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Does Planet X Pose a Coming Threat?

Does another planet lurk in or outside our solar system undetected by amateur astronomers just as ancient Sumerian “cylinder seals” describe?

Armageddon Scenarios

Does Planet X Pose a Coming Threat?


The Sun (Photo: Wikipedia Commons)

By Shepard Ambellas

I myself firmly believe that major planetary changes have taken place over the years as likely it’s all part of some cycle, but what if that cycle included a rogue planet in a highly elliptical orbit? Some refer to it as “Planet X” or “Nibiru”, connecting the planet to an ancient Sumerian tale documented on cylinder seals.

In fact, this is what the U.S. Government was after during the first incursion of Iraq “Operation Iraqi Freedom”. The actual incursion into a town containing Sumerian artifacts the U.S. wanted was dubbed “Operation Planet X” by the U.S. Army itself.

Wikipedia reads, “Operation Planet X was a US Army mechanized raid conducted on a village near Ad Dawr and Al Dur, 11 miles (18 km) north of Tikriton the night of 15 May 2003 by elements of the 1st Brigade Combat Team, U.S. 4th Infantry Division and Task Force Ironhorse in search of Ba’ath party members and militants. The name of the operation may have been inspired by the cartoon Duck Dodgers in the 24½th Century. As a result of this effort a key member of the former regime, Gen. Mahdi Al-Duri Al-Tikrit Adil Abdallah was captured along with 260 other prisoners, his bodyguards and members of his family.”[1]

Then recently Bart Sibrel, wrote in an email to me. Part of the email read, ”I am a filmmaker/journalist who is best known for my controversial documentary “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon“, asserting that the Apollo moon landings of the Nixon administration were a Cold War deception.  If I haven’t offended you so far, let me continue.  Several NASA sources who admitted the aforementioned deception, told me more than a decade ago, that a greater area of investigation should be that of a newly discovered outer-solar system “wandering-rouge” planet that is estimated to make a near pass to earth in the next 2-7 years, all of which is being withheld from the public in a deliberate effort to depopulate society with the global catastrophic consequences that this will bring.  The object is estimated to be anywhere from 7 to 44 times bigger than the earth and can not be seen optically by astronomers because it is pitch black and near the temperature of absolute zero, requiring very specialized infrared satellites to be observed, which only the US government owns, having launched them specifically for this confidential purpose.

There are basically two camps on the matter: 1) Those of a strictly scientific background who acknowledge the existence of Planet 7X (or something like it), yet quickly dismiss any scriptural reference of such a past occurrence or future prophetic fulfillment.  2) Those who are over-religious, who disregard the scientific evidence that such a planet may have played in past scriptural history or future prophetic events.  I think the best perspective is one which includes both science as well as the world’s history and foretelling of future events contained in the scriptures.  The included attachments do an excellent job of merging the best of both fields, showing Planet 7X’s potential for causing the science-based effects of upcoming worldwide geological catastrophes, which the scientific community acknowledges would result from the planet’s intense gravity, as well as the prophetic fulfillment of numerous scriptures warning of “a time of trouble coming upon the whole world which will be greater than at any other time in all of history.”

Both the scientists I have interviewed and the scriptural scholars are predicting the exact same upcoming events caused by this large approaching heavenly object: Increasing unpredictable comets/asteroids (thrown out of their normal orbits by Planet 7X’s gravitational field); Increasing Earthquakes (as Planet 7X approaches, it pulls at the earth’s crust); Upcoming disastrous meteor showers (as the earth passes, twice, through Planet 7X’s ”debris field” of millions of accompanying asteroids; Hailstones of up to 100 pounds falling from the sky (as the earth tilts temporarily by Planet 7X’s gravity, causing arctic air to suddenly appear atop warmer climates, resulting in the moist air instantaneously freezing and falling as massive sheets of ice); Worldwide tidal waves and coastal flooding (caused by Planet 7X’s approach and accompanying major earthquakes); Food shortages (caused by the subsequent destruction of most bridges and railroads); Disease epidemics (caused by the food shortages and lack of access to medical care); Economic collapse and martial law (resulting from the aforementioned events).

It seems clear through numerous executive orders pertaining to scenarios of a countrywide disaster, as well as buying up ammo and arming local police with automatic assault rifles, that the US government is preparing for a national or worldwide catastrophe that will result in martial law.  People assume that this will be because of economic collapse.  While this may be true, the question is what will trigger such national or international collapse all at once.  My sources are telling me that the recent rash of mass deaths of fish and fowl come from the increase in minor, as of yet non-perceivable to the public, underground earthquakes caused by the gravitational influence of this large approaching heavenly body, which then releases underwater and underground methane gas.  This toxic gas is what is killing the animals.  All the sinkholes, train derailments and bridge collapses are caused by the same thing, tiny earthquakes which cause these structures to fall out of alignment.”

Remember what happened a few years back when the tsunami hit Japan, crippling the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant?

Now some astronomers and even University peer-reviewed studies are claiming that something is tugging on our planet and moon.

What else did the Sumerians know?

Does the U.S. Government know what’s coming?


[1] Operation Planet X –  Wikipedia.com

Shepard Ambellas is the founder, director and editor-in-chief of Intellihub.com, a researcher, investigative journalist, radio talk show host, activist, and filmmaker.

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We believe that the world has reached a turning point as the corporate funded and controlled mainline media has become obsolete as humans are now seeking the truth. Intellihub.com™ strives and will continue to uphold it’s duties to inform humanity of what is really taking place in the world around them. Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.


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