Libertarian VP Candidate William Weld: AR-15s Can Be “Weapons of Mass Destruction” and Handguns Are “Even Worse”

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Even the Libertarian ticket is sold out to suck up Republican votes in an attempt to swing things Hillary’s way.

Take Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson’s vice presidential running mate William Weld.


The man was not just a signatory but a main chairman on the Council on Foreign Relations’ North American Union document, and he has personally described Hillary as an “old friend” he used to share an office with when they were investigating Watergate together where they formed a “lifelong bond” (see video below).

Now he’s also talking like Hillary when it comes to “scary” guns.

Via Red Alert Politics:

“The five-shot rifle, that’s a standard military rifle; the problem is if you attach a clip to it so it can fire more shells and if you remove the pin so that it becomes an automatic weapon, and those are independent criminal offenses,” Weld said. “That is when they become, essentially a weapon of mass destruction. The problem with handguns probably is even worse than the problem of the AR15.”

Weld also said he believed no one on a terrorist watch list should be allowed to purchase guns, even though, as the Huffington Post pointed out, it isn’t too hard for an innocent person to end up on the list.

Not exactly a very pro-freedom position from the Libertarian Party.


As Bearing Arms put it:

So according to Weld, I can take an old military rifle like a Mosin Nagant… attach clips to it… pull a pin… and then it will turn into a chemical, biological or radioactive weapon capable of causing widespread death and destruction.

Yep. Sounds like Weld wants to pander fear liberal left-style and destroy the 2nd Amendment just as much as his lifelong pal Hillary does.

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32 thoughts on “Libertarian VP Candidate William Weld: AR-15s Can Be “Weapons of Mass Destruction” and Handguns Are “Even Worse””

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  1. Let’s get it right…
    “Both Governors Johnson and Weld have made it clear that they are open
    to a conversation about keeping weapons out of the hands of would-be
    terrorists. That is just common sense. However, they have also made it
    clear that no one should be denied 2nd Amendment rights without due
    process, and that being placed on a list by the government does not
    constitute due process. We have not yet seen a viable proposal that
    achieves that critical balance between assuring Second Amendment rights
    and keeping weapons away from those who would use them to do us harm.”

    read more on this: http://www.americanbroadside[dot]com/bill-weld-on-gun-rights/

    1. In the right hands, such a list might seem even safer and more logical, ….. BUT the founding fathers KNEW the inherent dishonesty of those seeking political office. In the hands of those targeted, high probability for tyrannical behavior politicians (that has a ring to it), the entire system becomes ripe for massive failure and abuse.

      I voted for Johnson in ’12 after Ron Paul dropped out (after being sandbagged by the corrupt Maine Republican body). Since then, he has done SQUAT. Now, that leopard’s spots are starting to show through; putting oneself out there as being a Libertarian has its merits, but actually BEING a Libertarian is a much harder path to walk …… eh, Gary?

      Imagine where we might be, had Maine’s Republican’s actually had some scruples. McCain was so corrupt, he wasn’t even an option, so I guess we can blame the Maine Republican Party for our country being in the mess it’s in. Great job people. And then, after Maine suffered so much after NAFTA, the same body of dysfunctional politicalmorons supported Cruz who was a notorious TPP supporter. Obviously, these people don’t get out of their log cabins enough to understand what is going on in the world today.

  2. Gary Johnson was a sock puppet when he garnered 1% of the vote last election! I doubt that many people forgot how he showed his slick side the last election!

  3. A solicitor from a very large guns rights group called yesterday. I was asked “what do you think will happen if hillary is elected?”. That was a no-brainer- “we are going to war.”. I could hear the voice on the other end, in shock. They stammered why would that happen. I explained to them that Americans are fed up, tired of being pushed around by a out-of-control government dictating how they should run their personal lives.

