Cop Covers Body Cam And Beating Ensues: “I’m gonna kick you in your f**king mouth, you f**king piece of s**t.”

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The following video, provided by The Free Thought Project, shows what many already know: that should cops find themselves in a situation where they are not living up to their oath as police officers, they’ll simply destroy the evidence, or at the very least, try to cover it up.

Matt Agorist explains:

In May of 2017, Boyd was suspected of robbery when he fled from police. When officers finally found him, he was hiding in an alley, cornered with nowhere to go.

As police approached Boyd, as the video clearly shows, Boyd put his hands in the air, got down on the pavement with his face toward the ground, and outstretched his hands in front of him. He had effectively surrendered and was allowing police to take him in.

However, one officer, Miami Police Sgt. Claude Adam could not control himself and ran up to Boyd and kicked his right foot at his head. He then appears to deliver a knee to Boyd’s face, before stepping on his foot and falling to the ground.

Just as Adam kicks, we can hear “I’m gonna kick you in your f**king mouth, you f**king piece of s**t.”

Full report: Free Thought Project

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