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Judge: Man who licked ice cream at store and returned it to the display is going to jail

Judge: Man who licked ice cream at store and returned it to the display is going to jail


Judge: Man who licked ice cream at store and returned it to the display is going to jail

D’Adrien L’Quinn Anderson

PORT ARTHUR, TX – They say when you play stupid games, you win stupid prizes. That’s the case after a judge sentenced the infamous Blue Bell ice cream licker to jail and probation on March 4th.

video posted to Facebook in August of last year showcased D’Adrien L’Quinn Anderson taking out a tub of Blue Bell ice cream from a Wal-Mart display and licking the ice cream before returning it to the display.

In what was likely an attempt to gain that internet-viral fame, instead turned into online backlash. As well as criminal charges.

If Anderson was hoping to get his face recognized everywhere, he certainly accomplished that. Except now, that recognition comes compliments of a mugshot.

Many believe that Anderson was trying to copy the trend that was taking place online at the time, dubbed the #icecreamchallenge.

In nearly every incident recorded, it was Blue Bell ice cream being licked and placed back into displays.

In one of the first known instances of the challenge cropping up online, also in Texas, police identified and arrested a woman for the same act. However, since she was a juvenile, police neither revealed the status of her case nor her identity.

One of the many unamused by the antics of Anderson was Judge Terrance Holmes.

Anderson could have been looking at six months in jail, but Judge Holmes afforded Anderson to take on two years’ probation in lieu of half a year in jail.

During his probation, Anderson will have to complete one hundred hours of community service, pay a $1,000 fine, and also pay $1,565 in restitution to Blue Bell Creameries.

On top of all that, Anderson will still have to serve thirty days in jail. After the judge handed down the sentence, Anderson was immediately escorted from the court room over to the county jail.

When the video first came out and the criticisms were coming from all direction against Anderson, he claimed that he actually purchased the ice cream that he licked.

The Wal-Mart where the incident took place also corroborated the story of his purchase, but it was still too late as the damage had already been done. At that point, police were still intent on pursuing criminal mischief charges, which is exactly what they did.

One of the biggest motivating factors in the case being pursued, whether or not Anderson actually bought the ice cream, was that it caused public health concerns. Posing the question of how many more containers of ice cream were potentially contaminated.

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