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Here’s to Hollywood (And All D’Elites)

Here’s to your violence, degrading crass opulence, bathed in your so shallow arrogance.

Controlling the Herd

Here’s to Hollywood (And All D’Elites)


Here’s to your violence, degrading crass opulence, bathed in your so shallow arrogance
The filth and the porn as you blow your own horn in sickening gloats of magnificence
Your self drugging use, child abuse, and all the crap duly promoted
The broken lives sacrificed, innocence deftly iced, and all of it sugary coated

Your dysfunctional moms, your guns and your bombs, and oh such a clever charade
To those now awake you’re horrific mistakes are now just a passing parade
So keep up your memes and constructed themes, we’ll laugh quite out loud in your faces
‘Cause truth is arising and folks are surmising you’re exactly what real truth displaces

Your glam and your glitz that are giving the fits to unknowing sycophant drinkers
Of your tripe and your trash that’s bringing in cash to the whore-lords dispensing their sinkers
To cripple and maim those who would clearly be sane without all the garbage and rehash
But your time has run out so it’s right up your snout with a shot of our wide awake backlash

Do you give e’en a crap for the world that you’ve made, has your conscience a minimal twinge?

No, you’re drunk on your dial with nary a smile as you power freaks go on a binge
To sum up your game and put it in frame, you’re psychopaths pushing your fingers
On life’s loving camera, forcing to fade, while the Truth you don’t know clearly lingers

Your time given now is just fleeting we know, we can hear the awakening beating
So desperate you are as you cruise in your cars and think that humanity’s bleating
We’re alive and awake, and expecting your fate, as you build up your bunkers and gold
The point we make here is you’re living in fear, and not us, that’s what needs to be told


This article originally published at ZenGardner.com

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Contributed by Zen Gardner of Just Wondering.


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