Manufactured Race War: Ford Foundation Just Gave Black Lives Matter $100 Million (to Go with the $33 Million from George Soros)

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The corporate subsidization of civil unrest in the form of the Black Lives Matter movement just received a $100 million boost from the Ford Foundation (Via WA Times):

For all its talk of being a street uprising, Black Lives Matter is increasingly awash in cash, raking in pledges of more than $100 million from liberal foundations and others eager to contribute to what has become the grant-making cause du jour.

The Ford Foundation and Borealis Philanthropy recently announced the formation of the Black-Led Movement Fund [BLMF], a six-year pooled donor campaign aimed at raising $100 million for the Movement for Black Lives coalition.

“The BLMF provides grants, movement building resources, and technical assistance to organizations working advance the leadership and vision of young, Black, queer, feminists and immigrant leaders who are shaping and leading a national conversation about criminalization, policing and race in America,” said the Borealis announcement.

“Technical assistance?” Yeah. Go ahead and take a guess on what exactly that means.

That giant chunk of change should go nicely in the bank account with the other $33 million George Soros has shelled out through his Open Society Foundation.

If you ever wondered how much it costs to manufacture a race war, now you know.

And the media just keeps trying to refer to it as a civil war… anything to keep us fighting among ourselves.

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161 thoughts on “Manufactured Race War: Ford Foundation Just Gave Black Lives Matter $100 Million (to Go with the $33 Million from George Soros)”

  1. So now the Ford foundation is part of the terrorist group black lives matter. I guess they are now funding riots like soros.

    1. It is the corporations against us! Democracy is code for CORPORATISM, government by corporation. You know the corporation is the government when the government can force you to buy the corporations’ products: car insurance, health insurance and forced dangerous medical procedures.

    2. If it was a terrorist group why isn’t in the Southern Poverty Law Center. Maybe you need to look up the definition of what’s considered a terrorist group. Generally speaking, hate groups are, by there definition, those that vilify entire groups of people based on immutable characteristics such as race or ethnicity. BLM have all races of people…. You are a jealous bigots and an ignorant one

      1. First of the splc is a leftist controlled hate group in and of itself. Second, I know exactly what terrorist groups are and hate groups. You on the other had don’t. But then leftists always blame the other guy any how. BLM may have a mixture of races within it but it is promoting hate and racism, violence, inciting riots. The whole name, black lives matter implies that only black lives matter. Also, when someone points out that ALL LIVES MATTER, BLM goes off on them calling them racists and haters and in several cases attacking them and intimidating them. Hate and terrorism are part of what they do. Also, if as the name implies black lives matter so much, how come they only come out in force when a white or a cop kills one and not when they kill each other in droves in their own neighborhoods? Why, because they truly don’t care, they just want to by orders from the left foment hate, racism and violence. Get educated or just shut up, either way it will be a good thing.

    1. The Ford Foundation and other tax-exempt foundations have been at the root of this kind of collectivist social engineering since at least the 1920s/30s. Dan Smoot’s book “Invisible Government” from the 60s details all of the history.

      1. The people who owns us are terrified black and white will find out we never were each other’s enemies. THEY are the enemy. And you know what ‘massa’ ‘fraid of? Black and White standing side-by-side and saying to ‘massa’ in one united voice: We’re Coming After You!

        1. They will be standing side by side in West Hampton N.Y. this Sunday. The KKK and Black Lives Matter are both protesting. The KKK says it want to end the Federal Reserve and the I.R.S.. Black lives matter should want to end the FED as well but since most of the BLM activists don’t work I guess they don’t have much of a problem with the I.R.S..

          1. It’s interesting you upvoted that, because that’s pretty much exactly what I’m saying below. The only real groups of people are the people in power and everyone else. All other divisions are the results of divide and conquer.

          2. It’s like this…for me at least. I have no animosity towards other races even when they act ignorantly towards me(can’t hold the group responsible for individual actions), however, when the system, the true enemy, decides to go in full white genocide mode I believe the best method for survival is strength in numbers and that’s where my support of white nationalism comes in. It’s protection from the elite, how else are whites supposed to protect themselves from top-down oppression if they don’t band together, they’ll be picked off one by one otherwise. That is my take on it.

          3. The KKK is has the right to be a non-profit fully funded organization just like Black Lives matter which is the Black equivalent. Both should be put down..

          4. “The KKK says it want to end the Federal Reserve and the I.R.S.”
            I am for that, and I am not a member. Both Government organizations have too much uncontrolled power and corruption.

          5. That is something they have called for as of lately. Most informed people want to end the Fed and conservatives want to end the I.R.S.. The KKK wants this because they are anti -Jewish and these two institutions are run by Jews. It also appeals to possible new members. You don’t have to disagree with everything the KKK says to know they are evil. They have the same tribal beliefs that the Jews have but they believe they are God’s true chosen people, meaning that the Anglo-Saxons are the true Israelites. It is all non sense.

    2. u would be surprised who gm and chrysler donates to to so i guess no one will buy cars anymore so buy a horse instead i guess with that line of thought.

