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Chelsea Clinton “Surprised” That Not Everyone Loves Her Mom

Chelsea Clinton said Tuesday it’s surprising to hear that her mom is slipping in the polls because she’s “my hero”.

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Chelsea Clinton “Surprised” That Not Everyone Loves Her Mom


It’s no secret that Hillary Clinton is slipping in the polls.

In the lead up to her campaign, the idea that the former First Lady might not get the Democratic nomination was virtually unthinkable and indeed, some were already characterizing the 2016 election as a kind of “coronation” for another member of America’s political aristocracy (or perhaps “oligarchy” is the better term).

All of that started to change when Clinton’s e-mail scandal began to slide the wrong way along the “joke-FBI investigation” continuum and now, voters are rapidly becoming disillusioned, as Clinton’s quick wit when asked about the scandal is overshadowed by a perceptible air of cynicism and condescension. Throw in a radical socialist who is inexplicably adept at drawing huge crowds, and a juggernaut billionaire who stormed out of a reality TV show to lead the GOP field and it now appears as though the most liked Democratic candidate (Joe Biden) isn’t even running yet.

But not everyone has turned their back on Clinton, as the following from AP makes clear:

Chelsea Clinton said Tuesday it’s surprising to hear that her mom is slipping in the polls because she’s “my hero.”

The young Clinton, who has a daughter of her own, says she believes that as more Americans get a chance to hear from Hillary Rodham Clinton, they will understand “why I believe so strongly that she would make a great president.

Despite a big fundraising advantage and a slew of endorsements from party leaders, Hillary Clinton’s standing with voters has slipped — multiple polls show a majority of Americans don’t find her honest and trustworthy. Chelsea Clinton was asked about those polls on NBC’s “Today” show.

“I’m not a pundit. I’m a daughter,” Chelsea Clinton said. “And I love and admire my mom.”

When asked what Hillary is like as a grandmother, Chelsea Clinton said her mom is always game for singing “The Wheels on the Bus” to baby Charlotte. 

Well forgive us, but while Hillary is “singing The Wheels on the Bus to baby Charlotte,” the wheels on the campaign bus are coming off.

Fortunately, Chelsea has a best friend whose father may be able to give the Clintons some advice on how to boost Hillary’s poll numbers:


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