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Karzai speech ‘put Nato forces at risk’, commander warns

“President Karzai may issue orders that put our forces at risk,” he wrote in the alert, known as a command threat advisory.

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Karzai speech ‘put Nato forces at risk’, commander warns


US troop numbers are expected to drop66,000 to 34,00 in early 2014

International troops in Afghanistan have been put at risk after an “inflammatory speech” by President Hamid Karzai, Nato’s commander warned.

On Sunday, Mr Karzai accused the US and the Taliban of colluding to prolong the conflict in the country.

“His remarks could be a catalyst for some to lash out against our forces,” US and Nato forces commander Gen Joseph Dunford said in a leaked email.

International troops are scheduled to end combat missions in 2014.

In a nationally televised speech, President Karzai referred to two Taliban attacks on Saturday in Khost and Kabul that left 19 people dead.

He suggested both the US and Taliban were trying to convince Afghans the situation would worsen after 2014.

He said: “[The] bombings in the name of the Taliban were aimed at serving the foreigners and supporting the presence of the foreigners in Afghanistan and keeping them in Afghanistan by intimidating us.”

Relations at new low

In a message sent to senior military commanders, Gen Dunford said the comments might encourage Afghan security forces to attack foreign soldiers…

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