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Is “Conspiracy Theory” Losing Its ‘Powerful’ Semantic Implications?

Do you see how we’re controlled?

Conspiracy Fact and Theory

Is “Conspiracy Theory” Losing Its ‘Powerful’ Semantic Implications?

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By Catherine J. Frompovich

In my humble opinion, one of the most erudite alt media “talking heads” on the Internet is James Corbett of The Corbett Report.com. James does his homework and discusses issues of interest regarding geopolitics from an extra-keen mindset, which, I think, seeds some of the more progressive-minded, controlled media reporting that is starting to appear in some of the “Big Six Media” [1] and on the Internet, particularly.

Once a week, Corbett joins James Evan Pilato of MediaMonarchy.com to produce a joint production called New World Next Week. The September 10th, 2015, issue took on “Conspiracy Theory” and how it’s losing its pejorative connotations, and that many, if not all, conspiracy theories have panned out—or are panning out—actually to have factual bases. OMG!

I think my readers will enjoy the show notes Corbett and Pilato placed below that online show, which I’ve copied and pasted below.

If readers would enjoy listening to that entire issue of New World Next Week, here’s the link. Personally, I think both these men bring a greatly-needed breath of fresh air that’s counter to the controlled news cycles we are spoon-fed by the mainstream media.

One phrase Corbett mentions, or maybe even ‘coined’, is “weaponized phrases,” something that brings to mind, at least in my opinion, using words that are meant to get controlled media readers to think and act from a Hegelian Dialectic viewpoint. Some conspiracy theorists refer to it as “Problem-Reaction-Solution,” i.e., creating the problem, all while having a desired solution in advance, to achieve a public reaction demanding the very solution the problem perpetrators offered and wanted from the beginning. Do you see how we’re controlled?


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