Infectious Disease Outbreaks Tied to Illegal Immigrant Influx

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While our president continues to systematically legalize illegal immigration, the thousands of illegal immigrants spilling across the U.S. border aren’t just overwhelming our border patrol’s resources — they are also bringing with them the added bonus of a whole host of infectious diseases, ABC 15 recently reported.

“We are sending people everywhere. The average citizen doesn’t realize what’s going on down here,” Border Patrol Agent Chris Cabrera told ABC 15 News.

“We’re having an outbreak of scabies that’s been going on for a month or so now…We’re starting to see chickenpox, we’re starting to see [MRSA] staff infections, we’re starting to see different viruses…”

“They’re all contagious,” Cabrera continued. “So now we’re transporting people into different parts of the state, different parts of the country and some of these viruses are asymptomatic at this point — they’re not showing the symptoms.”

Well that’s just…lovely.

WND reported last year that our open borders were also bringing in immigrants carrying new, highly infectious, lethal strains of drug-resistant Tuberculosis as well. By the time that story first broke, some 5,000 Los Angeles residents had already been exposed to it. (Oh, and the CDC failed to even notify the public at all until months after the agency began tracking it.)

So how do epidemics get started? From Frontpage Mag:

This is how epidemics get started. First it’s the small stuff and then it gets more and more serious.

And this is what happens when a government stops caring about the interests of its people and focuses only on a fanatical ideological agenda and selfish sectarian interests.

Although the Department of Homeland Security refused all three requests to respond to ABC 15’s reporter on this story, the border patrol agent above went on to tell her that the only thing being used to separate the sick from the healthy was a simple strip of yellow police line do not cross “caution” tape.


Well bravo, border patrol. I’m sure it’s a tough job, but come on. Was that last bit of common sense fail in the training manual?

Just because the majority of the American people in many instances have been cowered into fear and submissiveness by something as simple as a little yellow string of plastic with words printed on it doesn’t mean potentially deadly diseases that could harm the whole nation have.

The question now is…how much worse is this situation going to be allowed to get?

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9 thoughts on “Infectious Disease Outbreaks Tied to Illegal Immigrant Influx”

  1. Astounding how in the middle of a medical disaster created by Obama’s import of tens of thousands of illegal immigrants, many infected with contagious diseases, the CDC simultaneously has a release of anthrax that puts at risk and quarantines hundreds of their top scientists, essentially paralyzingly the CDC.

    I hear one of the montras at the CIA is “There is no such thing as a coincidence!”.

    Obama has plans within plans within plans.

    1. ASTOUNDING that rather than you doing some research, you’d instead choose to take an article like this as being accurate when in fact it is NOT.

      The article that this article used as a resource to draw it’s conclusions from can be found over here:

      Now instead of using a resource such as the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) or WHO (World Health Organization) the author instead apparently decided to go about a very unscientific and inaccurate approach of deciding that since MDR TB is prominent in states which have a high illegal immigrant population such as California, New York, and Texas that it must lead back to the illegals coming from Mexico (Which the author once again inaccurately states that the MDR TB strain was “until recently endemic to”, I’ll get back to that FACTUALLY INACCURATE statement later).

      Now it is true that California and Texas do in fact have a high illegal immigrant population, however New York does in fact NOT have a high illegal immigrant population. And believe it or not the state with the MOST illegal immigrants is Nevada, which oddly enough is NOT experiencing this MDR TB outbreak.

      Which begs the question of,”If Nevada has more illegal immigrants than any other U.S. state, why are they not experiencing this MDR TB outbreak that is supposedly being spread by illegal immigrants coming over from Mexico (Which this MDR TB strain is supposedly most prominent in)?

      Well perhaps that answer lies within the FACTS…

      When you consult the World Health Organization (The LEADING AUTHORITY on all things related to global disease and health), you will quickly find out that there were about 310,000 cases of MDR TB worldwide in 2011. However these cases are not spread proportionately across the globe, as only 27 countries account for the majority of all MDR TB cases and guess which country is NOT on that list?

      Give up?


      So how is it that this disease is endemic of Mexico, but yet Mexico is not listed as one of the 27 countries where the majority of the cases of the MDR TB strain is most prominent?

      Perhaps it could be because of the fact that the author the article is full of B.S. and just pulling stuff out of his rear end!

      Don’t believe me you can take a look for yourself of the countries with the highest rates of MDR TB right here (Provided by the World Health Organization)…

      So instead of reading an article like this and taking it for a fact, you should read then article and then do some research yourself and you’d quickly find out whether the article is accurate or not.

      And… In this case it is highly INACCURATE and not reliable at all.

      1. Bzzzz wrong, ICE is shipping these illegals all over the country, insuring any contagious diseases will be randomly distributed around the US.

        The point is, normal immigration process normally screens people for infectious disease, instead of just loosing them on society. This whole open border crap is a public health disaster. That’s the point of this article.

        My point is this administration just keeps manufacturing crisis after crisis. Each bigger than the last just to distract from them being caught committing major crimes.

        Since burning down the reichstag didn’t work for. Obama he just keeps starting more fires!

  2. Pray for our children when they show up for school in September! They are our most vulnerable. I bet to request proof of vaccination, etc., would be considered on the level of making them feel uncomfortable, singled out, racist!
    Everybody, vote! Put the fear of God in your legislators that if they don’t solve this problem and get rid of these people, then you will get rid of them!

  3. You forgot unlimited child porn and pedophilia! America will replace Thailand as the child porn/pedo capitol of the world!
    Jerry Sandusky will be released for being a victim of being overcharged! LOL

  4. The only condition of entry. compulsory “vaccination” containing the latest in bio warfare wah ha ha ha ha. July 4 is going to be one hell of a party.

  5. Help me please to understand how this is different than the thousands of tourists or the thousands of legal immigrants currently coming into the country. Or the thousands of overseas travellers? I’ve been abroad four times and never once had my blood tested coming home? This is an honest question.

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