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How Local News is Using Investigative Reports to Market Ghost Gun Fear

My purpose here is to expose the tactics of state media agents, especially when they use allegedly straight news reports as content marketing tools to advance the interests of the authoritarian coercive enterprise.

Controlling the Herd

How Local News is Using Investigative Reports to Market Ghost Gun Fear

ghost guns

Jeff Weinsier is a reporter for Local ABC 10 Miami. He has apparently either been given the assignment or took it upon himself to go out and create an “investigative” piece on “Ghost Guns.”

He went forward with his investigation and proceeded to present his findings in the form of a straight news report, but the news report was anything but a straight news piece.

What Jeff Weinsier ended up creating was a content marketing piece designed to create a lot of unfounded fear around ghost guns and to plant the seed in his readers’ heads that will lead them to DEMAND that the coercive enterprise move to restrict their ability to build and own defensive tools, liberty guns, or, ghost guns.

What I will be doing is dissecting key points of a piece that this gun-grabbing state media agent, Jeff Weinsier, attempted to pass off as a straight news piece.

My purpose here is to expose the tactics of state media agents, especially when they use allegedly straight news reports as content marketing tools to advance the interests of the authoritarian coercive enterprise.

Let’s take the title of the piece:

Loophole allows people to assemble ‘ghost guns’

But there is no loophole here, because there are specific laws that explicitly allow for the building of guns by individuals so long as those individuals are not also selling the guns. Pay close attention to the word “loophole.” That’s not a word used by accident. The word implies that people have found a way to sneak around laws.

There are ALREADY laws that prohibit the selling of guns, so anyone that might be selling these liberty guns is not operating in a loophole, they’re simply violating existing law.

The use of the word loophole is sending a subliminal message to the reader, that individuals should NOT be allowed, by law, to manufacture their own guns. But there’s this loophole in law that is allowing people to do just that.

Even the use of the word “allow” says much about the writer of this content marketing piece. Here is a man who views rights not as inherent, but as given.

It is not your inherent right to build tools of self-defense, but rather it is a right that is granted by the coercive enterprise. Right away, you know you’re dealing with a state agent masquerading as a journalist.

Let’s look at the opening salvo of this anti-gun, anti-human, authoritarian-enabling content marketing piece:

A Local 10 News investigation exposes what some are calling a serious and dangerous loophole in the law.

You could be “America’s Most Wanted” and get your hands on high-powered untraceable guns.

There is no background check and no identification required.

Notice that first sentence. This state agent realizes if he comes out and calls the ‘right’ to manufacture your own tools of self-defense “serious and dangerous,” you will immediately, and rightly, identify this piece as an opinion piece, and not a straight news piece.

An opinion piece does not have nearly the power of persuasion as a straight news piece. If you know it’s an opinion piece, you are already in a ‘debate’ mood, prepared to more thoroughly scrutinize the opinions presented.

But if the content marketing is presented as ‘straight news,’ just the facts, then you are simply in data acquiring mode, your critical thinking is not nearly as high.

The state agent doesn’t call the right to manufacture your own tools of self-defense ‘serious and dangerous,’ rather he uses the common tactic of attributing this sentiment to the ever ubiquitous ‘some people.’

The opening salvo also instantly presents a lie to the reader. There is an implication that that it is legal for felons to manufacture their own guns. This is not true.

If you are prohibited by law from owning guns, you are prohibited from manufacturing them. Also, you are not legally able to buy these homemade guns any more than the gun maker is able to legally sell them to you.

But our state agent commits to the lie, and he is relying on you not bothering to check the facts for yourself.

Does he know he’s lying? If he doesn’t, then he is revealing his amateur ability to conduct an investigative report.

I suspect, but cannot know for certain, that he knows full well he is lying to his audience, because he is selling, and what he’s selling is fear, a fear that he hopes will lead you, the reader, to BEG the coercive enterprise to take your power from you, to consolidate their monopoly of power even more than they already have.

The state agent then continues:

The most disturbing thing, to many, is that these guns have no serial number, so there is no way to trace them. …..

…..They are called “ghost guns.”

