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Bilderberg 2013 Update: More Signs Elite Confab At Grove Hotel Near Watford UK

Amid deafening silence on the part of the Hertfordshire constabulary and hotel management there are additional indications suggesting The Grove Hotel near Watford UK will indeed host the next Bilderberg meeting.

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Bilderberg 2013 Update: More Signs Elite Confab At Grove Hotel Near Watford UK


According to another Bilderberg vigilant posting on the Planet X website, an employee of the Grove Hotel has let slip that its golf course is booked out by an “American Group” from June 6-9. The commenter, pretending to be interested to reserve the golf court, was told this was impossible:

“No that is not possible during those dates because the private American Group Organizers have requested that they have full exclusive use themselves”.

Adding this little information-droplet to the others, spilled by employees of the Grove Hotel and the local constabulary, the Hertfordshire venue is increasingly likely to be the spot where the annual Bilderberg conference is set to take place.

As I recently reported, a call handler at the Hertfordshire constabulary confirmed that the Grove Hotel- both the surroundings and the Hotel itself- will be cordoned off by the local Hertfordshire constabulary in a “security exercise”. The exercise, by the way, is planned exactly at the time that the Hotel, according to its employees, will accommodate a “high profile” international group- booking all 220 rooms

An earlier comment posted on Planet X forum, mentions that the facilities at the Grove will be subject to high-level security on June 7 and 8. On those dates no one may enter the Hotel or its immediate surroundings. In the comment the Grove employee is quoted as saying:

“Unfortunately on the 7th and 8th June 2013, the whole hotel and facilities are booked out to a group holding an international event. There is no way that you can come and visit that weekend.”

The “American group”- comment posted yesterday is interesting in more than one respect. Not only does this latest slip-up by a Grove employee confirm the grounds (Hotel, all its facilities and the surrounding lands) are off-limit to the general public (meaning anyone not holding key power positions), it also suggests that the organizers are predominantly American. When we take a look at Bilderberg’s current steering committee we find no less than 11 Americans among the 34 members (including David Rockefeller). Because the event itself is “international” in nature, concerning “high profile” individuals – we now have further indications Bilderberg will descend on Hertfordshire in the United Kingdon from June 6-9.

If the Grove Hotel will be the host of this year’s conference, there should be camera’s, lots of camera’s- and people of course, welcoming the guests with the fire of passion. There are two possible locations where the shaded limo’s may enter the Grove terrain: there is the eastside Hampstead road, where the participants are set drive in from. In normal circumstances, the prominent front gate bids a friendly welcome to guests when they arrive, beyond which the road rolls gently on through to even more welcoming English hill country towards the Grove Hotel- strictly prohibited for Bilderberg critics, of course, and for that reason obviously inviting to any inquisitive members of the alternative media. Although the entrance has limited accessibility for us stray reporters, the presumed cordoned-off area is just large enough for any small group to annoy the incoming transnationalists when they turn to follow the eastern road into the Grove premises.

Unfortunately, to venture onto the street or set up camera there will be a challenge in its own right, as adventurous cameramen may be mercilessly t-boned by traffic on both sides of the road. Chances are the local constabulary will be there to make sure not a soul breaches the security perimeter, allowing the movers and shakers of the world’s political and economic playing field to slip by in relative peace and quiet. The narrow perches here and there are grassy islands in the midst of an asphalt ocean, allowing perhaps for mini-wigwams but hardly accommodate professional cameramen and their entourage of equipment. It may come to all of us jumping ape-like from tree top to tree top in the hopes of capturing Kissinger smiling grimly behind his darkened car window.

Of course, there is a possibility the expected media nuisance may prompt the guests to sneak into the premises via the western entrance, where the narrow road does not allow for average-sized inquisitive journalists, let alone elaborate camera-nests- as both sides are beset by remorseless shrubbery. It would therefore be an idea for one or two teams to set up camp on the western side of the Grove where the road splits up to casually drift onward into the Grove area, just in case they decide to shun the front gate. Any location, for that matter, in a 360 degree radius around the Grove should be taken into consideration to make sure no weaving spider slips past unseen.

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