FBI Hands over 5000 Pages of Stingray “Info,” Almost All of It Redacted

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Editor’s Note: Someone at the FBI is surely snickering over the fact that when someone turns in a FOIA request, they get charged by the page. How much did 5,000 worthless blank pages cost these American citizens who have the right to know if their government is violating the Constitution?


MuckRock has obtained a whole stack of Stingray-related documents from the FBI. As is to be expected, there’s not much left unsaid by the agency, which is at least as protective of its own Stingray secrecy as it is with that of law enforcement agencies all over the US.

There’s nearly 5,000 pages of “material” here, most of which contains only some intriguing words and phrases surrounded by page after page of redactions.

Want to know [REDACTED]’s thoughts on the possible legal implications of Triggerfish? Just close your eyes and allow your imagination to run free.


Here’s a quick reference guide that allows FBI agents to quickly match up their chosen “technique” with the appropriate legal standard and process.


That’s not to say there’s nothing of interest left intact. A few pages explain the FBI’s legal rationale for IMSI catcher deployment — including the fact that the Patriot Act expanded the reach of pen register orders to include not just numbers dialed, but also the location of the phone itself. This allows the FBI and other law enforcement agencies to route around one of CALEA’s (Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act) few limitations related to pen register orders: that service providers not be required to hand over subscriber location info.

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8 thoughts on “FBI Hands over 5000 Pages of Stingray “Info,” Almost All of It Redacted”

  1. At one time “redacted” meant a black Sharpie lined through each sentence. Now they just leave it blank. I guess the FBI is saving money on black ink.

    1. With a program like Foxit Reader you can draw a box around text and it will white it out permanently, kind of like what they did above but they left the borders on.

  2. If you encrypt your hard drives the same will happen to them if they ever come in and confiscate your computer(no useful data to use against you). Using free software that the “gov” had shut down under extremely shady circumstances like Truecrypt 7.1a(download from GitHub, beware of imposters, beware of Truecrypt 7.2!) ensures that your data stays private. With a truecrypt 7.1a encrypted hard drive they would have to ask you for your password AND you can create a hidden volume with a separate password that they cannot even prove exists! They don’t play fair, obviously, so it’s prudent to protect yourself from their tyranny in anyway you can.

    1. Great tips, I’m sure it’s too late and I am already on the red list though. But I also do not try to hide what I think and feel about the bastards.

      1. Thanks! I mainly said that because if you live within 100miles of a coast line you are in a constitution free zone where they try to say they can do what they want, including storming in an seizing your computer with no probable cause. If it’s encrypted then all they took was a brick, lol. They can have my brick if they really want it, lol, I’ll just go get another one.

      1. It doesn’t matter. Harris has no reason to withhold product information from multi-billion dollar buyers of their products. Their websites give a lot of information that they don’t want the police agencies which buy their products to make public.

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