College Campuses Are Now Urging Students to Rat Each Other out over Offensive Speech

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If you thought that life in America’s college campuses had reached peak crazy, you’d be wrong. It turns out that the politically correct culture which has entangled our upper education system, is taking a turn for the Orwellian (if it hadn’t already).

Adam Steinbaugh of the Washington Examiner has been investigating these schools, and he’s found that the administrators are encouraging students to snitch on each other (and their professors). Not to expose criminal behavior or cheating, but to target inappropriate speech. He found that 230 colleges have what are called “Bias Response Teams,” which are made up of either campus cops or administrators, and whose sole job is to investigate mostly anonymous claims of offensive speech.

And as you might expect, these schools define “bias” in extremely vague and subjective terms. What may shock most people however, is that it isn’t reserved for stifling conservative opinions, as would be typical of a college campus. It can include anything that offends anyone.

At Appalachian State University, students reported on one another for chalked messages that were pro-Trump as well as chalked messages calling Trump a “RACIST.” The former were reported by students as “hate speech,” the latter “politically biased slander” that was “unlawful.”

While students at Ohio State University reported each other for comparing Hillary Clinton to Hitler, students at Texas Tech were whispering to administrators that the Black Student Union’s tweets in support of the Black Lives Matter movement offended them. Meanwhile, the University of Oregon saw it fit to dictate “community expectations” to students who had the audacity to complain about oppression.

Fortunately the punishment for expressing literally any opinion isn’t too severe. The students and professors who are ratted out are usually reprimanded by administrators, and forced to endure conversations on the Civil Rights movement, and how their words hurt others. The punishment is however, still pretty creepy.

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51 thoughts on “College Campuses Are Now Urging Students to Rat Each Other out over Offensive Speech”

      1. And he lost. Cheer up man. Things will be getting better Democrats are going in the Whig, Bull Moose pile. They’re only making it worse on themselves. Liberal tyranny sucks. What part of “Go Fahke yourselves” didn’t they hear or understand on Nov.4th?

  1. *di-dit di-di-dit di-di-di-di-dit* BREAKING NEWS!

    My inalienable right to speak trumps your non-existent right to not get butthurt.
    We now return you to your regularly scheduled safe space. . .

    *di-dit di-di-dit di-di-di-di-dit*

    1. Heh-heh. I need a safe space from farting dogs. The fellers are in rare form today. Not real sure what they ate.

  2. JUDEN!

    Denounce your neighbors and turn them in before it’s too late!

    This has been going on for millennia, folks. All governments do it. If you see something, say something… to the “proper authorities” of course.

    Divide and conquer is the rule. Do it under the guise of safety, patriotism, and political correctness is the way the game is played. What the hell do you think the DARE program was? What the hell do you think all the “school massacres” and subsequent increased security measures are? 1-800-CRIMESTOPPERS? Anonymous tips and rewards?

    Duh. All you have to do is read history and you can see it for yourselves. It’s real easy and real obvious. They even come right out and tell you what they’re doing. Right there on TV. Right in front of your eyes.

    Makes me sick to watch all this happening.

    We are sooo screwed it’s not even funny.

    I’m gonna tell you folks something. A lot of us in the prepper community are pissed off. We don’t prep because we want an apocalypse to happen. The opposite is true. We prep because we’ve survived natural and man-made disasters. We didn’t work our whole lives to secure our (sometimes minimal) comforts in our older years to have you kids come along and f*ck it all up and try to steal our sh*t because life ain’t fair.

    If you kids make us get up off our couches we are going to administer a hiney-spankin’ that your unborn great-grandchildren will be born remembering. It will become a permanent part of their genetic records.

    Leave us old-timers alone and let us die off in peace. Y’all do what you want after. Don’t really care. Ain’t even got cute girls anymore. All fat and stupid with goofy collored hair… with metal things sticking out of their faces. Don’t even know how to make good sandwiches unless they work at Subway… then you gotta tell ’em how to do it… and pay ’em too. Bullsh*t I sez.

    1. Amen. And something made me think of that the other day – there have been NO cute girls since mid-to-late 1990s. I think that’s around when they stopped doing that…probably under the guise of some high-feminism/self-esteem for fatties bullshit, but in the Alt-reality its probably for population control and promotion of the gay agenda (also population control). Makes me grateful to have been an 80s chick although I feel sure life is a lot easier and much less complicated for these…LOL. And by the way, no one under 40 can make a fucking sandwich. Not even at Subway…

  3. I’m not a politician.. Why the hell do I need to be politically correct? I live my life much different than most of society, I don’t drive a car, I produce my own electricity, I grow/raise my own food, I have absolutely zero debt, I make my own alcohol beer/wine…. If it wasn’t for taxes I’d barely have to work…

    1. How can you owe taxes if you have no debt?
      It doesn’t matter if you think you are politically correct if the government doesn’t think so. It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong.

