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Alcohol prohibition-repeal turns 80, Obamacare prohibitions begin

What else is Obamacare but prohibition of the right of free people to make insurance contracts and see doctors they like?

Controlling the Herd

Alcohol prohibition-repeal turns 80, Obamacare prohibitions begin


America’s nightmarish experiment in anti-Liberty, Islamist-Sharia-like prohibitions of beer, wine and spirits-filled pursuits of happiness ended this day in 1933, when the Twenty-First Amendment was ratified, thus repealing the Eighteenth and its Volstead statutory enforcement Act.

Sadly, then-newly-elected-President Franklin Delano Roosevelt had already doubled-down on Hoover-like government-run prohibitions of non-alcoholic free enterprise that would unnecessarily make the post-1929 stock market crash-induced-Depression Great and usher in eight decades of mostly liberal-Democrat-enacted, disastrous  New economic Deals.

God knows Americans would need frequent drinks to survive a Great Depression during which their government raised the minimum wage and empowered labor unions to kill jobs while paying farmers to destroy food as millions went so hungry that America’s motto in 1930s was, “Brother can you spare a dime”? Alcohol would also prove a welcome elixir between Pearl Harbor Day and V-E Day. But sadly, after the shooting stopped; liberty-denying government-regulation and confiscatory taxation of wealth and job creation, didn’t, and hasn’t through yesterday, despite Reagan and Newt’s best efforts.

What else is Obamacare but prohibition of the right of free people to make insurance contracts and see doctors they like? At least two-thirds of both houses of Congress and three-fourths of the states had to ratify the Eighteenth Amendment to force Americans into speakeasies. A mere ACA statute, unconstitutionally originated in the Senate, now navigates the sick into un-secure government website exchanges.

In fact, what has been the Democratic Party’s ban on drilling for oil in Alaska’s frozen ANWAR tundra, off the shores of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans and even on lands in Texas and Oklahoma since the late 1970′s, but a Prohibition of poverty-reducing and middle-class-enabling affordable and even cheap energy? What are extreme environmental regulations that exalt the lives of supposedly endangered species of snail darters, rats and polar bears above good jobs at good wages for human beings and that are just now about to “win” Obama’s War on Coal; but Prohibitions of Liberty much greater than what led our forefathers to break with King George?

Just recounting the ongoing prohibitions foisted upon We the People by liberal Democrats’ Obamanomics makes me need a drink, and another, and…


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Contributed by Mike DeVine of Joe For America.

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