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Introducing The Internet Reformation Society (IRS)

The Internet Reformation is making it possible for individuals to now, for the first time in recorded history, discover the real world of the present and the past and come to recognize how we are more manipulated through directed history,memes, elite propaganda and manufactured public opinion than anyone dared realize before the birth of the Internet.


Introducing The Internet Reformation Society (IRS)

Anthony Wile invented the term “Internet Reformation” to brilliantly describe the end of top-down elite control over information flow, history, politics and current events. This control mechanism was used for centuries by the state and behind-the-scenes power elites to control populations and political jurisdictions but now advances in electronic communications, alternative news and social media are threatening their world order.

“The Internet Reformation is the culmination of the power and glory of Western civil society and free-market thinking. It is the apogee of all that is best in a sweep of history that began with the ancient Greeks and has culminated in the hearts and minds of millions of young men and women who industriously add to its impact every day via additional code, non-mainstream news or fundamental scientific commentary.

“It is NOT an ‘Internet Revolution.’ The Internet Reformation is a much more deeply disruptive concept. It is truly a revolutionary one, affecting every aspect of human society and human relationships with modern elites. It is focused around the insights generated by the Internet itself. This concept is based on what happened during the era of theGutenberg press.” – Anthony Wile

There is a Real Power Elite

My simplistic view is the entire Western economy has been screwed by a power elite, mostly a group of ancient families of immeasurable wealth and power using their control of the central banking cartel, corporate oligarchs and international banking elites to plunder the wealth and prosperity from this and past generations.

The Internet Reformation is making it possible for individuals to now, for the first time in recorded history, discover the real world of the present and the past and come to recognize how we are more manipulated through directed history,memes, elite propaganda and manufactured public opinion than anyone dared realize before the birth of the Internet.

The power elite wants to continue to rule and maintain business as usual. They have developed structures, organizations and institutions to maintain and continue to expand their control over the entire world as regions outside the West develop, standards of living rise and there is simply more wealth to plunder. The knowledge, information available on the Internet and instant communications are making their job more difficult and this threatens the future of their mafia/parasitic like existence.

Thus, here today in the second decade of the 21st century, the battle lines are drawn between free thinkers desiring to live free and prosper and those who rule over and manipulate the world around us. This will be a battle to the death of ideas, liberty and the free market versus old style controls and ultimately force because the truth of our existence is now available to all who desire to understand war, politics, finance and central banking.

We Slaves are Restless

The Internet Reformation is dramatically changing the world we live in and every facet of our lives today in the new electronic and Internet age. While the Internet Reformation Society is just unfolding today, we intend to sweep the world like Google and Facebook but with far more impact than the knowledge and research capabilities offered by Google or the friends and organizing ability success of Facebook.

Our mission is to release the power of the individual and human action from the tightening chains that are destroying the economy, our prosperity and the future of our children. We demand nothing less than to break the chains of government and power elite interests to rule over us and determine our destiny.

Our dream is for people everywhere to rise above our mere chattel property status. No longer will we live passively as slaves or serfs to be taxed, regulated, orchestrated, organized and ruled like a plantation owner might rule slaves, alternating between feigned kindness and fearful retribution.

Our goal is a brave new world but not the evil, closed and elite dictatorial world of 1984 or the false reality of the Matrix movies. Our society mission is the repudiation of the institutions used to enslave, control and rob us like an annual crop to be harvested, sheep to be shorn or cattle – or cannon fodder – to be used as needed. Our goal is FREEDOM, PROSPERITY & PEACE for all those who wish to attain these goals for our families, our posterity and ourselves.

But for those of you who wish to live off of us as you have in the past who have destroyed the world economy through your private, corporate and sovereign debt, stolen our real currency of gold and silver and replaced it with paper and plastic and destroyed the prosperity and liberty of this and future generations, you are hereby placed on notice. We pledge our honor, wealth and lives against your rule and promise eternal vigilance and defense against your subjugation of free men and women everywhere.

We are not property of the state. The elites neither own nor control us and we will not go quietly into the night or remain hidden away in poverty, ignorance or by physical means. We slaves are revolting and we seek to rule ourselves as free-market thinkers based on our intelligence, dictates and philosophical and/or religious and cultural beliefs.

A new day is dawning now, thanks to the Internet Reformation, and you can be with us, against us or uninvolved as this is the right of all peoples. But if you are part of the political establishment or use violence against free people who oppose violence and only wish to restore liberty, the free market and prosperity to a world drowning in debt then get on board or get out of the way.

