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More Evidence Clearly Showing the Midland Walmart Is Transforming Into a FEMA Camp Detention Center

“This building was completely retrofitted and they are not done. This is not a WMart any longer. I think it is a prison of sorts.”

Armageddon Scenarios

More Evidence Clearly Showing the Midland Walmart Is Transforming Into a FEMA Camp Detention Center

Editor’s Note: Most people have figured out by now that Walmart’s claims of being forced to shut down five of its stores for “plumbing issues” and only giving hundreds of employees who worked in these stores a five-hour notice is, at the very least, suspicious. The fact that none of these Walmarts have applied for plumbing permits is just the tip of the iceberg here. Read Dave Hodges’ report below. Considering all the military presence at this store and the bizarre circumstances surrounding the supposed plumbing repairs, is it safe to say these Walmarts are being converted to something more sinister? Are they, at the very least, being connected to the underground military bases across the country that anyone paying attention for longer than five minutes knows exists?

Or are these Walmarts simply being used for command centers and the distribution of supplies etc. during Jade Helm 15?

Here’s are a few videos (here and here) on the Pico Rivera Walmart (do a search, there are many more on YT)… which raise just as many questions as the info below. Here are two cops discussing the Tulsa Walmart being gutted as well. Entirely gutted for plumbing issues?


A few weeks ago, I was professionally and personally attacked by a would-be-journalist from Big Spring, Texas. In her scathing article, the world was told that there is nothing to Jade Helm and there is nothing unusual going on at the Midland, TX. Walmart. The thrust of the allegations was based on the fact that I dared to use an unnamed source to substantiate my claims that the Midland Walmart was more than likely going to be used as a detention center. The fact is, that I did have outside verification of the some of the claims made by my insider, and unnamed source who called himself “Watcher”. Almost two months later, more evidence has surfaced to support the claims first made on June 2, 2015 that the Walmart in Midland is up to no good and every American should be calling attention to these kinds of activities because this Walmart poses a clear and present danger to many Americans. They certainly are not fixing plumbing issues, but clearly someone is completely full of crap.

Fortunately, for the American people, the public does not have to rely on the unverified word of who I believe to be a disinformation agent, from Big Spring, Texas, whose work is clearly designed to lead freedom-loving Americans away from the truth. Fortunately, and in the interest of the unaltered truth, I have proven source who is also from Big Spring, TX. Marlon Brock has been at the forefront of bring forth the truth of what is really going on at the Midland, TX. Walmart. Marlon has been at work at again disproving the lies that this Walmart is merely closed for plumbing reasons only.

Brief Background Related to the Midland Walmart

As stated, on June 2, 2015, with regard to the goings on at the Midland Walmart, I published the text of 3 communications sent to be by a man who called himself “Watcher” (to view the entire text of “Watcher’s” communications, click here). Watcher claimed to work for a private contractor who has previously done highly secure projects for DHS, DOD, etc.

To summarize Watcher’s anonymous claims, he stated the following:

1. The ventilation system at the Walmart was being replaced by a different system. The photographic evidence, offered below, clearly supports Watcher’s claim of changing out the ventilation system.

2. He claimed that guard towers were being constructed in each of the corners of the store. The photographic evidence provided by Marlon Brock is inconclusive on this point. However, one of photos show poles on the inside of the store extending upward, but we cannot see up to the roof.

3. Watcher stated that “All the display counters and shelves from this Walmart have been taken out of the store. The story that they are saying about plumbing is BS”. Several of the Brock photos support this claim beyond a shadow of a doubt (see photos of trucks hauling out the shelving from the Midland Walmart).

4. Watcher further stated that “…inside the building, I have seen men with DHS badges which we are used to seeing in the jobs that we do. This time we are also seeing men with United Nations badges and they wear the shirt and tie and like the DHS guys they have their construction helmets on as they appear to be planning as much implementing. The place is guarded by private contractor armed with automatic weapons. I have not seen one military person on the inside in uniform.  It is all DHS, UN and us in this building. The organization affiliation of anyone inside the store cannot be confirmed from the Brock photos except for the private security company photos taken by Brock. The security firm was described in the June 2nd article as being very mysterious.


