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Bizarre Drone Tries To Lure Kids Off School Playground In Ohio

A letter was issued to school parents by Windemere principal Megan Lee-Wilfong on Monday, warning of what may be an attempted abduction.

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Bizarre Drone Tries To Lure Kids Off School Playground In Ohio


A drone reportedly has been used to try to lure kids off an elementary school playground in a bizarre story out of Ohio. A letter was issued to school parents by Windemere principal Megan Lee-Wilfong on Monday, warning of what may be an attempted abduction, WKYC CBS reported.

The incident occurred at the Windemere Community Learning Center, a school in Akron, Ohio.

“Three to four times, they have seen a drone up over the playground,” principal Megan Lee-Wilfong told WJW.

Lee-Wilfong states that several witnesses – kids and adults – have claimed the voice even tried to lure kids off the playground.

“They shared with me that this drone had some type of voice capability and that it was actually communicating with the kids that were here playing, so it was talking to them,” Principal Megan Lee-Wilfong said. “Even if I am not here on the evenings or on the weekends, they are still my students so I wanted to make sure they were OK.”

According to the local news report, the drone operator was trying to lure kids to a local dollar store blocks away from the playground.

“The drone was trying to interact with them… Wanted to see if they would meet them at a dollar store which is about three blocks away from where the school is,” Daniel Rambler, Akron Public Schools Director of Student Support Services and Security told WKYC.

Luckily, none of the kids took the bait and instead reported the sighting to school staff who say they are now on high alert.

The drone has only been sighted at night and on the weekends when school is not in session, but staff are worried that the drone may return during school hours.

The school district is further warning parents to have an adult accompany children to the playground and to have the “stranger danger” talk with their children.

“We’ve always known of stranger danger, and we teach it to kids constantly, but it’s now not just people, but things,” Rambler said. “Make sure you go over with your kids, what are your expectations if your kids are on the playground and somebody comes up to them, what is your expectation of what they do. Same thing if there’s a remote control device that does that.”

The story gets stranger as Daily Mail reported that “consumer devices which allow their operators to have a real-time conversation with another via the drone, as if it were a flying telephone, does not appear to be publicly available.”

Lt. Rick Edwards of the Akron Police Department told Fox News that no police report regarding the drone has been filed, and no one has called and complained about the drone.

Mark Williamson, director of marketing communications at Akron Public Schools has also stated that there is no empirical evidence of the drone.

“There’s not any evidence of the drone, like a picture, that we’re aware of. We also can’t verify what it said,” Williamson said.

A very bizarre story indeed.

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