Boston Marathon: Bombing Drill Coincided With Explosions

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36 thoughts on “Boston Marathon: Bombing Drill Coincided With Explosions”

  1. This goes to show you that even with bomb sniffing dogs with the drills going on, and all of the many police there, the bomber was able to do his dirty deed with no problems!

    1. I don’t think that you really understand. On 9 11 there were drills, in the London bombings there were drills.

      The drills are a way to confuse and make it EASIER to commit a false flag terror attack. Those who ordered the drills are probably, almost certainly, complicit.

      1. P.S. Why would you have a drill when an event like this is in progress? That is when you want to have already well-trained responders ready to go for the real thing.

    1. This is a perfect example of law enforcement, paramilitary drills in their glory, bomb sniffing dogs in close proximity of the bombs accomplishing absolutely NOTHING to protect civilians, with all of their police state policies.

      YOU nubwaxer, need a lobotomy drill baby, drill, in your frontal lobe if you cannot understand that nothing can be done to stop a person determined to inflict death and destruction.
      No conspiracy here as of yet, just no protection for the “mundanes.”

      1. Let me make it simple for you.

        If you are in karate class and the teacher says: Ok, time for no-contact sparring. You will allow the person to approach you and you will be holding back. If he is a chicken sht coward sneaky some of a btch and hits you with everything he’s got before you have time to react, it was because you thought it was a drill. Get it?

        1. But in a really bad situation, the teacher did that on purpose to allow the son of a btch to pull that. That is what happened on 9 11, London, and today. Get it?

          Today the karate instructor wanted you to play no contact while a criminal surprised you with a full-contact barrage while you were holding back.

      2. Also, something can be done to stop these attacks and without TSA sexual attacks, and violations of the Constitutional rights of American citizens.

        One FBI “man” at headquarters thwarted two honest and capable FBI agents, one in Minnesota and one in Arizona. This was a critical decision that allowed 9 11 to happen. A very capable anti-terrorist at the FBI was hot on Bin Laden’s tail leading up to the event and was removed. He quit and went into security work and was killed at the Twin Towers!

        When law enforcement does its job properly and Constitutionally, it can stop terrorism…when it wishes to do so.

        No Muslimes should be allowed into our country. The border can and should be closed but the criminal terrorist junta will not allow that.

        Even now, with organized criminal terrorists allowing enabling attacks on us, your chances of being killed in such an attack are minuscule.

  2. I have no doubt that the Obama regime set up this false flag attack. I can see some more of our rights going on the chopping block. Soon it will be marshall law and FEMA camps for everyone who doesn’t worship the Kenyan!

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