl’s rifle team in high school and earned a sharp shooters medal. I just don’t own any firearms. My last husband bought me a handgun and took it with him when he left. I may be a little rusty but I’m sure it wouldn’t take much to bring it all back to me.
            Thanks. God bless you too.

  10. It will be forced on adults across America through Obamacare.
    Since they are giving you health insurance you will have to abide by their rules or else you will not be covered for your sicknesses. It’s that simple.
    Read about it by Googling ” National Adult Immunization Program”
    You will be shocked to know the plan for you.
    This is where they will control population and change your DNA and inject just about anything they want into you like nanotechnology.
    It must be fought by American’s but, unfortunately, some Americans can’t find their behind with both hands and won’t be informed or even care enough to know what they are doing never the less stand up against it.
    We all must organize and stand together against this.

  11. Bring it on. If the decision over what is (forcefully) put into your body isn’t worth dying for, then nothing is worth dying for.

  12. The next groups to be mandated after this passes will be all public service workers [Police and Fire Services for starters] and then anyone working in foodservice.
    After that, anybody working in retail, and so it goes until Kalifeigner has mandated that every adult in the state must take the needle or go to jail – and then be forced to take the needle or go into solitary lockdown.
    The Monster that is public bureaucracy knows no restraint and can only be brought to heel by drastic and often violent measures.

  13. I’m curious. Does anyone have any recollection of the promise of that vaccine against drug addiction? The idea was to stimulate antibodies in your body to mop up excess cocaine before it reaches your brain so you take the drug yet fail to get high. Lack of reward leaves you disinclined to waste money again on the now useless drug.
    Nice idea isn’t it? Until of course you realise that most of us will try smoking and drinking. Yet I know of only a small handful of idiots who bothered with the controlled substances.
    I only want to be vaccinated against GENUINE risks I really AM likely to face eg loss of job, lack of sufficient pension to live on, inability to defend myself against violent and abusive people (both police and thieves) etc etc etc.
    So help me God.

  14. Make it a two for one! Come to my door demanding my guns and then ask for my arm to inject 10 vaccines. Let’s see how well that goes.

  15. I will refuse any attempt to force vaccinations upon myself or upon my family. Anyone who thinks that they are justified in using force against me and mine better bring guns.

    Anyone attempting to force steel needles into my body is going to have to face the absolute certainty that I will first be doing my utmost to force a large number of copper-clad lead suppositories into *theirs*.

    Buy More Λmmo. Doing so is *still* the only viable treatment for ODDD (Obamunist Douchebag Distrust Disorder). Doing so is also the only remaining path to Liberty. Support your local Militia and/or your local Oath Keepers. This won’t end pretty, Λmerica.

  16. I can sense another tax with this one, sounds like another Constitutional issue. I wish these Liberals would leave things alone, if you want the government poison, get it your self, leave me out thank you very much. After these people have said they want to kill 2/3 of the world population, do you trust them?????

  17. This is also an example of the general inability to reason. If vaccines are “safe and effective” [which clearly they are not] than why do they need to be mandated? If you believe a vaccine is good [God help you], then have them. If you are correct then you are “safe”… get it? You are “immune” because you’re vaccinated ergo it makes no difference if anyone else is vaccinated or not; child or adult. The absurd notion of ‘herd’ immunization is pure propaganda. Fight it as such since it’s so easy to prove how entirely illogical it is. Again, if the children are “safe” and “immune” why would a person who works with children need to be vaccinated? It’s nonsense and, in reality, part of a genocidal determination by the eugenicists who run these programs; i.e. the Rockefeller clan which owns 80% of Big Pharma, created the AMA to control the licensing of MDs, the curriculum of “medical” schools, has systematically suppressed legitimate healing treatment and completely dominates the medical ‘death’ industry. Rockefeller is also the ‘godfather’ of GMO and unleashed them upon humanity for the slow kill. Do some research on the roots of NAZI eugenics and what do you know? Rockefeller again. Wake.Up.and Open.Your.Eyes.

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