Accidental 911 Call Ends in Police Fatally Shooting Family Dog

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A family in Atlanta is devastated after a police officer shot and killed one of their beloved pets.

Kelly Rodriguez says someone in her home accidentally called 911. The police responded to the call. When Rodriguez opened the door, her two dogs dashed out into the fenced-in yard.

One of the officers shot 2 year-old Jane, a rescued Labrador-pitbull mix, in the head.

Jane didn’t survive emergency surgery to remove the bullet from her face.

Police said the dog tried to jump on the officer, so he shot her in the head.

Rodriguez said her dog was not trying to attack the officer.

“They shot her and then they were pointing the gun at my 14-week-old puppy. And I ran down in the yard to pick her up to take her upstairs to protect her.”

Police said they shot Jane because the owner did not call the dog off of the officer.

“She was running, but that’s what she does. She runs to greet people. She wasn’t malicious. She didn’t bite him,” Rodriguez said.

The ASPCA says that most instances of police shooting dogs are avoidable. The organization receives reports on a regular basis of dogs that have been shot by police officers. In a position statement on law enforcement response to potentially dangerous dogs, the ASPCA says:

Most police departments require detailed reports any time an officer discharges a firearm, even accidentally. Some of these reports reveal a disturbing trend. Our review of public records of firearms discharges by police indicates that it is common for 50% or more of all shooting incidents to involve an officer shooting a dog. Many of these incidents involve multiple shots fired and many do not result in the dog’s swift, humane death.

In an interview with Fox 5, Rodriguez said “The biggest thing is I just would hope that officers of the law would learn how to use mace or a taser gun or shoot a dog in the leg, and not shoot a dog wagging its tail in the head.”

The ASPCA’s position is similar:

Police rarely receive any training that would allow them to rapidly and realistically assess the degree of danger posed by a dog; nor are they routinely informed about or trained to use any of the wide variety of non-lethal tools and techniques available to them as alternatives to shooting. Examples of such alternatives include batons, OC spray, Tasers and chemical capture. Most departments do not have relationships with area animal control agencies, humane societies or SPCAs that could provide training or assistance in responding to calls where dogs are known or suspected to be present. Since more than one-third of American households have a dog, officers are likely to encounter dogs whenever they approach or enter a residence. Although they may encounter truly dangerous dogs in some situations, the majority of dogs they are likely to meet are well-behaved family pets that are legitimately protecting their homes and families from intruders.

Statistics on how many dogs are killed by law enforcement officers don’t seem to exist, but some activists have counted dog shootings that have been reported in the media. One group says that according to their calculations, a dog is shot by law enforcement every 98 minutes.

How many police officers have been killed by dogs?

According to research done by, none:


So why are some officers so quick to kill family pets? Some activists who are disturbed by the growing epidemic are working on a documentary to answer that question and bring attention to the issue. The Kickstarter-funded documentary is called “Puppycide.” The film “takes a journey with victims of puppycide, the dogs and their owners. From the moment they meet and seal their emotional bonds to the excruciating trauma of loss, we follow the dog owners’ battles for justice with police culture and the legal system, both of which treat puppycides as acceptable collateral damage.”

The filmmakers also explored the police perspective of the issue and found that support, tools, and training in dog handling is severely lacking.

WARNING: This video contains graphic content.

Matthew Rodriguez, Kelly’s husband, posted a letter to Jane on Facebook. Here’s an excerpt:

And now I’m trying to piece together the events that led up to your violent death.  I’d be lying if I said that I haven’t spent a great part of the past 20 hours trying to figure out who to assign blame to–to your mom, to my brother-in-law, to the police, and, ultimately, to myself.  If only I hadn’t wanted to move our family into the city; if only I’d trained you to sit obediently at the door when we opened it; if only I had chosen to stay with my family rather than going on the charity ride; if only, if only, if only.

But ultimately, none of that matters right now.  What matters is that you’re gone; what matters is that we loved you so much; what matters is that we’ll never forget about you.

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38 thoughts on “Accidental 911 Call Ends in Police Fatally Shooting Family Dog”

  1. This is right in line with the directly adversarial intimidation of the citizens by law enforcement.
    It’s literally them vs the rest of us that’s not of the elite. Our dogs are easy, disposable targets to law enforcement.

    This is law enforcement mindless-style. They’re acting and reacting like soldiers on a battlefield!
    Conquer and punish, not serve and protect.

    1. Exactly correct. They don’t kill dogs and old ladies because they’re brave. They do it because they’re sociopathic cowards. It’s mostly fear-driven. When the shit starts, this is going to be easy. They’re terrified of getting hurt or killed.

  2. It could not be more obvious that there has been a change in policy by police with regard to dogs. My bet would be that this is a directive coming from Homeland Security, for two reasons. First, the epidemic in pet shootings starts about the time the DHS was founded. Second, until the DHS existed, law enforcement was fractured. Departments existed city by city, and county by county. No one had the authority to change policy across the board. The DHS does. Yet another reason to abolish this corrupt, overweening, and useless organization.