      1. Buy Toyota! Bam them! They promote this artificial racial divide. It is Divide and Conquer and we fall for it over and over BECAUSE emotion always trumps logic.

  2. Henry Ford is rolling in his grave! How prophetic a man he was. Do you think the Smithsonian has his “Dearborn Independent” on display? Ha.

  3. To stop racial discrimination, they should give White lives matter, $200,000 since the white race is the most racially oppressed race in the world. But we might start goose stepping and putting on Klan uniforms is what they’re scared of.

          1. I’m sure there is room for you and the misses in my neck of the woods, plenty of beauty for good people!

        1. It’s not divide and conquer, it’s survival. We don’t have a choice, we’ve been slated for extinction and they’re not going to stop. The only way we can mount a resistance is by banding together. We will become minorities and be chased down, violently beaten and murdered in the streets if this continues. Do you think the anti-white media is going to change their tune once whites are no longer a majority? Hell NO! They’re going to double down on their media manipulations to make every other race absolutely hate and despise whitey more than they already do right now causing massive violence against whites for no other reason than the color of their skin, just as we saw in Milwaukee… coming to a city or town near YOU!

        2. The last thing ((( they ))) want is for the Races to be divided. Why do you think ((( they ))) pushed for Integration so hard and by the barrel of a gun. Race war would only wake up the White sleeping giant. This is a soft race war where White people do not know that they are being targeted for extermination.

        3. You said it.
          Soros is not a liberal. He is a globalist. The globalists on the right are also not right. They are globalists as well. And all pushing for divide and conquer. This comment site is full of paid shills.
          Defend yourself but dont get caught up in the globalist game. They have to create chaos but you dont have to be their pawn.

      1. I don’t stand for white Nationalism at all. I stand for Christianity. European civilization was built on Christianity. But Christianity is ecumenical and accepts all races and ethnicities. The problem is the Free Masonry has infiltrated so many churches especially in the black protestant communities. Black people who have a good Christian background are embarrassed and offended by the violent thugs of BLM. Many of them are also aware of George Soros and his history with the NAZIs. I know more people of color, black and many Indian and So American people who are devout Christians. Unfortunately, whites in America have been aggressively paganized since the 1960s.
        Only a Christian revival will save America. Their is a Byzantine Christian Revival happening in Russia. That is why the left hates Putin.

          1. Roy, since you’re such a big fan of me, I’ll let you know that I watched the entire thing. Everyone should watch it.

          2. I have no illusions about Hitler. He got in bed with the Jews in Germany and espoused the same ideas of racial purity and blood lines that they did. He resembled many of todays liberals in that he was a vegetarian and supported gun control, highly centralized government control of the economy, education and health and human services. It was only when the Jews turned away from his promise of a Jewish state in Palestine and toward the British, that he went ballistic on them. Hitler also used the Free Masonic group The Muslim Brotherhood to exterminate Christians in the Balkans. Nearly all the ideas the liberals espouse today, from Eugenics to gun control and government control of health care etc.., were policies of Hitler’s Germany. And as always, when government takes control of healthcare it is only a matter of time before they want the chronically ill off the books and sterilized.

        1. “…But Christianity is ecumenical and accepts all races and ethnicities…..
          Explain Matthew 15:24. Why did James write his epistles to ONLY the 12 tribes of Israel. Israel was commanded not to race mix…………but you say Christianity accepts all races and ethnicities. Maybe this is why modern Christianity is completely worthless. Paul was prophetic — 2 Tim 4:3

          1. Modern Christianity is completely worthless when it has been corrupted by Free Masonry. You seem to be saying in your comment that Christianity was intended for Israel, or The Jews alone. If that were the case then Christianity should have dies with the Jewish apostles. You may think you are practicing Christianity but you are really practicing Judaism.

          2. Israel and Jew or Jewish are not synonymous. In other words….Jews are not Israelites. This is another Jewish fraud/hoax. Israelites and or Adamites are the Caucasian peoples of the world. Jews are predominantly Edomites/Caananites — the synagogue of satan Rev 2:9. You should read — Who is Esau Edom by Charles Weisman. The people we know as ‘jews’ today are not Israelites.
            As for my original comment — Why don’t you try to interpret those verses.

          3. I am a Christian in the true sense of the word, And if you believe that Christianity has something, or anything to do with race it is your Jewish brain that needs cleaning.

          4. But yet you still ignore God’s word.

            Question for you — Anthropologists suggest there were 3 primary races: Caucasian; Negroid; Mongoloid. Where or How did these 3 distinct Races begin using a Scriptural argument? Is it your belief that all the races originate with Adam and Eve? If YES… is that possible.

          5. In Matthew 15:28 Jesus then said in reply. “Woman, you have great faith! Your wish will come to pass.”
            We are Christian in our faith not in our race or ethnicity.

          6. All Protestant interpretations of the scriptures are Masonic, because Protestants are not Christian. A Christian is one who belongs to the Body of Christ THE Church, the only Church that claims to be from Christ and has a 2,000 year history.

