Fusion Center Locations in the U.S.

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When fusion centers and their allied federal partners are pinpointed on these United States, it looks less like “We’re here to help you” and more like a military occupation.

Dozens of documents and databases were scrubbed to elicit the actual location of these nefarious centers. You could say these GPS positions are a “fusion” of many sources!

GPS Points of Interest files for fusion centers and their partners can be downloaded below:

Google Earth: Pox Americana.kml

Garmin: Pox Americana.gpx

GPS Comma-separated-values: Pox Americana.csv

Addresses: Fusion Centers.csv

All Files: Fusion.zip

You can use Extra POI Editor to convert to other file formats like TomTom or Magellan.


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3 thoughts on “Fusion Center Locations in the U.S.”

    1. No, the fusion centers are where the feds and state officials coordinate information gathered illegally. Information that will be used when the stasi come for patriots.

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