5. Watcher claimed that “the shelves and display cases that were taken out have been replaced. in the middle two thirds of the store.” The newest of the Brock photos do not support this claim of new shelves being placed in the middle two-thirds of the store. And there could be a number of explanations. The new shelving could have been temporary and served to stockpile needed supplies. What is supported is the fact that the entire shelving of the store had been removed. Is this how one fixes a plumbing problem?

6. Watcher stated that “They also have an area in the Northeast part of the store that has black curtains going from the ceiling to the floor and we cannot see what is going on there. You can hear drills and other construction work noises but I have no idea what they are doing. The workers in this side of the store do not speak with anyone else. in fact we do not even see them. They even have their own portable restrooms to keep them from talking to the rest of us. It is definitely something that do not want us to see”. Brock’s photographic evidence clearly supports all of these claims, particularly when the photos are enlarged.

As photographed by Marlon Brock in early June, massive amounts of shelving is being hauled away from the Walmart store in Midland, Texas.


I would guess that in the Midland, Texas Walmart that they solve their plumbing problems by hauling all of the shelves from store off the property. Strange way to fix plumbing isn’t it?


There is no shelving left in the store. In this photo, please take note of the black curtains spoken of by anonymous informer “Watcher”. See the excerpt on this below. This photo was taken by Marlon Brock and sent to me two days ago (July 27, 2015). PLEASE TAKE NOTE OF THE BLACK CURTAINS AT THE BACK OF THE STORE. THEY ARE EXACTLY WHAT WATCHER DESCRIBED TO ME IN AN EARLY JUNE EMAIL!!! I would suggest blowing up the picture, as I did, the detail is stunning and we can also clearly the change in the air filtration system in a blown up version of the photo.

7.  Watcher claimed that TSA type security devices were installed in the rear of the store. Unfortunately, the Brock photos do not confirm or deny this claim as there are too many objects in the way which block a clear view of the rear entrance to the store and the photo is not panoramic in nature. However, there is a sign in the front of the store that directs everyone to the rear of the store and this suggests that Watcher may be correct since “visitors are funneled to one entrance (see below).

Why would all “visitors” be directed to an entrance in the rear of the store when the front entrance is open and completely accessible? This photo was sent to me on July 25, 2015.

8. There is more evidence to support the claim that the ventilation system was being changed as Watcher stated “Today, some the crew started tearing out some of the ventilation system in what must be a change in how they are going to pump air or something else into the store. Some of this work required working on the roof were it felt like 150 degrees. This building was completely retrofitted. and they are not done. This is not a WMart any longer. I think it is a prison of sorts”.

Since when do you fix plumbing from the roof? This June 2nd photo completely confirms what Watcher said in his email to me.

In his last communication, Watcher wrote the following:

“This just does not feel right.  I have a very bad feeling.  Back at where we are staying, one guy asked me what I thought. We are required to keep our mouth shut. This guy has only been on one job before this, so I cannot trust him.  But he said he a very bad feeling like we were building a prison and maybe its time that he gets a regular job.

This will be the last time I write to you.  I go home tomorrow.  I hope you get this out there soon. People need to know the weird things that we have seen. I have done a lot of jobs that are secretive but nothing like this. I almost forgot to mention that when we were coming in this morning in the next tunnel over there were the sounds of heavy construction.  Mr Hodges you need to ask your readers why they never see anyone coming in and out of the front door of this Walmart yet I saw from the roof that they have the private contractor security out in the parking lot.

Thank you.


Interesting comment from Watcher about not seeing anyone coming in and out of the front door. This is what we see, in the above photos, where traffic is directed to the rear of the store.