          7. I know that the Catholic Church (my church) has banned Free Masonry, but so have many other churches. The religions that accept dual membership with Free Masonry are: Protestant Baptists, Methodists, Presbyterians and Episcopalians in America. Orthodox Christians are very anti Mormon and so are Seven Day Adventists along with Jehovah’s Witnesses.
            Since 1776 Free Masonry has been controlled by Jews.

          8. Sorry to say but I think you’ll find that 1776 is when the Illuminati was created and eventually joined Freemasonry because of the lack of members. The secret societies of the occult have been controlled by the Jews for centuries before 1776 through the underground Jewish Kabbala. The whole of Protestantism was created by the occult with Martin Luther being a Rosicrucian, and all the others that helped him were occult members. Queen Elizabeth I’s court was steeped in esoteric thought. An important source of these tendencies, as well as much of Rosicrucian philosophy, was a famous occultist John Dee. Dee believed that he found the secret of conjuring angels by numerical configurations in the tradition of the Kabbalah, and claimed to have gained contact with good angels, from whom he learned advancement in knowledge. The Royal family and the Church of England is now fully Masonic with Jewish influence. The actual creators of Seventh day Adventism and Jehovah’s Witnesses were all Freemasons and seem to have a strong Jewish influence in them also. Freemasonry began its esoteric practices in the late 14th century by a bunch of builders and Architects that gained the knowledge of the Kabbala.

          9. It seems that the Kabbala tree may have been the tree of the knowledge of good and evil that God warned Adam and Eve to stay away from. Jews have been in constant rebellion against God since the Garden of Eden. Hollywood is controlled my these occult forces too as well our government. The Lucis Trust of the United Nations headed by Alice Baily is another powerful example of these occultists in positions of extreme power.
            What do you think of our current Pope Francis, his being a Jesuit. There is a theory that St. Ignatius Loyola was a crypto Jew. The Jesuits take a strange oath kind of like the Masons. There giant telescope in Arizona is called Lucifer by acronym.

          10. Before my conversion and realization of the truth, I meditated on the tree of knowledge a lot. I came to the understanding that the difference between man and animals is that we have knowledge of good and evil they do not. The reason why God told Adam and Eve not to eat from it was because He wanted them to rely on Him only which would have been knowledge of good only. The occult believes that Adonai is the God of darkness that prevents humanity from gaining knowledge, and that Lucifer is the God of light that gives humanity the knowledge of God. This was the first enlightenment of the occult. It is true that many Jews have been against God, and that now they have positioned themselves in the highest positions of power and wealth through their underground occult societies of manipulation. I have no problem with Pope Francis being a Jesuit, the Jesuits have just as many occult agents as the rest of the Church these days anyway. The fact is that the occult is responsible for their suppression in the first place in 1773 because they were the heroes of the Counter Reformation against the occult forces of Masonry and Illuminati. 1776 may not have happened if they were still active. The theory that St Ignatius was a crypto Jew is from the occult and the heretic religion created by the occult Protestantism. You
            can rest assured that the “Jesuit Oath” is a complete fabrication with no basis
            in fact whatsoever. According to the Catholic Encyclopedia (see “Jesuit
            Apologetic”) this oath was the product of the imagination of the forger Robert
            Ware (mid to late 1600’s). And the telescope called Lucifer is not Catholic at all. We are now living under the powers of darkness and lies, and the only place to find any truth these days is from the Church that is the house of God, and the pillar and foundation of the truth 1 Timothy 3:15. We have to go back to pre Vatican II truth of the Church.

          11. Thank you for your input on The Jesuits. I too believe need to return to the pre Vatican II period. I am a conservative Catholic but I am very sad about the controversies of m church and I think that we should in part, go back to the time before the Medici Popes when Priests married. I can recommend a good book by Bella V. Dodd called Scholl of Darkness. It tells of how the communists plotted to corrupt the Roman Catholic church from the inside.

          12. Yes I have read some information about the communists infiltrating the Church, the thing is there is no difference to the fact the Freemasons have successfully done so, and have their people in prominant positions in the Church. The child abuse scandal started right after Vatican II, and it was done by the homosexual Masons that became Priests. I don’t know about your idea of going back to when Priests married though, that was a long time ago and a Priest cannot fulfil two vocations. Besides Jesus was never married and unmarried Priests are not the problem. God Bless you in J+M+J

          13. You are correct in your history here. As for whether or not priests should be allowed to marry, I think that if a woman were in the life of a priest at least someone with a much less chance of having that kind of temptation would be around to watch her husband and make sure he is not up to any sick kind of behavior. The statistics on male pedophiles is shocking. In fact the Catholic priests who have committed these horrific sins are not truly pedophiles but 90% are ephebephiles meaning they are attracted to pre pubescent boys. Nearly all of these offenders are gay men and the overwhelming majority of their victims are young prepubescent boys hardly ever girls.
            I agree that unmarried men are not a problem but excluding any male who might want to marry and have a family from the Catholic priesthood could very well lead to having so many gay priests and too few who would hold them accountable for their assault on children.