    1. Submit a FOIA for your local pig general orders which spells out the do and dont’s for the pigs. Then find out who’s allowing this behavior against Americans. The little pigs have to take orders from someone, so find that big piggie and expose them via the media,social nets, etc. Pigs hate negative publicity so use it against them.

  3. It’s like they are trying to create a tidal wave of psychotic rage against themselves on purpose.Maybe they really are planning on turning on the populace,in order to enslave the survivors,& help install the “New World Order” the elites used to brag about.Either way they are heartless imbeciles.

    1. @ Dre, Agreed, except the enslave part – consider the numbers:

      800,000 pigs. VERSUS:

      20,000,000 infuriated Vets who found out they fought wars for jewtrash banksters and corporations and NONE for the hoax of “our Freedom.” PLUS:

      At least 30,000,000 locked and loaded and equally enraged Patriots like me. EQUAL:

      800,000 very DEAD pigs within one week of the War I am hoping will start very soon. I am READY…

      1. funny,my cousin,national guard,says they think their numbers will be down 50% in the first three days,and within one week 10%,then it will be a matter of looking at employment records to find the rest of them…AND you STUPID PIGS wanted to fight the american people,SOON,you will discover what a mistake it was,OUR DOGS WILL BE HUNGRY,and your going to be whats for dinner………….

  4. Shoot a Kopz dog and you go to federal prizon while they have a funeral with honorz…Kop shootz your dog, tough shite…Always lock your dog(s) up in a room or car when Piggies are present!(this world is a police state HELL)

  5. Shoot the cop. simple really. kill the pricks… send a clear message that the world has had enough of this police state bullshit… time to put bankers at the top of that list too….

    1. Shit happens Evie, it doesn’t matter if someone made an accidental call. The bottom line is that the worthless piece of shit cop shot the dog for no apparent reason. The mistake was giving that fucktard a gun and a badge.

  6. How dare we expect cops to be as well trained as mailmen, meter readers, and pizza delivery guys. All 3 groups go months and years without shooting dogs.

  7. More proof that the only good cop is a dead cop, and even then they’re not good for much. At least sh1t makes good fertilizer, more than you can say about these fukkers.

  8. If a scumbag pig killed my Dog, I would wait 90 days. Then when he got home, he would come home to a house of dead bodies called his family – then I would slowly kill him. Of course I would not hurt his Animals.

    Think I am kidding?

    This infuriating story,and countless others like it, is just one of the many reasons that I will cheerfully execute at least 12 pigs on day 1 of the upcoming war. I got my plane, do you have yours?

  9. You don`t just shoot a mans dog in his own yard for no good reason and get away with it. You shoot my dog. I shoot you. Thats how that has always worked, since time began.

  10. I didn’t know that cops have an invisible, impenetrable force-field protecting them from the kind of harm that befalls us mere mundanes.

    It’s a good thing too. They might end up being targeted for their brutal acts of violence and immeasurable arrogance.


  11. Well, pretty words will get you nowhere. Obviously the people who wrote these oinions are pretty illiterate. How did one shooting of a dog wind up with such hatred and vitriol?

    1. Hello POS “marie. We are illiterate? Ummmm FYI: here is how you spell OPINIONS – not oinions, [as you dun did spleeledd it n all].

      Obviously you are another Animal hating roach who thinks Animals are not as high life form a the animal known as homo sapiens.

      Well we are not arrogant, pseudo-superior fools like like you. We love our Dogs, given that they ARE our family. I hope when the wars starts, you are killed quickly.

      BTW you MUST Be a filthy pig – troll, soooo ahb-vee-us. huh?

    2. Because this is an epidemic! It’s being accelerated and the cops are enjoying themselves. I consider my dogs members of my family. My dogs have never let me down, but people surely have!

      To kill one of my dogs therefore, is akin to killing one of my family members. If a cop killed one of my dogs that was not attacking him/her, I would get even no matter what!

      I am an intelligent and VERY literate person Marie, and I’m certainly intelligent enough to see that something is drastically wrong here in America during the past several years.
      The time has come to fight for what’s left of this so-called constitutional republic, not to place one’s head in the sand and cower to the authorities.

  12. Go to fb page “California’s Deadliest Cops” .. The El Monte officer who shot and killed fenced pet “Kiki” lied about the incident, then the family brought out the home surveillance. Arlen Castillo now a program director for youth girls.. WHILE this is still supposedly under investigation! Justice for all pets and humans killed by police! This is unacceptable!

  13. Hello Calm Rational Citizens,

    Just stop, a dog is not worth a cops(a person) life or even an injury to him. Unfortunate but is the officer suppose to know the dogs intentions all he see’s is a pitbull cross running at him. Would you not do the same thing if met by the same circumstances.

    These guys were going into an unknown situation because the owner had called 911 and had not picked up when they called back.

    So just stop and don’t say such hateful things.

    1. Um, cops are enforcers of corrupt and illegal laws – and whatever they think they can get away with. They are here to rob us at gunpoint, and to enforce such theft as they can get away with.

      Now they are using open force against us and our families – because they can.

      “These guys” should have been executed, slowly, in a public square.
      We’ll add their names to the list – so far it’s about a mile long, there are so many on it.
      And that’s just POLICE, mind, not the “masterminds” behind the problem.

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