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Mystery Object Captured on Radar as Windows Shatter and a Massive Boom Ensues

A Mystery Object is Captured in Webster Parish, Louisiana – Is a Cover-Up in the Works?


Mystery Object Captured on Radar as Windows Shatter and a Massive Boom Ensues

WEBSTER PARISH, LOUISIANA — A bunker at camp Minden has been identified as the official source of a large boom that shook the ground and shattered windows late last night.

Apparently the bunker was property of a private contractor (Explo Systems, INC) whom controls a bunker facility within the camp property.

This would mark the second explosion within weeks to haunt the camp.

400 prisoners from Webster Parish jail were evacuated, along with 600 students from two nearby shoools.

However, this simply does not fully add up to other eyewitness reports.

Conflicting Reports

One woman reported debris hitting near a major interstate;

And a woman reported hearing what sounded like debris hit a shop on Bellevue Road in the Dixie Inn area. If it was a meteorite, that would fall to NASA and the Air Force to investigate. A spokeswoman for Barksdale Air Force Base public affairs said that the installation is investigating and that whatever the source, it didn’t originate at the base.

Another eyewitness report by Laura Kester Moehring on KTBS Facebook stated;

“Felt the boom at 11:30 but also were driving west on I20 in Shreveport at 10:30 when my husband and I both saw a greenish glow streaking rather low and shakily across the sky with sparks behind it. Angle was from the NW. Couldn’t estimate distance,” 

Others reported that the entire sky lit up orange with sparks. The official Wikipedia page for the town reads;

On October 15th 2012 at 11:30pm CST, a large explosion rang out and many residents saw the sky light up. Webster Parish officials claim that an explosive ordinance bunker in Camp Minden had exploded but had done its job in containing the blast and focusing the energy upward to minimize damage.[5] Some residents have taken this explanation and accepted it, while others have called this a ‘first contact’ event claiming that just before the explosion a large orange light was seen in the sky above.

AccuWeather.com ran an analysis from radar imagery and was able to come up with a 3D render of the object.

The explosion sent a mystery object flying that was captured by radar in Shreveport. Speculation this morning focused on the possibilities of UFO’s and meteors before the confirmation of the bunker explosion was released.

Continued with diagrams and radar images…

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