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Democrats: Do You Realize Your Votes Don’t Matter? Hillary Already Won

Hillary does not even need people misplacing votes, cheating at coin tosses or card draws. The system is rigged.

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Democrats: Do You Realize Your Votes Don’t Matter? Hillary Already Won

Editor’s Note: While most of us already know the system is rigged and our votes aren’t worth the electronic voting machine we type them into regardless of which side of the carpet we’re voting on, this election with Hillary vs. Bernie has proven, without a doubt, that Dem votes don’t even pretend to matter — OPENLY!

Hillary will win the Dem nomination no matter what because she already has all the superdelegates. This isn’t about it being rigged for Hillary in some shady hidden manner (although that’s obvious too)… but on the surface, the Democrats have already been told by the DNC chair that their votes are worthless. It’s blatant and overt and everyone knows it. Hillary already has all the superdelegates in her pocket so there’s no way Bernie can possibly win anyway.

So why are they even continuing this charade?

P.S.- But hey, at least Jeb finally dropped out!

by Valerie Love

Democrats, WAKE UP! Your primaries do NOT matter. Your votes do NOT matter. The only Votes that truly count are the votes of the SUPERdelegates.

Rigged Democratic Primary: Hillary the frontrunner while Sanders wins popular vote

Clinton holds massive “super” delegate lead against Sanders:

“If you presumed Bernie Sanders is riding high after a commanding victory in New Hampshire and virtual tie in Iowa, it’s true.”

“He’s up 36 to 32 in the delegate count, but add the “super” delegates, and Clinton is absolutely crushing him. Those delegates aren’t bound to their state results, and have free reign to vote at the convention for whomever they want.”

“According to The Associated Press, the total with those all-powerful super-voters – Clinton’s up 481 to 55.”

Read that again “481 to 55.” Seriously, your piddly vote does NOT matter! You can feel all the Bern you want. The reality is your vote has as much value as a burnt match.

Hillary does not even need people misplacing votes, cheating at coin tosses or card draws.

The system is rigged.

Why don’t they just go ahead and hold the queen’s coronation ceremony now?

Why is Hillary still busy fundraising? She does not need to raise more money.


Yet, Hillary is busy fundraising this weekend with pro-Tehran, pro-Iranian lobbyists. She is fundraising with allies of groups pushing to kill anti-terror laws…so much for fighting for America against Iran, right?

Clinton Reaches Out to An Iranian Front Group for Campaign Donations

She’s out fundraising with pro-Iranian front groups because that is the kind of influence peddling gal she is. She knows she has the nomination sewn up.

The Onion summed up Hillary’s triumph in Nevada and the entire rigged democratic party nomination system best:

“Hillary Clinton credited her triumph in the state to the baleful, pitch-black tide of fate from which no man, woman, or child could ever hope to escape.

“Our victory today is proof that the floodgates of history have opened, and the dire, unremitting current of inevitability has been loosed on the helpless masses,” said Clinton, bidding voters to surrender themselves to the advancing and all-consuming veil of destiny before its icy, ink-dark gloom laid waste to all who dared resist.

“Do not attempt to flee or hide, for the stygian waters I have unleashed upon this earth will sweep along all in their path. Those who stand with me shall ride the crest of this woeful tidal bore all the way through Super Tuesday and unto the very steps of the White House itself. And let any who would try to stem this mighty surge be borne under the dark-winged waters, where their pleas for mercy will go unheard by the world, stifled and subdued forevermore.”

Entire article: Clinton Credits Nevada Victory To Inescapable, Pitch-Black Tide Of Fate


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Contributed by Valerie Love of Watchmen News.


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