Cop Killed During a No-Knock Raid, Texas Jury Refuses to Indict Homeowner

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What would you do if you were soundly sleeping at home, with your pregnant girlfriend and your young children in the house, and then, just before 6 o’clock in the morning, your front door was violently forced open, and a bunch of shouting men waving guns burst in?

If you said “pick up your firearm and defend your family against a home invasion,” you aren’t alone.

In a clear victory against the police state, a grand jury in central Texas refused to press capital murder charges against a homeowner who shot and killed a police officer after a SWAT team unexpectedly burst into his home to execute a no-knock raid.

Henry Goedrich Magee believed he was the target of a home invasion (which, technically, he was). He responded like many of us would. Magee grabbed his gun (which he owns legally) and opened fire on the intruders. Burleson County Sgt. Adam Sowders, age 31, was killed.

Adam Sowders

The defendant’s attorney, Dick DeGuerin, said that Magee acted in defense of his family.

‘This was a terrible tragedy that a deputy sheriff was killed, but Hank Magee believed that he and his pregnant girlfriend were being robbed,’ DeGuerin said in an interview Thursday.

‘He did what a lot of people would have done,’ DeGuerin added. ‘He defended himself and his girlfriend and his home.’ (source)

His attorney acknowledged Magee had a small number of marijuana plants and seedlings.

The grand jury refused to indict Magee for capital murder charges, which carried the possibility of life in prison without parole or death by lethal injection. They cited a lack of evidence that Magee was aware that the invaders were actually police officers.

Magee was indicted on the lesser charge of possession of marijuana while in possession of a deadly weapon, which is a third-degree felony.

Just last week in Iowa, a similar tragedy was narrowly averted when a gang of thugs in uniform burst into a family’s home over possible credit card fraud. The person with a legal firearm realized at the last possible moment that the invaders were police officers.

During the incident in Iowa, honorably discharged veteran Justin Ross was in the bathroom when cops burst in (after disabling the security cameras so their actions could not be documented). Ross already had his weapon unholstered in order to defend his mother and there had been one kick to the bathroom door, when he heard them shout, “Police.”

At the time, we predicted that one of these days, no-knock raids on unsuspecting homeowners were not going to end well for police. It looks like in Texas, the right to defend your home and family is alive and well, even when the thugs you’re defending them against wear a uniform and a badge.

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30 thoughts on “Cop Killed During a No-Knock Raid, Texas Jury Refuses to Indict Homeowner”

  1. How is this any different than British troops violating the colonists before the American revolution?

    Kudos to the grand jury. These thug invasions need to come to a stop and it starts with rubber stamping from the bench. Remember the warrant approving judge come election day.

  2. Good for the homeowner! Hopefully this will be the case in many more to come.
    THAT is the problem with no knock raids-the person in the home just can’t determine in an instant exactly who just smashed in to the house! ANY reasonable person would defend themselves against such an intrusion!
    This needs to happen wherever and whenever these unconstitutional rampages occur.

  3. This is why I keep the AR loaded with ss109 RDS! There is absolutely nothing illegal in my house or on my property but that has never stopped the police before, what happened to the days of a team of police officers knocking on the front door showing the property owner a warrant and then conducting a search?

    1. I like MUCH larger rounds AND the nice new all copper rounds puncture armor FAR better then lead.
      30-06 non-expanders can get two or three in a row.

  4. Even if they are yelling that they are police, home invaders do the same thing. They need to make no knock warrants a rarity only to be used in extreme conditions, even then, they could just stake out the house and wait until the people leave the house and then arrest them and do the search. The problem is every little town now has a SWAT team and they are itching to use the SWAT team.

    1. Mike you hit the nail on the head. In order to protect thier budgets and their jobs, they must show a need and that they are filling that need. This is not just LOCAL law enforcement, it extends to all Law enforcement everywhere and at all levels.
      Something that will always stick in my mind from a movie named “Flashpoint”. DEA agent talking to a Border Patrol agent about job security while waiting for the dealers to show at a stake out. ” If there were’nt any drug dealers, we would have to invent them”

  5. You’re assuming that others (who are no better than you) are entitled to decide what you may own. Will they allow you to decide what they may own? No? Then why the reverse?