The Subversion of Representative Democracy

The false construct of representative democracy has been taken over by these elites with their unlimited funding and transformed across the West from a voice for people to impact and direct our political leaders and representatives into the prime agent of our control. This has rendered the citizens of most nations impotent and unable to effect control. We can no longer limit the growth of government deficits, sovereign debt, fiat currencies as well as control foreign policy, limit aggressive wars or powerful government attacks on civil liberties and inherent protections against an aggressive and all-powerful government. This is about to change.

Representative democracy was born several centuries earlier when transportation and communications were slow and difficult in the best of times. It was meant to serve as a long-distance substitute for local direct democracy, utilized in New England-style town hall meetings, for larger government jurisdictions.

At first this structure worked quite well but over the years as America changed from a predominately rural society into an industrial, rail and banking center, representative democracy was increasingly co-opted by big-moneyed interests at the expense of the people within the electoral districts.

Today it has degenerated by design or opportunity into a means of political control by powerful interests using vast sums of money to buy off the representatives and transfer loyalty from their districts to special business interests. This is why the individual citizens, whom the politicians are supposed to represent, are now powerless at best and the will of the people is always thwarted on major issues of the day.

The Internet has contributed greatly to improved political knowledge, communications and fundraising but to date political change has not followed suit. The enemies of freedom are forewarned here that this is about to change now with the formation of the Internet Reformation Society.

The use of representative democracy to enslave and insure outside rule and control over what we have come to know as “representative government” is very evident in both the US and Europe. For example, every aspect of the European Union, from the lack of an initial popular vote to join the union to now popular votes for establishment parties that today represent the establishment rather than the voters, have degenerated into little more than controlled theatrical events.

Few citizens wanted the extent of sovereign debts placed on national economies, ultimately to be paid by current and future generations of workers and taxpayers, but powerful financial interests bought off the representatives and the rest is history. In addition, a limited number of private citizens want to extend the indebtedness or kill national economies through extreme austerity measures just for a few large banking interests but the will of the people has been subverted time after time. The ultimate outcome is our current state of affairs: Representatives are loyal to vested interests instead of the constituencies they were elected to represent.

Greece provides yet another example of the failings of representative democracy. The Greek people do not want austerity but the EU interests do and the politicians ultimately, after appropriate displays of defiance for electioneering purposes, vote “properly” in exchange for public and private funding.

It is the same in the United States. Few Americans favored the bank bailout but Congress subverted the will of the majority because they are bought and owned by major banking interests.

The power of elite political contributions and powerful well-organized interests effectively controls important domestic and foreign policy against the will of the people. Individual citizens can seldom even impact legislation in the West any longer, much less drive the laws, political leadership or legislative branches to follow the will and dictates of the people.

Existing Political and Financial Institutions are Designed to Defraud and Control

Representative democracy has failed just as monarchy and the divine right of kings failed in an earlier period when citizens finally awoke from their ignorant slumber concerning political affairs. The extent of the depravity and tyranny of political leaders could no longer be supported by the false sacrament and dogma that a God in Heaven chose and put into power the thugs, leaders and reprobates who led their nations.

And so it is today, in another somewhat more enlightened age, where information, philosophical beliefs and public opinion can no longer be managed and determined by the power elite and media establishment. For decades they have controlled and managed public discourse like a herder and his dogs would supervise ranging cattle and sheep.

I saw a cartoon last week in which a herd of sheep, a shepherd and a dog were depicted. One particular sheep was saying, “You can call me a conspiracy nut if you like but I swear the dog and the person are working together.” Only one sheep out of many figured out there was a plan and that all the sheep were being manipulated and controlled by the shepherd and his dog. It is the same in politics, international affairs and the major financial markets today.

The Internet Reformation is awakening the public to the actions of a financial elite and political class. They have wrecked the world economy in their efforts to generate more profits from the sovereign debt fraud through a directed and manipulated economy and financial system that profits neither the masses nor individual investors.

Rather, the often-manipulated financial markets serve as a conduit to transfer any private wealth individuals can manage to save after demands for taxes, fees, inflation and penalties by all government agencies at the federal, provincial and local levels. Thousands of newsletters, experts, publications and major cable channels exist to convince potential investors that it is better to use establishment investment firms and their investment suggestions than to invest in real free-market capitalism, your private business or a start-up private equity firm. Calling Wall Street an example of capitalism is like calling a Mafia hitman a capitalist. While certainly he voluntarily provides services for money, the hired gun does not exactly fit the ideal of free-market capitalism.

The Dark Truth About What Really Goes On in the Stock Market

Established political parties that permanently or even on occasion share in the spoils of a corrupt political system, designed using the false paradigm of representative democracy for legitimacy and to hide the theft of wealth and liberty, can never be expected to fix the political problems of modern society.