          14. Priests are not tempted to commit homosexual acts, or molest children. They are sicko’s in the first Place and should not become Priests. But their goal is to do damage to the Church and never to do the will of Christ. Homosexuals admit to loving the idea of young flesh, and in ALL cases of pedophilia over 80% of them are homo’s. If a male wants to marry let them marry, but if a male wants to become a Priest he cannot marry. It is one vocation or the other fullstop. Not letting Priests marry does not lead to homosexuality, you are either naturally attracted to the opposite sex, or demonically homosexual. Remember that there was no problem before the Masons started putting their sicko faggots in the Church after Vatican II.

          15. I did not know about Sabbatai Zevi and Jacob Frank, but I had a brief look before posting this comment. Be careful when researching because a lot of the information out there is by Protestants who will imply that the Church has been over taken or that there were Masonic Popes in the past, which cannot be true because the Papacy is the rock that Jesus built His Church on, and Jesus said that the gates of hell will not prevail against His Church Matthew 16:17-19. The thing is that we get the picture of what is really going on, and the forces of darkness operate in the dark to bring in their antichrist one world unelected government that THE Antichrist will lead. Researching the prophecies of Our Lady of Fatima we can see that the world is about to be turned upside down within the next year or so before the 100 year anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima in 2017. The Popes have refused or been blocked from consecrating Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary together with the worlds Bishops, and Our Lady told us what would happen if this is not done. Get ready for hell on earth with the beginning of the 7 years Tribulation and basically the Apocolypse.

          16. I am not concerned with how the three races came to be. This is not what my faith means to me. You seem to be as obsessed with race as the democrats are.

          17. My last reply — Study Christian Identity Literature. Start with “Tracing our Ancestors” by Frederick Haberman. Charles Weisman is another good author. “Not of one Blood” is a must read. As is “Who is Esau-Edom”. Good luck

          18. Israel is not a country in this verse, it is the Holy Catholic Apostolic Church, and the 12 tribes of Israel are a referrence to the 12 Apostles and their area of Churches or tribes. Protestantism is not Christianity, and 2 Timothy 4:3 is actually referring to what Protestantism has done in their false Christianity. All the writings of Paul to Timothy is training Timothy for the Catholic Priesthood, if you look at the texts closely with that in mind, you can see that it is all Catholic.

        2. I’m not sure whether you know this but the whole religion of heretic Protestantism was created by Masons. Martin Luther was a Rosicrucian, the Royal family who head the Anglican and Church of England are Masons, King James was a Mason and the KJV is not a Bible, it is a Masonic book used in Masonic rituals. The only true Christian Church is the Catholic Church that was instituted By Christ Himself. The Orthodox Churches split with Rome so they are in schism with the one true faith and Church of Jesus Christ.

      2. The only way out of this is for mass enlightenment of all people. They’ll realize suddenly that there is no need for government or laws or race wars or BLM or OWS or wars in the middle east or fanatical religion or corrupt science or mass consumerism or mainstream media and turn their backs on all of it and focus on their own communities while helping each other.

        Their power really does disappear when people stop recognizing their right to exist. Read about Gandhi. That’s how India got rid of the British without firing a bullet. It needs to be done on a global scale. More division makes it way easier for the assholes in charge to pick groups off and marginalize them one by one, since it’s the other groups who do their work for them.

        The tipping point is around 5-10%. Once it gets to that point, everyone else quickly follows. I compare it to some event where people aren’t sure whether to stand up for a standing ovation. As soon as 1 out of 20 stand up, everyone else stands up instantly.

        1. Wags……….are you a White man? If yes — do you honestly believe that if the White race were to become a minority not just world wide; but here in the United States, that when the non-white races take over the levers of power; that the non-white races will care for us as we have cared for them?

          1. “We” haven’t done anything. The assholes in charge are the ones who have sent all the jobs away and created permanent poverty with a dependence on government. That is not “caring for them”. It’s imprisoning them and it’s completely on purpose.

            I’m not going to address how awful things can or will be in the future. I’m only discussing how things could possibly improve. Holing up in a bunker preparing to join a race war isn’t going to do anything to address any problem, which are all caused by people in power and not by any particular race.

          2. What the hell are you smoking? How did you so badly misconstrue my statement and question?
            Question — when the non-white races take over the levers of power; are the non-white races going to care for the White race? Will they enact affirmative action for Whites? Will they give us EBT cards? Will they tax each other to help the minority White race?

          3. That isn’t relevant to my post at all. I don’t really care. Non-whites aren’t going to take over the power structure. The zionists will always control that.

          4. You should seriously examine the Bolshevik Revolution. Do you think the Ethnic Russians thought their nation would have been genocided?
            Question — would you vote for “Freedom of Association”?

          5. Freedom of Association is something you’re born with though.
            Thanks for exposing your true self. I wouldn’t want to waste any more of my time.

          6. What exactly did I expose? I don’t need a government to have the freedom to associate with people I want to. What is wrong about that? Why do you need government’s permission? I do not recognize their ability to remove that freedom, so why would I vote for it and thus recognize their validity in controlling it? You are born with rights. The government does not grant them to you. They can only take them away.

        2. The love for your own obviously isn’t hatred for others, it’s healthy, natural and absolutely necessary for the survival of ANY group yet there has been a concerted effort to brainwash this natural instinct out of whites and only whites for decades now and to a degree it has been a success.

