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Apparently It Is Raining Spiders in Southern Australia

Millions of baby spiders have been raining down from the sky in southern Australia with locals complaining that their area has been “invaded”.

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Apparently It Is Raining Spiders in Southern Australia

Editor’s Note: *Checks Goulburn off list of places to visit…*


Mr Watson said his house looks like it has been “abandoned and taken over by spiders”.

“The whole place was covered in these little black spiderlings and when I looked up at the sun it was like this tunnel of webs going up for a couple of hundred metres into the sky,” he told the Sydney Morning Herald

Other residents also reported seeing the spiders on 4 May, with one woman claiming she saw what appeared to be silk thread “floating through the sky”.

Her sighting is due to a migration technique commonly associated with spiders, explains naturlist Martyn Robinson from the Australian Museum.

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