Note the phrase, “most disturbing.” Again, this phrase is not added by accident, and it reveals an opinion piece, not a straight news piece. It also reveals the tactic being deployed by the state agent, the fear tactic. You don’t want bad guys to use guns that are untraceable, do you?  They’ll LITERALLY get away with murder.

But the bad guys already have “untraceable” guns, guns that they can acquire a whole lot cheaper than they can home manufactured guns, liberty guns, or ghost guns. These “untraceable’ guns are stolen guns, guns that are then bought and sold and bought and sold again.

But even stolen guns account for less than 20 percent of the ways criminals get guns, still far more than the percentage of times criminals use home manufactured guns.

The other point about the great “untraceable gun” fear tactic is this. A gun that is not found is not traceable. In other words, if you find ballistics in the form of bullet casings, but no gun, you cannot determine what specific gun was used in a crime scene.

You can only determine if a found gun was used in a crime scene. Even if the criminal used a ‘ghost gun,’ they would still be able to determine if that gun was used at the crime scene through conducting ballistic tests.

Our state agent ends his content marketing piece aimed at nudging the reader toward begging the coercive enterprise to strip them of their right to build their own tools of self-defense by running off to his masters in a bid to perhaps hopefully nudge THEM to write anti-human, anti-liberty, anti-gun laws to close a loophole that doesn’t exist, to fix a problem that banning ghost guns won’t fix, to criminalize home self-defense.

He concludes:

So what do South Florida lawmakers think about this alleged loophole?

Local 10 News contacted the offices of U.S. Reps. Frederica Wilson, D-Miami Gardens, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Weston and Carlos Curbelo, R-Kendall.

“This is yet another disturbing and dangerous loophole in this nation’s lax gun-safety laws,” Wasserman Schultz said. “And It’s one of the many problems that Congress needs to confront, but under the current Republican leadership, likely never will.”

It is fitting that he ends up quoting from Debbie Wasserman Shultz, the now discredited former DNC Chair that worked tirelessly to game the system to assure Hillary Clinton beat Bernie Sanders in the 2016 Presidential Primaries.

A woman of demonstrably low character and ethics is now going to presume to have the authority to work to criminalize your inherent right to build your own tools of self-defense, and our state media agent, Jeff Weinsier, is BEGGING her to do so.

He also wants to subliminally nudge you toward joining with him in begging your masters to pull the collar tighter around your neck and reign that leash in until you too are nothing but a sycophantic agent of the state, like Jeff Weinsier clearly already is.

If you want to read the full content marketing piece, go here.

The drum beat of fear around “ghost guns” is only beginning. Expect a lot more pieces like this, using these same tactics. Expect ‘investigative reports’ to be repeated across the country as local news outlets that are committed to championing the interests of the authoritarian state go out and build their own ‘ghost guns’ to show people how frighteningly easy it is. They’ll pull the ‘criminals will get away with murder’ card, as well as the ‘terrorists will get away with murder’ card.

They are simply state agents, ones that recognize that one of the greatest enemies of the continued stranglehold on the monopoly of force by the coercive enterprise is anonymity.

Guns manufactured by the individual are untraceable, not in the sense that they will help individuals get away with murder, but that they will prevent the coercive enterprise from knowing who has how many and what kind of guns so that if and when they feel bold enough, in whole or in part, to exact gun confiscation, they know right where to go.

People like Jeff Weinsier that work to help create social and ideational influence on the non-gov population to nudge them towards begging their masters to disempower them even more should be viewed as nothing more than the lowest of the low police state informants, the kind that would have sent message to Stalin’s execution squads that their own family members were questioning the authority of the state.

If you know this state agent, if you swim in his circles, I highly recommend you get as far away from this police state informant wannabe as possible, else you end up in the crosshairs of the authoritarian state he dreams to help enable.

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Contributed by Paul Gordon of iState TV.

Paul Gordon is the editor of Istate.tv and co-host of numerous podcasts including VisPrivus, Lulzilla and Full Auto. He is also the publisher of a local digital newspaper, the Tioga Freedomist

Paul Gordon is the editor of Istate.tv and co-host of numerous podcasts including VisPrivus, Lulzilla and Full Auto. He is also the publisher of a local digital newspaper, the Tioga Freedomist


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