Local Paper: Watford locals forced to show photo ID before entering their own homes

According to the Watford Observer, residents who live nearby the scene of the upcoming Bilderberg conference will be required to show their photo ID to the police before they can enter their own homes.

Police have confirmed the security measure to the Watford Observer, noting that “those living on the road will be required to provide a passport, drivers license or other form of ID”.

Describing the security measures as an “unprecedented security operation”, the article goes on to state that “residents living close to the Grove Hotel will have to show their passport to police officers before they can get to their homes during the upcoming Bilderberg Group meeting.”

Several residents responded with the outrage any normal person would feel when confronted with your local law enforcers asking for your ID as unaccountable bigwigs check in a nearby hotel, chatting about world affairs:

“They are coming here to have a meeting which is not going to be in any way documented. We as the public should be allowed to know what is being decided.”, one resident said.

Another resident described the crackdown as “totally outrageous and (…) infringing my civil liberties.”

Apparently a leaflet has been distributed to the Hertfordshire residents living close to the Grove, detailing that “all footpaths and public rights of way across the land will (…) be suspended for the duration of the security operation.”

“We have never previously been asked for photo ID during any event at The Grove.”, another local stated. “We have no idea what is happening with visitors and whether they will be allowed in.”

The police operation that will commence on June 6 will look something like this, according to the Watford Observer:

“Police will operate round-the-clock checkpoints on roads around the hotel including Grove Mill Lane which will be closed to all non-residential traffic for the duration of the meeting.”

Contrary to the Observer-story, a Hertfordshire Constabulary spokesman told the Watford Observer people will not be forced to comply with the measure, stating it was only an “advice to take photo ID with them.”

“Those who do not present identification, notes the Observer, “would not be prevented from entering their homes.”

That’s a relief. You wouldn’t want to burden the residents- at their own costs at that- to accommodate the world’s power elite and turn the immediate surroundings of the Hotel into a checkpoint. As Paul Joseph Watson reported yesterday, Herfordshire police liaison officer Steve Lee told Alex Jones that “an earlier policy to pat down all protesters entering certain areas has been scrapped.”

There’s another great relief. It’s good to know that a little exposure of Bilderberg’s intentions can make them come back on their original intentions. Another positive is the attitude of Mr. Lee, stressing that the peaceful demonstrators will be well-facilitated by the constabulary.

The most heartening thing I read was something said by an unnamed person living nearby The Grove telling the local paper:

“I think people should be protesting the Bilderberg group when they come here.”

That’s the spirit!