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Gov’t To Use No-Fly Zone to Shut Down Journalist Drones at Dakota Pipeline Protest Because of Videos Like This

This is the height of corruption and tyranny right here.

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Gov’t To Use No-Fly Zone to Shut Down Journalist Drones at Dakota Pipeline Protest Because of Videos Like This

Editor’s Note: This is the height of corruption and tyranny right here. This is a real protest for a real reason, not some George Soros’ funded phony color revolution race baiting to keep us fighting amongst ourselves. That’s why this protest gets blacklisted by the mainstream media and when they do talk about it, they try to paint a bunch of unarmed peaceful protesters as violent rioters who need to be dealt with using a militarized police force.

Now the system is going to institute a no-fly zone for citizens so the journalists on the ground there will no longer be able to fly drones and film the atrocities being perpetrated on peaceful protesters by the police state.

Do these cops even realize what utter fascists they are?


The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers recently announced it will be closing federal land north of the Cannonball River on December 5th, and now reports are surfacing that the government plans to use a no-fly zone to prevent journalists from recording the events that transpire. This is following the attacks on Native land protectors and protesters that was caught on video by drone pilots, in which police were seen using percussion grenades:

Nov. 20 Police use Percussion Grenades:

The no-fly zone, which has been set up by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), applies only to citizens, as law enforcement craft continues to fly overhead. According to experts, the no-fly zone is in direct violation of the First Amendment since the drones belonging to land protectors are being used to conduct journalism.

In a statement from Roy Gutterman, director of the University of Syracuse’s Tully Center for Free Speech:

“This no fly zone is a clear violation of news gathering rights that are protected by the First Amendment. Using drones for news gathering is a viable modern technique, and this looks like it’s a government action clearly aimed at limiting access to a public place.”

Aside from documenting events at the DAPL, the drones offer land protectors and protesters security – Morton County has been caught in numerous lies with the video footage provided from the drones, and as a result, many of those who’ve been arrested have had their charges dropped based on the footage.

Myron Dewey, one of the Native drone pilots, states:

“The drones provide a visual narrative – we’ve seen unarmed people praying getting shot with a water cannon. We show canisters being shot into the middle of a crowd, guns being pointed at people, medics being shot in the back with rubber bullets.” He later continues, “Drones level the playing field. They get us out of jail, they have saved us from having to get close to police to document what they’re doing and to document that, while these atrocities and abuses of power are happening, work as usual on the pipeline has been happening.”

In a statement from Connecticut drone law attorney, Peter Sachs:

“In essence, a ‘giant tarp’ has been laid over the site, allowing law enforcement to act with impunity and without any witnesses.”

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