Politicians and governments grow stronger from real or contrived problems by first creating the problem, crisis or threat and then following up with the majority-approved solution that inevitably confers to them more power and wealth at the expense of the people.

The bottom line is simple to describe. If a certain group of criminals terrorizes your family, steals your property and wealth and controls your life, why would you expect another band of criminal thugs to behave any differently?

To find out more about the Internet Reformation Society and how you can join, sign up now to have the Daily Bell Reformation Newswire delivered daily to your inbox. When the society launches, we will inform you immediately.

Swiss Style Direct Democracy is the Best Government Model

“We are actually the model for the future. Sharing responsibility with the people – that is the future,” said Maurer, referring to Switzerland’s long tradition of direct democracy. In Switzerland, nobody still in possession of their marbles wants to join the EU. This alliance of states has lost much of its credibility.” – Swiss Defense Minister, Ueli Maurer

It is for this reason I’m happy to see the Daily Bell and Anthony Wile embark on a totally new political and online community. One of their programs is to educate, publicize and restore to the West a modern-day form of Internet-based direct democracy. This is not another grand experiment in a new style of government control hidden in sheep’s clothing, in reality nothing more than the old wolves coming up with a new system to allow their continued control and domination of the world. We’ve all seen this in the rhetoric of fascism and communism, offering hope to millions after the fall of monarchy that instead brought death, destruction and poverty.

We do believe freedom and free markets are superior to centralized, hidden controls. Direct democracy as practiced in Switzerland, along with the rights of initiative and referendum used by voters to terminate or create laws when legislative bodies refuse to act, is far better than a special interest-controlled representative democracy.

Finally, we believe in the right of a nation, region or state, canton or provincial entity to withdraw via a democratic referendum referenced by a majority or plurality of voters in the government jurisdiction to peacefully pull out from any and all type of nation and political union when the people so direct. We believe that ultimately people should have the right to govern themselves as directed by their unique history, culture and government traditions. In essence, we believe in decentralized decision-making, whereby responsibility ultimately rests on the shoulders of each and every citizen to take care of their own lives and take responsibility for their actions.

For more information, read: “Why Switzerland Is Still Free and America Is Not.”

A Community of Free Thinkers Open To All

The Internet Reformation Society does not get involved with or take a stand on specific social issues, religious or ethnic questions or other nationalistic ideas. While we might endorse individual candidates in the future, we suggest that all political parties in power have been corrupted to a degree. We welcome supporters across the spectrum of left to right (as well as those who reject this paradigm) because we believe the entire left/right political paradigm is false and is used as a mechanism to divide free thinkers who want to be free to make their own decisions.

We welcome the religious of all persuasions as well as the irreligious and suggest that peoples everywhere in all religions, ethnicities, sexual orientations and nationalities have far more similarities that unite us in search of freedom, peace and prosperity than differences often actuated by those who rule over us in order to foment racial, religious and national animosity one toward another.

Stand With Us and Be Counted!

Through use of the world’s most powerful technology, the Internet Reformation Society will share a simple message of individual liberty, with a guiding philosophy based upon two simple maxims: 1) Do all you say you are going to do. 2) Do not encroach on another person or his property.

This message, combined with suggested self-reliance strategies and action alerts, is designed to free the world from a system that has long oppressed us, falsified our history and created untold wars and financial crises. Today, a final sovereign debt financial crisis is destroying the world economy in a final coup d’état attempt to force into place a permanent, fascist, one-world, statist system of control before an action-oriented Internet Reformation sweeps all that is before it.

To find out more about the Internet Reformation Society and how you can join, sign up now to have the Daily Bell Reformation Newswire delivered daily to your inbox. When the society launches, we will inform you immediately.

I close with Memento mori…Remember your mortality, very eloquently explained by Anthony Wile in his column, “Memento Mori.”

Since 1913, the power elite has stolen almost 100 years from free people around the world. Think of the hardships, wars, depressions and recessions, rigged markets and elections, exploitation, communism, fascism, currency collapse … all wrought by their self-serving actions.

Today, free thinkers are taking a stand in the face of evil because we do remember our mortality and we pledge our wealth, our lives and our sacred honor that another generation shall not pass from the Earth until free nations and free people again take their rightful place in the world. Yes, we all will die but in knowing our oppressors the world will learn the truth of our history and reality. When we know our history and present day reality, then we can again become prosperous and free by exercising individual human action and developing truly free markets outside of corrupted statist systems and institutions built by elites for our perpetual enslavement.

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Contributed by Ron Holland of The Daily Bell.

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