          Look at any high school cafeteria at lunch time and you will find segregated tables and the reason they are segregated is NOT because everyone is a violent racist that hates all other people, it’s because kids identify and get a long with other kids who are more like them, it’s natural and that’s why the kids do it but for (((some reason))) when you apply this SAME concept to a geographical area ONLY white people are now racists and the worst thing ever in the world yet nobody is chasing asians around asian countries telling them about their asian privilege and the only reason they have anything is because of racism, only whites have to deal with a racist, mental assault from the current establishment like that. Whites can’t have their own schools, they’re not taught about their own ancestral history which should be a HUGE red flag to people, they can’t have their own neighborhoods, they’re not allowed to have any exclusively white groups yet all other races can have exclusive groups and at some point you have to ask yourself why.

          The last guy in history that really did beat the banks albeit for only a short period of time was Adolf Hitler and we all know how history treated him.

          White nationalism doesn’t play into the plans of the bankers because it would lead us to becoming independent of the international banks, that’s why they convince otherwise well meaning people that white nationalism is some primitive, racist ideology when in reality the exact opposite is true, just like with everything else they infect.

          Roy Hobs is right, check out the Bolshevik Revolution, that’s exactly where we are headed right now if whites don’t band together and stand up. There’s a train coming, it’s still over the horizon and out of sight thus out of mind for most but it’s still coming and it’s unstoppable so the time is now to wise up, organize and brace for impact.

          It sure would be nice to see other races sticking up for us as we’re being targeted the way we’ve always stuck up for them but that’s wishful thinking. If we want to survive and claim our right to exist just like anybody else we’re going to have to fight for that unlike any other race will ever have to because TPTB are anti-white!

          1. I don’t know, I guess I’m just cut from a different cloth. I don’t view myself as white or male or american or human or any religious denomination or atheist. I’m just an individual. And I’d sit at the black table just to be a rebel. Without the media, I’m pretty sure no one would care what race anyone is at this point.

          2. Wags, I’m from one of the WORST cities in America and I don’t watch TV.

            I support TRUE diversity, not this anti-white marxist bullshit being foisted upon us. I like the fact that there are many different cultures on Earth as each brings an individual value to the human race. They say variety is the spice of life yet these extremely racist zionists are doing all they can to get rid of white people and only white people. For white countries under zionist control, which is all of them right now, diversity means a place with no white people so diversity is in effect chasing down the last white person, it has NOTHING to do with actual diversity at all. Our government and college institutions are making these anti-white policies law, we are being attacked from within by zionist jews and we have to fight them because they’ll never stop.

            Whites ARE starting to win the propaganda war though, true facts will have that effect eventually and we’re starting to see it now, that’s why the zionists want the internet censored immediately and are forming councils and trying to make laws to put us in prison for typing unapproved thoughts online, they absolutely HATE our 1st and second amendments and are trying to undermine them daily. Even if you don’t see or realize this now you will, you’ll have no choice, it will be come to your doorstep eventually because “diversity” means chasing down the last white person.

          3. I understand what you’re saying, I just think you’re not going to get anywhere with it. Neither will I more than likely.

            I won’t follow unjust laws as they are not valid so I don’t really care what they do. If they want to arrest me or off me, then so be it. I was born free, I am free, I’ll die free, even if I’m in prison. The only valid law is do not harm others and I’m not talking about feelings. But we don’t need government for that.

            If everyone did like I did, the power structure of the world would crumble because only our belief in them to rule us is what enables them to rule us. The alternative is for them to kill/imprison everyone on the planet and that isn’t going to happen. They wouldn’t find enough loyal soldiers.

            So I don’t give any credence to the powers that be. I don’t recognize their authority. I don’t recognize the media’s legitimacy in pushing the anti-white or anti-anything normal agenda. I don’t view what they show on the internet as normal like they want people to believe. I wouldn’t go to college if I were that age now. I wouldn’t send my kids to government run schools. I do not have a bank account. I do not have a credit card. I have no debt that I recognize. They steal some of my money since I haven’t filed taxes for over 10 years, but I don’t care. I do not comply. They cannot control my mind no matter what they do. I will die free in my mind. That is what I hold sacred in life.

            TLDR: I don’t give a shit what they do because they’re illegitimate. This is what I mean by enlightenment. We don’t need them to live. Most people don’t realize that.

          4. Poetry my friend! Wish I knew you in real life. Have a beer on me. Cheers and prosperity and safety to you and your family.

          5. We have to! What will the future look like if we don’t. Ironic in that I don’t have children. But yet I fight for other men’s children, more than they ever will.

      3. Rolly, You are usually spot on, but the globalist plan is to eliminate blacks, Muslims, certain whites, hispanics and on and on.
        The game will be over when they win because to win they are using the worst scum of each group to win — the filthiest cops, filtiest politicians, gang bangers from central america, worst whites and blacks. All of those helping will expect big things after the win and they are not good makings for a global reign.