  6. Am I the only one that sees a strong resemblance between that cop and those “more equal than others” animals in 1984?

  7. Best news in quite a while. I’ll drink to that. Good riddance to the cop. That’s one a$$hole that won’t be kicking in any more doors. That cop really does, err did, look piggish.

  8. The cops family should sue the police department because it was their unconstitutional policies that got him killed. Unfortunately, that just means BOHICA for the taxpayer.

  9. In order to protect thier budgets and their jobs, Law enforcement agencies must show a need and that they are filling that need. This is not just LOCAL law enforcement, it extends to all Law enforcement everywhere and at all levels.
    Something that will always stick in my mind from a movie named “Flashpoint”. DEA agent talking to a Border Patrol agent about job security while waiting for the dealers to show at a stake out. ” If there were’nt any drug dealers, we would have to invent them”

  10. This is very significant in that in pursuit of an indictment, only the prosecutor and the witnesses are present. The fact that he couldn’t sell this to a grand jury, even without a defense attorney attacking the prosector’s presentation, means a lot. No knocks are dangerous to all concerned, but are becoming more and more prevalent. My question would be, why not wait for the target to leave the house, take him off on a traffic stop, and then return to the house with him? Or use a ruse to gain entry to the house?

    1. Same thing with David Koresh in Waco. He jogged several miles just about every day, they could have easily taken him then, but instead they had to go all blitzkrieg on them and burn everyone to the ground. Disgusting.

  11. THE DAY I hear texas went down,I’am going to the bar and buy a round for the house,ONE MAN IN THE WHOLE STATE,who will fight and you queers put him in jail for pot,..YOU FAGOTS SHOULD HAVE DASHED TO HIS AID and helped him take down the TERRORISTS,attacking him and his family,but no, the only MAN in texas and you put him in jail,WELL the chinese hate queers,and so do the russians,YOU TEXANS are in deep shit ,I hope they get everyone you……ITS no wonder everyone hears about the police gangs RAPING YOUR TEENAGE DAUGHTERS in their police gang cars,THEY HAVE NOTHING TO FEAR from you homo’s…………….

  12. Justice in its truest sense… and if this cops family is looking for pay back, look at what your allowing to happen in your government…look in the mirror!

  13. I don’t GAF if I DO hear “police”, I’m firing at whoever attacks my home. ANYONE can yell “police”. AND shoot my dog, point guns at my wife, I don’t care WHO you are, I’m takin care of business.
    If they cant act civil (no knock raids are un-civil) then they are just criminal dicks with guns.
    AS am I and ALL my neighbors when pushed. This WILL spiral out of control as the feds push a mentality making the cops believe they are separate from the population they are actually derived from. Most of the older cops I know want NO part of the no-knock raids, they claim the feds are radicalizing the young cops against the public.
    This is a classic divide and conquer tactic, MANY cops are not the brightest and fall for it. This WILL end badly for those who think barak will let them green-zone up with him.

  14. There ARE little men and women ALL OVER AMERICA taking names and keeping histories, ON PAPER. The term “Jacobite” may come back , those were the ones who guillotined the Ubers in the French revolution.
    These stupid cops don’t understand they are being played to their own destruction. The divide and conquer tactic is SO damned obvious if you IQ is over 90.

  15. My hat is off to this gentleman shootoing this cop to protect his family. In many cases the cops do raids and kill innocent citizens in the process. Too bad he didn’t get more of them for breaking our laws of freedom!

  16. The SWAT gear and training does have it’s uses. I would guess that you’re more anti-police than you are anything else. Your ignorance is showing really badly. But, if you work REALLY hard, especially in your case, you can overcome it.

  17. Thank god that fat pig will never violate anyone’s rights again. May he rot I’m hell where he belongs.

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