Australian Govt Tries to Distance Itself from Its Laughably Bad Anti-Pot “Stoner Sloth” Ads

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Sometimes in the so-called war against drugs, bureaucrats who have a vested interest in protecting megacorporate financial interests (like, say, that of big pharmaceutical companies for example) do something that’s so completely ridiculous, it actually has the opposite effect and backfires. Big time.

Meet “Stoner Sloth,” tagline “You’re worse on weed,” conceived by New South Wales’ National Cannabis Prevention and Information Centre:

Mashable wrote to the NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet (DPC) which confirmed that Stoner Sloth is indeed and Australian government creation to fight marijuana use in a statement:

“The Stoner Sloth public awareness campaign has been designed to encourage positive behaviours in young people before bad habits start, and motivate discontinued use of cannabis before they become dependent,” according to a DPC spokesperson.

You know it’s bad when, at first, people weren’t even sure if this was real or a joke.

It didn’t take long for Stoner Sloth to go viral, but not for the reasons the New South Wales government had hoped. Stoner Sloth is now a mix of hero and laughing stock of the internet.

First came the Tweets:

Then, the parodies:

This one features Prime Minister Tony Abott:

Then the bad press coverage: 

And then, even the New South Wales Premier Mike Baird felt the need to reply:

You do have to wonder what the marketing meeting was like where these bureaucrats and advertising people not only conceived of Stoner Sloth, but agreed it was a good idea, and then ran with it.

It begs the question: were they stoned? If so, they are definitely “worse on weed”.

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11 thoughts on “Australian Govt Tries to Distance Itself from Its Laughably Bad Anti-Pot “Stoner Sloth” Ads”

  1. Just goes to show how out of touch with reality the Aust govt is and considering the US federal govt just admitted that the war on drugs is a total failure and has to come to an end, it begs the question of why do people listen to and comply with such monumental idiots!?!

    1. The US government never even got a constitutional amendment to prohibit drugs…. they have been treasonously and feloniusly waging and unlawful war on Americans for a long time now and have falsely imprisoned millions of Americans in their treason….Not to mention murdering them in cold blood in their unlawful felony home invasions….

  2. I’ve never touched marijuana in my life and this campaign actually made me want to light up my first Dooby and kick back in my parent’s garage on their old couch with the stains all over it in a hoodie. The sloth’s whole outlook was like a taste of “The Big Lebowski” paradise with no worries, no anxieties and a full and interesting existence outside the rat race. God willing I could attain the zen-like state of that wise and ancient sloth.

    1. It’s not just for recreation and the high is merely a side effect. My girl who has MS can now mover her legs freely, use her hand fully, and see clearly out of her eye. I acquired cannabis oil for someone I know who had skin cancer, they applied the oil and their cancer was gone in less than 5 days. They KNOW this which is why they must focus on the psychoactive effects to demonize it or else people will figure out that they they can replace their entire prescription drug cabinet with only cannabis.

  3. I love this, because they think anyone smoking cannabis is equally stupid as They are, witch is been confirmed so many times its becoming an anuale specacle it self.
    Weed, in Norway, whom have found shilooms from pre stone age and hemp all over the place, they whine about how lethal, Im not joking, hashish cakes are, deadly epidemic hashish cake eating is rampant in our citys, ohh the horror.

    And when confronted, aka the normal ones, aka something in the leauge of CONgrenation of high morale thing it is, and realise that whatever they think is and “signals” intellegence, welth and power, is simply becomed boring.
    People this days talk like children, women in their 40 talk like headless hens.
    And the moment, in the male/brute compartment you have lost intress in bear, pussy and hornmusic, your out there to.
    And then labeled “deep”.

    The only sensible reaction to this sham is to dunk your head into the table.
    I wounder what reality They cling to, the meer though of it sends shivers down my spine, a lifeless desert, the death of any soul.

    Good luck and wy the f…. do they want their insane perseption on everything be the rules, this mindless morons sits in high places and deliveres utter childish drivell.
    How the f…. is this possible.
    And how f…. stupid do they think We/ed are.

    May the haze continue to enlighten anyones path.


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