Amid Censorship Backlash, YouTube Restores The Health Ranger’s Channel

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YouTube has restored the Health Ranger video channel without explanation. But just to add salt to the wound inflicted in the name of censorship, the video platform made sure that over 250,000 subscribers were not notified of the reinstatement and to swipe about 100,000 subscribers from the channel.

As a subscriber to Mike Adams channel, personally, I can attest to not getting notified that YouTube randomly and without reason restored a channel that they had taken down in an obvious attempt to silence its content creator. There was also no notification to subscribers when Adams channel was first taken down.

Adams also says that around 100,000 subscribers are missing since being reinstated as well. Although we cannot confirm that, nor can we say how it happened, there’s little doubt that Adams is being truthful. Adams, who also owns the website Natural News posted his take on the message YouTube is sending:

The message from YouTube is clear: We can ban you at any time, for any reason, without explanation, with no recourse, and even when we decide to turn your channel back on, we can just delete a third of all your followers, or do anything else we want to screw with your content and silence your voice.

Like Facebook, Google, and Twitter, YouTube has devolved into a left-wing echo chamber where rationality, logic and reason are no longer tolerated. In order to maintain a voice on any of these platforms, you must obediently kow-tow to whatever latest irrational delusion is being pushed by the Left Cult. Those who dare say rational, logical things — such as “there are only two genders” — risk having their accounts terminated and their followers scrubbed. Even the idea of pointing out that men and women have different neurology — a self-evident truth supported by exhaustive scientific study — is not allowed on these left-wing platforms run by the “Left Cult.”-Natural News

While his channel was banned, Adams started his own free-market alternative to YouTube. He has announced, “an alternative to YouTube that protects the free speech of pro-liberty voices. This upcoming video community launches July 4th, and already more than 16,000 people have requested content channels on,” Adams wrote in his article. (Go here now to request your channel on

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