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How to Quit Smoking: Know Yourself

Just how addictive IS smoking? Is it the nicotine that traps you, or is it something else?

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How to Quit Smoking: Know Yourself

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“Between stimulus and response, there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.” 

– Viktor E. Frankl

In part 2 of this 4-part series on quitting smoking, we discussed the physical aspect of smoking addiction.

That article closed with:

Nicotine is usually out of your body within 72 hours after you quit smoking. Nicotine withdrawal symptoms usually reach their peak 2 to 3 days after you quit, and are typically gone within a few weeks.


This leads us to the what is the trickier part of the quitting equation for many: psychological addiction.

Indeed, the psychological side of a smoking habit often lingers long after the physical symptoms disappear.

In fact, many studies suggest that smokers may be more addicted to the act of smoking than the nicotine.

Beliefs about nicotine, addiction, and smoking can also interfere with your attempts to become a non-smoker.

Studies have found that cravings and withdrawal symptoms are NOT solely caused by the lack of nicotine.

To become a non-smoker, you will need to identify the psychological associations you have with smoking.

Viewing smoking as a habit, not an addiction, makes becoming a non-smoker easier.

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