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Conspiracy Truth vs the Media Gulag

What these anti-conspiracy propagandists are really trying to reinforce is not whether elements conspire to bring about their own desired ends, but “Do you really think there are forces out to do you harm in your own government or national and economic structure?”


Conspiracy Truth vs the Media Gulag

by Zen Gardner

Ever felt trapped in your mind? Ever wonder why? This happens to countless people in the so-called “modern” media world we’re living in.

Here’s a really big subject we’re not “allowed” to talk about or consider. After all, we’re just “subjects”.

What about the idea of “conspiracy”? Think a dominating or controlling force would look kindly on any such “chatter” against it?

The Conspiracy Seed in Reality

Do people really think nothing is planned behind the scenes? Whether it’s business proposals, financial takeovers or outright political or military aggressions, people plan them…and of course in secret.

I’m so tired of this anti-conspiracy backwash. It kills intelligent investigation. Which of course it’s designed to do.

What these anti-conspiracy propagandists are really trying to reinforce is not whether elements conspire to bring about their own desired ends, but “Do you really think there are forces out to do you harm in your own government or national and economic structure?”

It’s all so obvious, yet you’re not allowed to draw logical conclusions.

Are We Living in a Spiritual Gulag?

This is a nasty time we’re living in. This type of propaganda is really a form of gang bullying. “Don’t even consider this conspiratorial idea or you’re an abject jerk and questioning everything you’ve ever learned. How can you? You’ll lose all you’ve got. Your friends and family will disown you..”..blah blah…

The shrill arrogant disdain in their tone goes on to imply, “Get on board with the program and be smart. Otherwise, ultimately you’re one of them.”

So in reality, their own deservedly paranoid perspective is protecting their own asses by attacking you for questioning them. But you’re not supposed to see that obvious truth.

After all, you’re in the matrix of the mental and spiritual gulag.

Dead Giveaway

Not so smart reactions after all by these reactive elites if you look at it rationally. But that’s not on the agenda. You’ve been programmed emotionally what to and what not to react to. That’s the key.

What’s the response to questioning 9/11? “Do you really think our own government would do or allow such a thing?” “Then where did all the people go on those planes if those weren’t the aircraft that hit the buildings?” “Would the Pentagon really allow a missile strike on itself, even if it was the recently reinforced side of the building and no plane was ever found?”

Here’s the twist. No conspiracy at home, but oh yeah, there’s a big one everywhere else out to get America!

Ironically, they have us think the same of “creepy, secretive evil doers” in caves who can by pass the world’s most sophisticated military defenses in history four times in one day to deal the world’s superpower such a blow that subsequently put us in perpetual war against a “conspiring” enemy…for over a decade and counting.

Scam city. Same as dozens of other truly conspiratorial false flags.

So what are they really trying to say, and why do people swallow their party line so willingly?

Triggering a pre-determined traumatised reaction. Is anyone thinking straight?

Divide, Demean and Conquer Through Drama and Repeated, Ridiculing Rhetoric

–Fear and Acceptance: People want to be accepted most of all. The barrage of fear mongering of every sort, from terrorists to food scarcity to job loss and financial collapse….takes its toll.

–Safety and security: And who’s the big brother provider? You guessed it…the same ones who say it’s the nutballs screaming conspiracy and “Don’t listen to them. In fact, we think they’re terrorists too. So watch your step.”

–Path of Least Resistance: People are so tired, dumbed-down and drugged by tainted food, air, water and food they just want to get by. Sad, but true.

Once again, keeping society divided, intimidated and disempowered.

The Off Limits Pavlovian Mind Game

This point is fundamental, but when you grasp the significance it can be a real eye opener. Apply this simple truth to other aspects of society. What else have you been “banned from believing” or knowing the facts about because “you couldn’t handle it” or it would “compromise national security”?

Watch the rhetoric. Who and what have been declared “off limits”?

It’s like follow the money. You can do the same with political correctness and religious taboos.

Look at Zionism. You question that agenda and you have hell to pay, religiously, politically and socially. It’s such bullshit. Why is that so? Will the world break out into sectarian pogroms at the mention of Zionist intolerance, oppression and financial chicanery? Again, mind control programming over decades by very smart social engineers.

Classified…..by Whom?

What’s really going on and why are these self-appointed “authorities” telling us what can and cannot be known?

Another thing that comes to mind is the use of the term “classified” and how the American public has swallowed this free pass to secrecy—not against some phony enemy, but from the public having the facts. Hundreds of thousands of documents and other forms of information could be telling them the truth.

Why were all the cell phones confiscated by police outside the the Batman shooting theater? Why was all the CCTV footage (closed circuit TV) confiscated moments after the Pentagon and Oklahoma City bombings never to see the light of day? Why was the testimony of over 50 live witnesses by the grassy knoll of the Kennedy shooting not admitted into court?

Time is their Trump Card

Let enough time go by and the urgency of the Truth and what it implicates is gone. What are we, approaching the 50th anniversary of Kennedy’s assassination and still no reconciliation? Is that because of lack of evidence, in a country rife with secret service, CIA, political jackals and every possible type of surveillance?

You REALLY think they don’t know the truth of the matter? You don’t think the closed circuit TV recordings confiscated after the Pentagon missile and Oklahoma City bombings wouldn’t tell us a helluva lot more truth?

That’s the wake up.

All, as in ALL, of this is known and endorsed and planned and sanctified and covered up and filed away by a cabal so powerful you could never even imagine!



Just another shot at making things plain and understandable, as best I can. There’s so much obfuscation, smoke-screening, distracting and outright denial it’s become hard for most to make out what’s really going on. I hope by chipping away at these dark forces’ agenda it will bring in more light and empowerment, just as many others are bravely doing.

And we need more. Always.

Just remember–be your own person. Stand on your own truth.

Whatever, don’t cater to the power freaks. They’re liars.

And stay lit. They cannot approach or deny the light.

Much love,


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Contributed by Zen Gardner of Just Wondering.

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