          1. LoL! Really depends where you live, when I was living out west in one town it was basically reality minus the run down cars and guns but pretty much everything else is spot on…

            Definitely not where I’m living now.

          2. Working on Allodial title now. The county and state are having fits about it. Fighting me every step of the way.

          3. I had an interesting conversation with a commercial real estate agent on hiatus several years ago. He told me that, based on his personal experience, Texas is the only American state where an allodial title can be had, and only if one jumps through all of the hurdles in the correct fashion. Being collateral on the national debt really complicates things.

          4. Yeah… it’s not proving to be so easy in my State. I can get one–eventually–but it’s going to cost me a pretty fair chunk of change and a few more years of arguing.

            That’s how they win. They wear you down. They still get your money in the end no matter how you go about it. The only thing you get is the satisfaction of beating “city hall.”

          5. It might get easier when the majority of real estate is upside down, if not abandoned to impound. During the bursting of the housing bubble in 2008, banks were avoiding foreclosure because it was better to leave the defaulted owners in the homes than to force them out and let the empty building become derelict crack and meth houses, occupied only by scatters. Many of those owners were still in their homes when the dust cleared, and refinanced for a much lower price and interest rate. You might be able to include an allodial title in the deal, should you arrive at a similar position.

  4. Jacques Mallet du Pan (1749—10 May 1800), wrote about the first leftist reign of terror, in his 1793 essay that ”…the Revolution always eats its own children” (“A l’exemple de Saturne, la révolution dévore ses enfants”)

    The fascist left needs to be looking at each other, and who will turn into the next Leon Trotsky, the next Lavrentiy Beria, the next Gen. Arnaldo Ochoa, or even the next Robespierre

  5. Long past. As for not too severe? I beg to differ, they will terminate you as many of us have found out. Myself included, I lost my position for speaking of weather modification. What I went through was horrible and has left me unemployed. I was threatened, shunned then told to leave after working at a major University for 28 years. What is going on is nothing short of fascism. They use their students to listen and report on what is said.

  6. Not surprising. Totalitarian governments all have highly-developed networks of snitches to augment their security forces. Schools, colleges and universities are training grounds for snitches. You’re taught to rat out your friends, parents, teachers, and so on. The idea is, you keep a lid on popular dissent by intimidation – keep everyone fearful of being ratted out by anyone and for any reason, real or invented (usually invented). Got a competitor for a promotion? Rat him out as a racist/sexist/homophobe or whatever and in so doing get him eliminated as an obstacle. Amoral people soon figure out that they can gain favor with the power structure by becoming ubersnitches. This is where we seem to be headed. Welcome to Planet Snitch.

    1. Interesting thing about intimidation – if you don’t accept it, it reflects.

      1. True. But sometimes that isn’t enough. The best way to get snitches to leave you alone is the G. Gordon Liddy formulation. Make sure they know that, if they screw with you, your response is going to be totally unpredictable and you’re going to screw with them about a hundred times worse than they did with you. This works in the ‘hood and it’ll work for us, too. A couple of “examples” dangling from trees should get the point across, I should think.

    1. I have always wondered that, too, but I’m afraid we’re going to be in the same hot water (pun intended) as the boiled frog. By the time we figure out that we can’t stand it any more it’ll be too late to do anything about it. Which is exactly what the libs want…and we seem hell-bent on giving it to them.

  7. “administrators are encouraging students to snitch on each other (and their

    Interesting…I remember reading in history books that Hitler did the same thing when he encouraged street sweepers and other low level government workers to do the same. Then he laughed about it when those who got snitched on protested.

    Its all about the BIG SHOW.
    The Prince of this world is tuning up the band, setting the stage, announcing the agenda, starting the fireworks, then will come the BIG REVEAL….and it ain’t gong to be pretty.

    But then we have been forewarned this would happen a long, long, time ago.

    1. You must have missed the news – Prince died last April.
      No more band, no more stages. . .

      1. Just to be sure you understand….The Prince of this world is behind the evil now spreading throughout the world. And it will continue until the coming of Messiah. The prince you suggested may have been one of those who signed up to follow him which I hope he did not do.
        Best to you and your loved ones.

        1. I’m sorry – I thought we were talking about reality, not some alcohol-induced hallucination. . .

          1. Even if we do not believe in a Divine Being perhaps the world would be a better place if we believe and actually lived our lives in hope, love, kindness, wisdom, having compassion for others, truly seeking truth, do not harm to others, and all other such things that edify and lift us to become something greater than we are.

            Perhaps we could call that god and the world might be a better place. We are on different paths…perhaps we will one day meet in another place another time…
            Best to you and your loved ones.

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