        1. Thanks for your insight and I WILL listen to your words because I respect your knowledge but what other option is there? White nationalism doesn’t mean killing other races, it just means whites banding together and if whites don’t band together how will they exist under this anti-white system without being targeted and taken out one by one by laws or violence? Whites are about to become a minority and one only needs to look at Europe right now to see how the other races will treat whites when they outnumber them.

          You know the jewish elite believe their destiny is to “rule over the dark skinned races” and that’s not possible with white people still existing, that’s my take on it and I could be wrong but there it is.

          If not white nationalism then what is the answer?

          1. Now that most of the posters are gone there is something I wanted to ask you. You have a pet snake. Does your snake like you? Are they affectionate at all?

          2. I have 5 snakes and I love them dearly and yes they do like me but I believe it is because they can sense the pure love and joy that emits from me when I am handling them, my girlfriend too, she’s just as gentle as I am with them and she loves them just as much as I do so they sense it from her also(when we both met SHE was the one with the snake, lol, not me). I see some snake keepers handle them like they are just “things,” objects to sell and buy but not us, they are a part of our family and we will have some of them well after I retire they live so long(40+ years) and we treat them with the utmost respect they deserve and are always very careful about lifting them up, handling them, and putting them back.

            We have 2 mojave ball pythons, 1 Colombian red tail boa constrictor and 2 reticulated pythons; 1 tiger pinstripe dwarf female retic and one albino regular male retic(he’s a 9ft, 2 year old baby right now but he will be the largest eventually, topping out at 15-16ft and weighing around 60lbs). The reticulated pythons, my favorite, are MUCH smarter than the boa and the ball pythons, MUCH SMARTER! Retics watch everything you do(like the velociraptors in Jurassic Park) and they are very active and responsive when you go into their room or go up to their cage and talk to them, they just wreak with personality however they are like 3x the work of the other snakes, lol, they drink a lot thus they urinate a lot which means constant cage cleanings like I have to do after work today. They are intelligent so if you have substandard caging they WILL escape which is why I buy top quality professional cages and heaters. Yeah they’re expensive but they are a 1-time purchase so I buy all of the best equipment so I don’t have to worry about anything which is actually cheaper in the long run.

            My largest snake which is my female dwarf retic is about 11ft long and around 40lbs. She’s large but VERY gentle and VERY sensitive. Sometimes I take her sensitivity for granted and am reminded by her like last week when a friend of mine brought his 3 year old son over who was “dying” to check out the snakes. He’s a kid and very excited so naturally he was moving around fast and being very jumpy. I opened her cage up to pet her and maybe give him a chance to pet her back but as soon as I slid the glass door over she backed up into the corner and assumed a defensive position… this NEVER happens, she was clearly upset and scared and I guess it just surprises me that the “big bad retic,” as everybody thinks of them, could be so timid. I pet her a few times and she clearly wasn’t happy so I closed her door and said “maybe next time” to my friend and his son. I’ll never force my animals to do anything they don’t want to and the presence of strangers makes her act totally different as we’re used to a very outgoing, vibrant snake with seemingly tons of confidence but as we have learned and are every so often reminded, that’s only in our company when she feels comfortable that she acts like that and we don’t get visitors very often so we sometimes forget how sensitive she actually is. She’s done this before too, we brought her to my company barbecue a couple of years ago and as soon as she got around a lot of people she clung to my girlfriend by coiling around her body tightly(not constricting though, lol) and was hiding her head underneath her wrap, it was like she was trying to sink into my girlfriend’s body and I don’t like seeing her in distress like that. We felt so bad, we thought she would have enjoyed the day out like the ball pythons do but we were wrong and had to leave the barbecue early because we didn’t want to stay with her being so upset.

            When I go home tonight I’ll go into her room and sit indian style on the floor in front of her cage. She’s not a dog so she won’t come right over and sometimes I have to wait 5+ minutes which seems like an eternity but she will eventually come over and put her chin on the ledge right where my face is just to see me and I love it, she melts my heart when she does that and it makes me happy to be alive and very thankful to have such an amazing experience with such a majestic animal that some never get the chance to ever see let alone interact with.

            **on a side note she got sick with a respiratory infection last year and we cured it in exactly 14 days using ionic colloidal silver(i bought a generator from We put 50% ionic colloidal silver in her water bowl, the other 50% distilled water and we also filled up an ultrasonic humidifier with ionic colloidal silver and fogged her cage for an hour once daily. We stopped the fogging on the 14th day because she felt better again and didn’t like the fogger so she flipped it over and broke it, lol. We kept her water 50/50 for another month for good measure though and it worked amazingly well. Respiratory infections are very serious in snakes and often end up killing them and we now have a cheap & easy treatment if they ever got sick again.

