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Four Illegal Immigrants Arrested in Horrifying Massachusetts Gang Rape

The couple is still completely traumatized by this experience.

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Four Illegal Immigrants Arrested in Horrifying Massachusetts Gang Rape

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(Img: Boston Herald)

Imagine this.

You are out for a nice evening walk. Suddenly a group of men approaches you, and one whips out a condom and motions like he wants to be a little more than friends. Before you can get away, you are slammed to the ground by the hood of your jacket and drug into an apartment where the men barricade the door so they can gang rape you.

This terrifying scenario recently happened to a couple in Massachusetts.

Breitbart reported:

The four were arrested after the attacks on a couple they were out for a walk in their neighborhood. According to the police report, as the four approached the couple, one of the illegals pulled out a condom and motioned toward the woman.

She was then grabbed by the hood of her jacket and slammed to the ground while two others started beating the woman’s boyfriend. The woman was dragged into a nearby apartment where several began to sexually molest her.

The woman’s boyfriend followed them, forced his way into the apartment and called 911. Police say he was then attacked again. At one point Ariel Diaz came at the man with a chef’s kitchen knife. The victim was able to wrest the knife away avoiding being stabbed in the process.

And the Boston Herald:

“They brought her into the building on the corner into the apartment,” police said. “They pulled a dresser or table across the door of the room so she could not leave … (They) were trying to climb on her while the others were groping her.”

Her boyfriend managed to force his way into the apartment and was calling 911 when two of the men broke away to handle him, police said.

Police said Ariel Diaz head-butted the man several times and then grabbed a large chef’s knife and tried slashing him, but Jarquin-Felipe pushed the knife-wielder back, stopping him from stabbing the man.

Police said that’s when the boyfriend smashed his would-be stabber with a beer bottle. He then advanced on the bed where his girlfriend was pinned and helped her escape.

“After we got out, we got down to the street and she was screaming, ‘Police! Police!’ and I was like, ‘Don’t stop, just keep running,’ ” he said. Police soon arrived and arrested all four suspects, also finding the boyfriend’s missing cellphone and clothing the woman said the alleged attackers wore in the apartment where two of the suspects live.

All four men are illegal immigrants here in the US from Guatemala. Twenty four-year-old Ariel Diaz has been charged with unarmed robbery, indecent assault and battery, and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. Nineteen-year-old Elmer Diaz has been charged with kidnapping, assault with a dangerous weapon, rape, and threatening to commit a crime. The other two, Adan Diaz and Marlon Josue Jarquin-Felipe, 32 and 27 respectively, have been charged with indecent assault and battery and kidnapping. The last guy had previously been deported in April 2014.

Detainers have been placed on all four men who have pleaded not guilty to their respective charges and have been held pending hearings to determine their level of dangerousness to the community and whether or not they can be released.

Can you believe that? Only in modern America.

The couple is still completely traumatized by this experience.

“I thought we were going to die. I really did. And I didn’t care if I died as long as I could save her and get her out of there, that’s all I cared about,” the boyfriend, whose name was purposefully withheld, told the Herald.

So much for taking a nice nighttime stroll in America.

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Contributed by Piper McGowin of The Daily Sheeple.

Piper writes for The Daily Sheeple. There’s a lot of B.S. out there. Someone has to write about it.

Piper writes for The Daily Sheeple. There's a lot of B.S. out there. Someone has to write about it.


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