Court Dismisses Charges Against Child Molesting Cop, Irate Father Arrested Instead

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Last May, retired police officer Martin Stites was arrested on charges of molesting a 3-year-old girl, who he was babysitting on the behalf of the girl’s mother. A forensic analysis of the girl showed that she had been molested, and there was evidence that her clothes had been burned afterward. During a preliminary hearing, all charges against him were dropped due to a lack of evidence, but the judge decided to bring up a new charge of lewd molestation, which will be brought to court in the near future.

At first glance none of that sounds controversial, until you hear what happened to father of the girl (who hasn’t been identified) during the trial. When the now 4-year-old girl took the stand, she was asked to identify who molested her. She mumbled something that the court interpreted as “I don’t know” but her father stood up and claimed that she said “I don’t want to look at him” in an attempt to correct the court. The father was asked to leave the courtroom, over fears that the girl would answer her questions to seek her family’s approval.

On his way out the father used foul language, so Judge Mathew Sheets had him arrested for contempt of court, and later sentenced him to 6 months in jail. After he cussed the judge out again, Sheets gave him another 6 month sentence.

Later on, the girl testified that Martin Stites molested her, and she identified him by a nickname. However, many of her responses consisted of “I don’t know,” hence the reason why the charges were dropped over a lack of evidence, and different charges were brought up.

So if a father is understandably irate over the fact that his daughter was molested, it’s not enough to ask him to leave the court. A prideful judge must make an example out of him, and throw him in jail for a year. How dare he express anger to the court!

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