Hanford Nuclear Reservation Has Leaking Waste Tanks

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The Hanford Nuclear Reservation, situated on the banks of the Columbia River has found that six of it’s underground storage tanks are leaking nuclear waste.

Hanford which was set up as part of the Manhattan  Project to develop the atomic bomb during World War ll is a 586 square mile site near the farming towns of Hanford and White Bluffs. The residents of both towns, and Native Americans living in the area at the time of its construction were re-located under the governments ’eminent domain’ authority.

Last week Energy Department officials said that one tank had been seen to have falling levels of waste inside it, evidence that it is leaking. the rate from that tank was estimated to be between 150 and 300 gallons a year.

There are reports from Governor Jay Inslee that five more tanks are leaking but that has not been officially confirmed by the Energy Department. Hanford has had issues with leaking tanks in the past and this will add to the soil contamination and could pose an increasing threat to the groundwater below the site.

Inslee said:

“There is no immediate or near-term health risk with these newly discovered leaks, which are more than 5 miles from the Columbia River…but nonetheless this is disturbing news for all Washingtonians…this certainly raises questions about the integrity of all 149 single-shell tanks.”

Suzanne Dahl who is the tank waste treatment manager for the State Department of Ecology was more forthright than the governor. She is recorded as saying:

“it points to the age of the tanks and how there’s going to be an increased probability of this happening in the future.”

“When waste is in the tanks, it’s manageable. Once it’s out of the tanks and in the soil, it’s much harder to manage it, remove it and down the road you’re adding to contamination in the groundwater that already exists.”

According to the Environmental Protection Agency approximately tens of thousands of gallons of contaminated water has been discharged into the soil since the facility was built.

There are plans to clean up the waste in a process known as vitrification but this has to be done in a specialist waste treatment plant which Suzanne Dahl says is

“still years away”

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4 thoughts on “Hanford Nuclear Reservation Has Leaking Waste Tanks”

  1. They lie to themselves, to me, to you, to everyone, but you cannot lie to physics. Have they capped that sizzle in Japan yet? Nope. The first pacific salmon to grow their life entirely in the radiological regions of the north pacific will be the next to return. Just because the Japanese flotsam is irradiated doesn’t mean the Salmon will be, right? Even waste oil requires a double wall tank. Radiological waste? I hope the person that made the decision for single wall tanks enjoyed their retirement. Remember this. The first half life of most radionuclides is four times the age of the Egyptian pyramids. Some legacy, but besides that, those babysitting costs should be derived from the use of that fuel, when it is being used. If it was nuclear power would be unaffordable. That reality is also being shoved on our future thousands of generations. Any green revolution is bogus while we still use the blue/green energy. One difference between a prediction and a for sure prediction, is time. Modern man abuses time and gets away with it because those affected have no voice. If the future ever invents time travel to the past, expect some wrath.

  2. I for one welcome the arrival of radioactive Pacific salmon.

    Spread the news far and wide! Form picket lines, hand out anti-nuclear circulars, boycott restaurants. Grab a 1950s-era Geiger counter from eBay and head for the fish market. Post the resulting stream of random numbers on blogs. Go global! Go viral!

    Because I know that the level of radioactivity involved is measurable in very small amounts — because we humans are very clever — yet nowhere near harmful.

    And it means that despite the economic downturn I might soon be able to afford to eat these tasty fish more often. Fresh-frozen onto my plate. Melt in the mouth, smother with butter and a dash of white and cayenne pepper.

    And Hanford is a *farming* community?? Wow. Perhaps some affordably delicious Angus steak and burgers will be available too. Has anyone tested the lobsters for radioactivity? Better go check right now!

    Fear the fish.
    Fear the taasty fish.
    Tainted with evil atoms it is.
    Play right into my hands.
    My precious.

    1. Beware the Eye of Mordor with its blue-green glow. Especially when taken internally. There is no level of harmless. In or out, but especially in. Guaranteed. A little knowledge passed on from one who lived when mushroom clouds grew above ground. Fear this. I have lived to see public education regarding the side effects of radiological contamination change diametrically. The physics haven’t changed, just the agenda.

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