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Liberal Media Claims “Alt-Right” Memes Will Take Down Democracy

Leftists have a new warning for everyone using social media: the memes will take down democracy.

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Liberal Media Claims “Alt-Right” Memes Will Take Down Democracy


Leftists have a new warning for everyone using social media: the memes will take down democracy. One liberal rag is now claiming that the sharing of memes is a bigger weapon than fake news.

As humorous as it is to most, this overt media propaganda is actually working on some. Look at how effective the media was at shifting the blame from Hillary Clinton after the Podesta emails were released. The problem quickly became about the individuals who released the information, rather than the psychos who actually wrote the emails. Even now, the DNC has admitted to rigging the primary election, but that’s being hidden from the public at large to protect the reputation of leftists. But the bigger problem, according to Salon, is the memes.

A Salon write-up warned of the growing threat of alt-right memes, saying they potentially pose a bigger threat to American democracy than “fake news,” said the Daily Caller. And that’s how the article read too. Salon is actually afraid of memes taking the government down. They don’t seem to mind that CNN admitted to being fake news and pushing a false narrative for ratings, they care that President Donald Trump tweeted a gif of himself thumping CNN. The astonishing amount of mental gymnastics used to reach the conclusion that “memes will damage democracy” is palpable. The article is even titled:  Forget Fake News — Alt-Right Memes Could Do More Damage To Democracy.



Interestingly enough, they claim that talk radio, you know, that pesky idea that there’s such a thing as freedom of speech on the radio, was the previous crisis, but now it’s memes.

Just like talk radio before it, growth of alt-right social media is the real crisis behind Trump’s CNN tweet.

If you think it’s funny that Salon is attacking memes, you’d be joining most others. The problem is that their followers actually believe that freedom of speech is somehow a bad thing. Meaning, you can say and meme whatever you want, as long as it agrees with a left leaning agenda. Same with talk radio. You can say anything you want, even if it’s not true.  Just make sure it’s leftist government worshiping propaganda.

Well beyond the problem of fake news, which at least tried to pose as news, these posts are pure opinion, outburst and excess.  There is nothing about these posts that even remotely compares to news reporting — and that’s why they are popular. At a moment in U.S. history where trust in the news is at a record low, we are seeing the growing power of individuals outside of traditional media circuits who have built a following by suggesting that their voices are more authentic and more accurate than those of the so-called liberal, elitist, majority-silencing news. –Salon

It’s almost as if the writer didn’t actually read this before publishing the piece. Salon admits the memes aren’t news but says the fake news is to be defended because it’s trying “to pose as news.” Then they continue to admit that trust in the mainstream media is at an all-time low (it couldn’t possibly be because of propaganda laden false narratives designed to tell a viewer what to think instead of actual journalism though, could it?) so blame those whose brains aren’t as weak, and go outside mainstream media’s mind control tactics for their news.


What this week’s Trump Twitter war against the mainstream news media teaches us is that CNN should be worried — but not about Trump’s attacks, rather about the fact that an increasing number of U.S. citizens are forming their political ideas based on alt-right rants, and not on anything that even remotely resembles information.

Oh, the horror of US citizens forming their own ideas! It’s like Armageddon!

Is the author referring to the “information” CNN has admitted is fake? It seems like Salon is playing fast and loose with the word “information.” But let’s get at least this straight;  CNN admits that they push fake news for ratings and “witch hunt” Donald Trump because their viewers “want it to be true,” but Salon is concerned with free speech in the form of memes on the internet? Again, this is straight up propaganda, and it’s almost too obvious this time.

The most dangerous threat to Salon’s precious democracy is not memes. It’s free thinkers. It’s individuals who wake up one day to realize the truth: The government is taking their freedom, not brown kids overseas. The police are enforcing the government’s freedom-trampling edicts, not the Middle-Eastern terrorists. And the media is hiding and covering for the government in an attempt to elect the correct king to rule the rest of us so they may earn political favor in the form of tax money stolen from those who disagree.

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