          3. I forgot to answer your question. The main globalists are anything but stupid and have think tanks full of geniuses at their disposal. We are not the only ones who have spotted that the NWO will be lucky to last 2 weeks.
            It is similar to this thought — what if every citizen of a country all belonged to the mob?? There was something similar to that back in Blackbeard and the pirates day in those Carribean pirate towns where everyone there was some kind of blackguard.
            Ive read one idea that the idea is simply to win the game and when it is won — thats the end. If you think about this for awhile it makes sense.
            They certainly know that the planet is running out of water among many other things. They are also smart enough to know that the bone crushers and idiots they are using now would be incapable of positive leadership, and their corporations are done for when there are no buyers for their products.
            Here and there though there will be few who do make it. If you want to be one of those, stay away from groups who are always infiltrated now if they get to be any size — and play everything by ear and only associate with people you can trust

          4. Thanks. Not my ideas. Think carefully about the end result the globalists are after is merely winning and thats all. Even more SciFi is the idea that the globalists are going to create a utopia here on a slowly dying planet (pollution, radiation,water) with worker bees.
            You are so nice. Thanks for the interesting info and stories about your large and many family

  4. I have a book titled, ‘The International Jew– The World’s Foremost Problem’ by Henry Ford. His sons should never have given the Foundation over to the Illuminati.

          1. I haven’t actually read the book, but I’m glad you recognise the danger in reading trash. The title was warning enough for me. 🙂

  5. Attention all dumb asses!!!! The Ford Foundation has NOTHING to do with the Ford automobile manufacturing company. Try researching things before showing what a lazy dumb ass you are.

    1. Who is the dumb ass?

      In 1936, Edsel Ford—son of Henry, the founder of the Ford Motor Company—established the Ford Foundation with an initial gift of $25,000. During its early years, the foundation operated in Michigan under the leadership of Ford family members. Since the founding charter stated that resources should be used for “scientific, educational and charitable purposes, all for the public welfare,” the foundation made grants to many kinds of organizations.

      1. And what has “Black Lives Matter” got to do with scientific, educational, or charitable purposes? BLM is only stirring up trouble and tearing down our country. Why else would Soros (Sorryos) be contributing?

      2. You still are. Just because Edsel donated $25,000 81 years ago, does not make it Ford Motor Company. I’m guessing that me having to point it out, is futile, since you didn’t figure it out on your own. I guess I am, since you did at least make an effort to research it. Good job cupcake

        1. George Daly…….too much coffee? Why did you get so riled up in the first place? You were so angry that ONE person tried to connect the Ford Motor Company “presently” to the Ford Foundation. Only ONE. And you freaked out and called everyone dumb asses. You are right to suggest that the Ford Foundation has NOTHING to do with the Ford Motor Company PRESENTLY. In this you are correct. But you are not correct by insinuating there is no connection altogether. The Ford Foundation would never have been the Ford Foundation had Henry Ford never existed. I said Henry Ford must be rolling around in his grave. This is a true statement. Do you disagree? For Henry Ford to witness what has been done in his name…………..surely he must be rolling around in his grave.
          My question to you……………………why did you even bother in the first place to call everyone dumbasses? Why would you care? So one person incorrectly connects the Ford Motor Company to the Ford Foundation and you throw a tizzy. Why?

    2. Henry Ford received a medal from Hitler for bringing the assembly line to Germany. Hitler, personally pinned that medal on Ford.

        1. Because the Rothschilds were agitating for WWII. International Jews are on both sides of every war since 1776 when they infiltrated The Free Masons. Listen to the Jewish Benjamin Freedman explain how the Jews manipulated the U.S. into both world wars. You won’t have any problem finding his speech on YouTube.

    3. You are so correct! These people, companies, and organizations are given 501(c) 3 status by the IRS and then elect a bunch of liberals to their boards. The liberals do just the Ford Foundation is doing. BUT Ford should pull the rug out from under them. There is n telling how much money Ford Motor Company gives the foundation. They should cut the funds off now or face a BOYCOTT FROM WHITE PEOPLE!

    1. well check out who chrysler donates to.research it and i also like jeeps .drove some aroundy once for 4 years.

  6. Now Obongo Soetoro’s butt buddy De Ray McKesson will be able to afford the step up from Crack to pure Rock Cocaine…and the ferry fee to get onto Martha’s Vineyard; where Obongo and the invisible BLAK millionaires party in Oak Bluffs, and defile the island.

  7. You have to understand the double strategy: on one side they increase Police brutality and provoce the Black community in any way possible, on the other side they push action to create a violent Situation with the aim to scare the White majority into full Support of the US Neocon Power Elite´s war policy!

    „Police Brutality
    Against Black Americans: Is There „More“ Behind it Than „Only“
    the Inherent Racism?“:
    Andreas Schlüter
    Berlin, Germany

  8. Learn the name of every subsidiary of the Ford company that the Ford Foundation controls and do not buy any of their products or services. Turn in your Ford car, now.

  9. I received an email about a grant opportunity for artists who wanted to create art promoting BLM. The grant organization is called Creative Capitol. I told them what they could do with their Capitol.

  10. Instead of decrying these foundations contributing to this scum. Why isn’t there a cry to make sure that this ”Movement” being funded by Foundations is, first, a viable organization that has a 501c3 rating and secondly that idiots like Soros and the morons at the Ford Foundation are paying tax on the funds if it isn’t and if the BLM group, who appears not to have a ”leader”, home address, or any form of organizational structure is eligible to receive the funds tax free and if not, are paying taxes on the funds received and that Soros and The Ford Foundation are nOT taking a deduction. They ARE Black as we know and the ”Government” read IRS, is really busy prosecuting and harassing Tea Party and other Conservative groups.
    What about that IRS?