Marlon Brock Contacts Me On July 25, 2015

Dave, I visited the midland Walmart again I noticed just below the “visitors to the rear sign that part of their covering had shifted so I got down on the ground and I was able to snap the attached pics for your review.  Additionally, I pic’d their garbage in the back and there was no sign of “plumbing.”  See attached – Marlon

Marlon went through the garbage and found no evidence of plumbing work.

brock-2-2-midland-walmart-black-curtains (1)
This is a clearer picture of the infamous black curtains spoken of by anonymous informer “Watcher”. This is not a centralized picture of the store. Somebody from Midland needs to dress like a construction worker and go in photograph the entire store.

Connecting the Dots In Midland

Marlon Brock’s photos, taken in early June and late July, make it clear that many of Watcher’s claims are true, with a few of them being unverifiable. I have no doubt that the facility is being turned into a highly sophisticated FEMA camp detention facility. I am especially concerned with the black curtains. So many people have speculated that the curtains are obscuring showers. I cannot verify that claim from evidence. However, if one enhances the photos, one can see “devices attached to poles behind the black curtains. i cannot confirm exactly what this is, but I know in a couple of days, I will have several experts analyze this and provide me with their analysis. I have a very bad feeling about this Walmart and yes, I fear the worst.

Finally, and in regard to responsible reporting, none of us in journalism like to use unnamed sources. Often we are left to our own discretion as to whether we think the unnamed source has credibility. I pass on reporting on many more of these reports than I actually bring to the public’s attention. Marlon Brock’s accounts made my decision to publish Watcher’s emails an easy decision. Marlon’s latest photos validate that decision despite what some pseudo-journalists would have the public believe.

Marlon Brock’s on-the-ground-reporting represents the most pure from of reporting that exists in journalism. This is first hand reporting at its best and I I am greatly appreciative of Marlon’s Brock’s courage, professionalism and desire to tell the truth when the future of the country is at stake.

I have such an apprehension when I look at the black curtains. Combined with what Watcher said and the fact that the ventilation system has been changed out, gives me pause to wonder if this Walmart is going to bring humanity some of its darkest moments as we saw in in the 1930’s and 1940’s in Germany.

I will conclude this report with the following job ad that appeared recently on Craig’s List. This ad serves to support my Midland Walmart conclusions and apprehensions.

Curious Job Posting

Armed Rover – Houston/Conroe (Houston/Conroe)

compensation: $18.00

Elite Protective Services, LLC has immediate need for Armed Security Officers (Fulltime or Parttime ) for FEMA contract that are physically capable to meet the demands of emergency response. Must have commissioned card in hand, clean driving record and prepared for immediate start. Pay Rate $18.00 per hour. Able to work 10-12 hour shifts.TO RESPOND – EMAIL RESUMES ARMED SECURITY OFFICER JOB SUMMARY
Observes and reports activities and incidents at an assigned sites, providing for the security and safety of property and personnel. Makes periodic tours to check for irregularities and to inspect protection devices and fire control equipment. Preserves order and may act to enforce regulations and directives for the site pertaining to personnel, visitors, and premises.
* Must be at least 18 years of age. (some sites require 21 years of age)
* Must have 2 years experience as a security officer, military and/or police
*Must to commissioned Security Guard, Law Enforcement or Peace Officer
* Must have a High school diploma or GED.
* At least one verifiable employer.
* Successful completion of Criminal Background check.
* No criminal convictions.
* At least two forms of ID (Social Security- D L- Passport – Work Authorization).
* Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing.
* Authorized to work in the United States.
* Must pass Drug Screening test.
* Neat and Professional Appearance.
* Friendly and Professional customer service.
* Must have active Phone
* Must have Reliable Transportation
* On call for additional hours to handle call off’s and emergency coverage
  • Principals only. Recruiters, please don’t contact this job poster.
  • do NOT contact us with unsolicited services or offers

Unfortunately, there is even more evidence that AI, along with foreign troops will be used to surpress the citizens of this country. In an upcoming report, I will report on the irrefutable evidence supporting this claim as well.

I don’t know if blanket exposure will push these events back. However, and collectively, I believe that we should make every effort to educate the unaware as to what awaits many of us.

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Contributed by Dave Hodges of The Common Sense Show.


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