    No, they’re not going to wait for Barny Fife to show up and knock on their door and demand that Joe Public hand over their guns. They are already running through scenarios in their heads of who to target, what to target and how to act on it. Nothing on paper, nothing being said. Just a lot of innuendos, casual winks and smiles. It’s easy for DHS (gestapo) to stop something if it’s organized, it’s much harder to stop a million highly dedicated lone wolves; each acting on their own. When word hits the street of the brutality used in said confiscations, the gloves come off.

  4. Bill Weld..I thought he was dead! One of the worst governors of Ma..then again..Ma hasn’t had a good governor in decades. Vote for the person,not the “party”.

  5. Gary smokes too much dope before he opens his ample yap.
    His feet do not touch the ground…..a gnome……in fantasyland

  6. After Taking Time to Stop Laughing at WELD’s Statements on Firearms.. Such as Taking an Old Antique Russian Bolt Action Rifle, Supposedly being able to take the internal 5 round magazine out and adapting it to a modern high capacity magazine… And making another Modification turning it into a Fully Automatic Rifle, And AND one that can be turned into a Radioactive, Biological or Chemical Weapon of Mass Destruction… Only someone who has NO CONCEPT of ANY Firearms Can Come up with Such Pathetic Nonsense of a Statement… He is Watching too many SciFi Movies. What is Describes is Totally Impractical, and Totally Impossible. Where Did he Get his IDIOTIC FIREARMS AND WEAPONS INFORMATION ? The Mad Moms Against Firearms ? The Bloomberg Report ? The current Excuse of a Mayor of NYC ? Still Laughing. Hey Mr. Weld. IT IS TOTALLY IMPOSSIBLE to TURN an Antique Bolt Action Rife into a Modern Fully Automatic Weapon. It is Not Designed for that and Cannot, CAN NOT Be Adapted to Do So… You Sir are Totally DELUSIONAL.

  7. Honestly they should change the party name to the other Democratic Party with statements like that.

    Dose he actually know what they speak of I think not. Thats preaching the leftist incompetence of gun control. Iam sorry it’s called magazine then there something called fixed box magazine to the weapon. I guess this a person that doesn’t hunt. He saying that all hunters are using military rife do to the simple fact laws with hunting limit magazine size detachable or fixed to 5 rounds in all states.

    Then removing the pin into an automatic weapon. Well if you remove the firing pin it doesn’t do anything it’s a hunk of metal and plastic. Well I think he is trying to say is a Sear or the trigger assembly with is under the NFA which requires registration of that weapon with the federal government and like 20,000 or more with the class three dealers license.

    Or he could be talking about a bump stock which still doesn’t affect the action of the firearm.

  8. Another death of clinton associates and aides who were planning to testify against killary. This is number 5 in the past 6 weeks of clinton associates murdered to keep them quiet.

  9. Weld was anti 2A when governor here in Massachusetts. He is still a complete freedom hating tool, and should be in exile.

  10. Well I voted for Johnson last time. When I heard that he took Weld as a running mate, I shit!

  11. When it comes to guns, all these politicians are like adolescents explaining rocket science . They have no idea what they are talking about. Also will some politician please explain how many are in a mass ( as in mass destruction) And speaking on that point, why isn’t OVENS outlawed? Seems the things killed a lot (a mass?) of people during the WWII years. Maybe if the people had a means (guns) of fighting back , so many would not have been killed.

    1. Speaking of people who don’t know what they are talking about, you are a prime example.
      All the experts who have looked at this jewish fantasy are well aware that gas was never used to kill any of them; bullets were, of course, as utilized by Heinrich Himmler as the main organizational principle of Operation Reinhardt, which Hitler closed down as soon as he discovered what was being done by his associate.

      1. Please quote what “Experts”. I have seen the Ovens at a number of European sites. What have you seen outside of your drug induced nightmares?

  12. “Even the Libertarian ticket is sold out to suck up Republican votes in an attempt to swing things Hillary’s way.”
    You sir, are a fuckin retard! I have voted Libertarian since I was in my 20’s and it had NOTHING to do with these 2 assholes at the front of the republicrat and demican parties.

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