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Connecticut Governor Signs Gun Ban in Spite of Problems

The LA Times reported April 4th that Connecticut Gov. Daniel P. Malloy signed state legislation to add over 100 firearms to a list of guns banned for private ownership.

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Connecticut Governor Signs Gun Ban in Spite of Problems


The LA Times reported April 4th that Connecticut Gov. Daniel P. Malloy signed state legislation to add over 100 firearms to a list of guns banned for private ownership.

A group of relatives of victims at a Sandy Hook elementary school shooting on December 14, 2012 issued a conflicted statement, writing both that “we are under no illusion that making these changes will end gun violence or prevent all mass shootings,” and that “these measures will surely save many lives. And they will prevent other families from experiencing our grief.”

Those of us who support gun rights understand the truth of the families’ first statement, that gun bans will not end gun violence, but also understand that gun bans may increase the risk to victims as well. Schools have become a primary target of assailants specifically because guns have been banned on the premises in many states. Should more areas become so-called “gun free,” they are likely to become targets, just as schools have.

Today, firearms expert and instructor Rob Pincus used social media site Facebook to send the following missive: “Mistake in the wake of an emotionally charged event. Feel Good Measures don’t increase safety.”

The National Shooting Sports Foundation described problems with the law due its rushed nature, writing that “language in the new law specifies a procedure for licensed firearms retailers to perform mandatory ‘universal’ background checks on private party transactions that is not permissible based on federal law and regulations governing the National Instant Criminal Background Checks (NICS) system. As we read it, this mistake in lawmaking means that all private party transactions in the state now cannot be accomplished legally.”

The Wall Street Journal reported today that more Pro-Gun laws have gained ground since the Sandy Hook shooting than restrictive gun laws.

So far, in many states and across the nation, people have been rallying to support their 2nd amendment rights. In March Wayne LaPierre, the CEO and Executive Vice President of the NRA, spoke powerfully at the CPAC convention in Washington DC, responding to his critics with the words, “The second amendment, our second amendment, it’s not just words on parchment, it’s not some frivolous suggestion from our founding fathers to be interpreted by whim. Our founding fathers knew that without the second amendment and that freedom, all of our freedoms could be in jeopardy. Our individual liberty is the very essence of America.”

The left has tried to scorn gun owners and to demonize gun ownership in the eyes of the American people. When we look at the laws that have been passed to expand the rights of gun ownership it is clear what we believe is right in America.

Watch the full speech online at http://www.nrastandandfight.com/video/cpac-2013-wayne-lapierre-speech

The Gun Tutor is Alan Murdock. Alan is a certified NRA Pistol instructor, licensed Utah Concealed Firearms instructor and is authorized to teach Utah Bail Enforcement Firearms. He has written on firearms, archery, hunting and similar topics for Ammoland, Break Studios and Demand Media. Read more of his work at TheGunTutor.com.

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Contributed by Alan Murdock of The Gun Tutor.


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