Family of Boston Bombing Suspects Claim Both Being Set Up by US Intelligence, FBI Knew Suspects

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Terrorist Brothers Boston

The father of the two suspects now being blamed for the Boston Marathon Bombing has told both the Associated Press and the Russia news outlet Interfax that his sons have been set up by US Intelligence.

“My son is a true angel,” the elder Tsarnaev told the Associated Press. “We expected him to come here on holidays.”

“They were set up, they were set up!” he exclaimed. “I saw it on television; they killed my older son Tamerlan.”

A report from Interfax also carried a quote from the father, who strongly believes that his sons have been set up.

“I learned about the incident from TV. My opinion is: the special services have framed my children, because they are practicing Muslims. Why did they kill Tamerlan? He was supposed to be caught alive.

The younger is on the run now. He was a sophomore at a medical school in the U.S. We expected him to come home for vacation. Now I don’t know what’s going to happen. Tell you once again: I believe special services have framed my children.”

The father is not the only family member who has publicly proclaimed that the suspects have been set up, with both the aunt and mother also questioning the narrative put out by the FBI.

In a sharply worded interview with RT, the suspects mother doubted the official story.

“I am 100% sure this is a set up… I know that neither of them have ever talked about what they(the FBI) are claiming…. nobody ever talked about terrorism.”

“He never told me he would be on the side of Jihad, my son would never do this.”

The mother then went on the reveal that the FBI had already tracked her son for the last five years and that they were fully aware of who he was. This claim, if true, would add credence to the possibility that these suspects are being set up to cover up the identity of the real suspects.

In the interview the mother claims that the FBI was actually controlling the suspects.

“He was counseled by the FBI for like 5 years, they knew what action my son was doing, what sites he was on…. They used to tell me they were counseling him, that he was a serious leader and that they were counselling him.”

Although it is possible that the mother is either lying or naive to her sons actual actions, her claims of FBI involvement are familiar when you consider that the FBI has a long history of leading terrorists and that other suspects have already been identified yet ignored.

Military Contractors at Scene of Bombing

Before the release of the above noted suspects photos and subsequent manhunt, many alternative news outlets released photos of before and after the bombing that showed up to 6 different extremely suspicious individuals wearing what has been described as military gear and photographed near the bombs left for detonation.

These suspects have never been spoken about by the FBI or the corporate controlled media. Both have instead focused on the Chechen suspects and actually told the public to ignore all other photos circulating throughout the internet as they are not credible.

A recent report by independent journalist Tony Cartalucci documented the photos and demanded answers as to who the contractors actually are and what their involvement in the horrific bombings might be.

What appear to be private contractors, wearing unmarked, matching uniforms and operating an unmarked SUV affixed with communication equipment near the finish line of the Boston Marathon shortly after the bomb blasts – can be seen beforehand, standing and waiting just meters away from where the first bomb was detonated.

The contractor-types had moved away from the bomb’s location before it detonated, and could be seen just across the street using communication equipment and waiting for similar dressed and equipped individuals to show up after the blasts.

The photos clearly show the need for a large scale investigation into who these men are. They also bring the Chechen suspects into question as possible patsies for a larger operation.

You can view the photos here.

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