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Dr. Annie Says, “No” to Vaccines

The Liberty Brothers Radio Show discusses vaccine dangers with Dr. Annie Bukacek and militarization of the police with Sheriff Denny Peyman.

Controlling the Herd

Dr. Annie Says, “No” to Vaccines


A few days before the CDC Whistleblower story broke, we had Dr. Annie Bukacek as a guest on The Liberty Brothers Radio Show to talk about the dangers of vaccines. With school beginning right around the corner, we thought it a good time to address the topic. While on as a guest, Dr. Annie relayed to our audience what many of us have known for some time now… Vaccines are poison. A strong advocate for patient’s rights, especially those of the un-born, Dr. Annie quickly realized that vaccines were not necessarily in her patient’s best interest, and has been speaking out ever since.

On the second part of the show, we were joined by Sheriff Denny Peyman of Kentucky. Sheriff Peyman is a Constitutional Sheriff, and probably one of the finest men that I have ever met. We asked Sheriff Peyman to come on to discuss the militarization of the police, and what he thought of the Ferguson, Missouri uprising.

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Contributed by Jim White of The Liberty Brothers Radio Show.

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