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Be Careful What You Ask For; You Just Might Get It

People seem to just want the government to stop doing what it does—even though what it’s doing is exactly what governments do; always have, always will.

Controlling the Herd

Be Careful What You Ask For; You Just Might Get It


“A Government big enough to give you everything you want, is a government big enough to take away everything you have.” ~ Thomas Jefferson

For decades, the American people have been turning everything they possibly can over to the state to take care of, convinced by government officials that they can avoid work and responsibility and just have fun, be entertained, and get free stuff.

The entire time, libertarians (of all ilks) have been warning and warning and warning the people that doing so, in exchange for whatever benefits they think they’ll get in return, will ultimately result in an out-of-control, authoritarian government…aka, a police state. Oh—and a collapsed economy.

So now, as more and more people are becoming more and more aware that this is exactly what is happening, and they act surprised and outraged over the daily abuses, rights violations, crimes, unaccountability, impunity, and so forth from the politicians and their paid enforcers, and they see that the people are becoming more and more impoverished, and there are fewer and fewer jobs (even low-paying jobs), and the economy is collapsing all around us—I can’t help but think that the American people are getting exactly what they wanted—because this is exactly what happens when you do what this nation been doing for generations now.

After all, they were warned. Over and over. But nobody would listen.

(I’ll stop short of saying the American people are getting exactly what they deserve, or a uttering a gloating “See I told ya so”—I’m neither that crass nor that arrogant; my heart goes out to these victims of state oppression, my fellow citizens—and I’d like to see them finally understand the problem, and strive to turn things around, not just sit here and thumb my nose. That’s not helpful to anybody.)

But what’s truly astonishing is that even with things as bad as they are now—undeniably bad, and getting completely out of control—and even with libertarians pointing out the accuracy of the warnings and predictions (after all, all you have to do is look at history, excessive government power and control always turns out this way)—people STILL won’t listen! They’re still looking to the same government officials, the same Dems/Reps, the same authoritarian, unaccountable system, and demanding that they do something, that they fix the problems, that they take care of everything.

From what I’ve seen, nobody in mainstream society is talking about scaling it all back—about cutting funding (taxes/borrowing/printing), about cutting budgets or de-militarizing the police, about electing candidates not of the two controlling parties, about dismantling the lawless federal government or dissolution of the union via state secession, about returning to the principles of unalienable human rights, personal liberty, individual sovereignty, private property rights, and personal responsibility—none of it. People seem to just want the government to stop doing what it does—even though what it’s doing is exactly what governments do;  always have, always will.

I can only imagine that the cognitive dissonance must be highly perplexing, if not crippling.

At this point—with things as bad, and obvious, as they’ve gotten—I fear that if the American people still don’t get it…it’s likely they never will.

Rand Eastwood is an author, blogger, graphic designer, and drummer, and currently resides in beautiful Las Vegas. Read more of his work at Rand Eastwood | blog, or visit his blog page on Facebook. He also administers two other Facebook pages: Liberty & Leviathan, and The Sovereigntarian. To check out some of his fiction, visit his Amazon author page.

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