  11. What would be wrong with investing in Hitler’s Germany? You might want to do more research into the TRUTH of that period. Richard Tedor’s book would be a good start. If you have the time, you should watch: Adolf Hitler — The Greatest Story Never Told. Anyone with an opinion about Hitler, the nsdap and ww2 should be required to read Mein Kampf. To get an understanding of why Hitler rose to power in the first place. It is important to understand ww1 and the treaty of Versailles. Then to understand “who” had control of the Weimar Republic. Why did the Jews declare war on Germany in 1933……is a good question to ponder.

  12. Two things we have learned about diversity: it doesn’t work, and nobody really wants it. But little things like that never stop hardcore liberals who believe that only intentions matter, not results.

  13. Too many are missing the main point. Soros and Ford are not interested in black issues and in fact hate blacks. They want the chaos necessary to usher in the Globalist domination

  14. And, still, most people aren’t recalling recent history and connecting the dots. Remember Ferguson, MO and Baltimore? Recall how dirty old man neo-Nazi, Soros monies, fueled the contrived and staged protests? Yet Americans, for the most part, are convinced that Milwaukee’s present protests and riots, were [are] spontaneously driven. They are pathetically propagandized by mainstream media crisis actor, Milwaukee Sheriff, David Clarke, who tells them, otherwise. What’s the old adage say? “Follow the money.”

    “Sheriff Clarke Crisis Actor: Accepts Propaganda Mainstream Media Narrative”

    1. Get educated on the nsdap. Watch — Adolf Hitler: the Greatest Story Never Told. The LAST thing Soros is, is a member of the nsdap. Soros is a Bolshevik! Never associate the two. The NSDAP is what we need TODAY!

  15. Obama’s mother was a Ford Foundation/CIA ‘anthropologist’, so was Margret Mead. Go investigate the native tribe/terrain of a, usually, oil rich region of the Earth so the assassins will have their bearings.

  16. The story is a lie. The Ford Foundation did not give Black Lives Matter $100 million. Even the story quoted in the article does not say that. The quoted story only says that the Ford Foundation started a campaign, the goal of which is to raise $100 million over six years. The story about George Soros having given $33 million to Black Lives Matter is an even bigger lie. That story, and dollar figure, stems from an old episode of The O’Reilley Factor on Fox where a guest claimed that the Soros foundation funds “these types of organizations” to the tune of $33 million. Soros gave BLM NOTHING. It is doubtless, after my researching this story, that both Soros and the Ford Foundation DO back BLM and would like to support that organization, which is disappointing. But twisting the facts like this and making provably false claims only detracts from the credibility of those, like myself, who do not like what The Ford Foundation and Soros is promoting.

  17. It is interesting that Soros chose the amount of 33 million to give to Black Lies Matter.
    33 is a very important number in the Free Masonry. The KKK Scottish Rite along with their B’nai B’rith members have been pushing for another civil war to bring back slavery. These young black fool better start educating themselves. They are being used by those who wish to enslave them, and I mean the old fashion way. not just through the welfare sate.

  18. why is it ok to have a black lives (doesnt )matter hate group and a black pansies group radical group… but as soon as you mention the word “white” everything goes into an uproar and every one is all of a sudden racist?

  19. Since I do like truth no matter what there have been all kinds of click-bait around Facebook and other places heralding “FORD FOUNDATION GIVE $100 MILLION TO BLACK LIVES MATTER” followed by statements saying how people should sell their Fords and never buy them etc. Thought a small bit of truth might help , please spread it around and post to any site that posts such dribble. Ford Motor Company has no connection to The Ford Foundation and has not for many decades.

    “The Ford Foundation is a New York headquartered, globally oriented private foundation with the mission of advancing human welfare.Created in 1936[7] by Edsel Ford and Henry Ford, it was originally funded by a US$25,000 gift from Edsel Ford.[4] By 1947, after the death of the two founders, the foundation owned 90 percent of the non-voting shares of the Ford Motor Company. (The Ford family retained the voting shares.)[8] Between 1955 and 1974, the foundation sold its Ford Motor Company holdings and now plays no role in the automobile company. ”

  20. OK, is this movement “Black Lives Matter” then against Islam? Because Islam is against “Black, queer, feminists” (W omens rights) not to mention Christian, and other religious faiths. The most homophobic, racist, politically incorrect organization on earth. So, is the Ford foundation and Borealis Philanthropy supporting or against Islam / Sharia?

  21. 133 million so that divisive angry mobs can show up at any event and spew hate. Sounds like social engineering designed to bring chaos.

  22. vision of young, Black, queer, feminists and immigrant leaders who are shaping and leading a national conversation about criminalization, policing and race in America,”
    Here is a good cheap soltuion, stop committing so many crimes

  23. poor little muffin had to much butter and lost her mind. BLM is a racist and hateful terrorist group and so are all that support them. Blacks are being oppressed by blacks, not by whites so try that one again on someone that does not pay attention. And when you call for killing whites, cops, and anyone that disagrees with your point of view you ARE A TERRORIST.

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