Zero Tolerance Lunacy: Teen Faces Felony Charges for Possession of a Loaded Tackle Box

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The weapons-at-school hysteria generally peaks with a suspension. Not so for a high school student in Georgia who is facing felony charges because the contents of a tackle box in his car.

17 year old Cody Chitwood was busted during a random sweep of the Lassiter High School parking lot by police and this student who has never been in trouble before now faces prosecution, large fines, prison time, and the loss of his plans to join the Air Force in the future due to a hysterical overreaction that has resulted in his arrest.

Cody Chitwood, 17, is a senior at Lassiter High School, and an avid fisherman.

He went fishing at his favorite spot, Mountain Park off Highway 92 and Mabry Road several days before and left his two fishing poles and tackle box in his car.

Little did he know that Lassiter administrators would order a K-9 search of the parking lot on Sept. 17 and a dog would hit on his car.

The dog apparently picked up a scent of black powder because Chitwood also had several firecrackers in his trunk, left over from a Fourth of July celebration. That was enough for police to order a thorough search of his 1998 BMW 328i.

They found four knives, all of them with blades of at least 2.5 inches, according to the arrest warrant. Three of them, including a fillet knife and a spring-assisted knife, were inside his tackle box in the trunk. A butterfly knife was found inside the pocket of the driver’s side door.

“I enjoy fishing. I go fishing probably once a week, sometimes twice a week,” said Chitwood, who has been suspended for 10 days by Lassiter Principal Chris Richie. “I just forgot that it was in there. I had my fishing poles in the car, too.”

He was charged with carrying a weapon in a school safety zone, which is a felony in Georgia. (source)

Now Cody’s parents bear the financial responsibility for paying an attorney to fight the ridiculous charges. If Cody is prosecuted, he could face anywhere from 2 to 10 years in prison and a $10,000 fine…for having a loaded tackle box.

This hardened criminal – a kid who spends his time outdoors fishing instead of sitting at home playing violent video games or going out and smoking dope and drinking beer under the bleachers may be witnessing the destruction of his bright future – all because a group of administrators can’t be bothered to look at each situation individually.

Like all generalizations, “zero tolerance” policies are for lazy, unintelligent people who do not trust themselves to think critically about each individual situation. As well, a blanket policy makes it far easier to relinquish responsibility for actually making a decision based on the events and the people involved,  and allows agendas to be pushed while freeing the enforcers of those agendas to say, “My hands were tied – we have a ‘zero tolerance’ policy.”

“Zero Tolerance”: It’s just code for “Zero Critical Thinking Skills”.

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  • steve

    A knife is a tool. And in this case, the intentions were perfectly clear. At this point, in todays society, he is pretty much screwed. I say, don’t break the law in any large way, but make the school and police forces life as complicated as possible. Wake up the chief with horns in the middle of the night, same for the principal. Do the same for all cops involved. And I don’t mean just him, Im talking about every citizen in that town who still has a set on them. Start there and get creative.

    • Jean

      Burn the chief (and his family) to ash.
      Same for the principle.
      And the prosecutor.
      And the cops.
      Don’t stop until ALL the guilty are punished.

      Tired of the f*cking bullshit.

      • Chris

        Sorta ironic that your response to zero tolerance is “zero tolerance of zero tolerance”.. Not to mention yours suggests burning alive anyone suspected of being involved – even tangentially. Where did you grow up, 1760s Salem Massachusetts?

      • Tamara

        So because you are pissed off at the chief, you want his entire family, possibly including innocent children (and relatives unaware of/ involved in the madness) killed off? If that is the case, does that mean if one of your relatives is a criminal you and the rest of your family can be killed to “protect society”? Why would you decry making the innocent suffer and then advocate causing innocent people to suffer because you are angry at their relative? It seems the sheeple aren’t the only ones not thinking these days.

        You DON’T punish people who don’t commit the crime just because they are related to the person who does the crime… otherwise most people would not be here. I am sure every family line has at least one criminal in their history. I fully advocate punishing the chief, but NOT the entire family by default. Find out who (as individuals) is a threat and punish them! Don’t just blanket punish/ kill a group of people because of relation! Use your damn head, or you become as much of a threat as the ones doing the crimes!

    • Leslie Fish

      Better still, hit them where it will really hurt — in the wallet. Get a good Constitutional lawyer and sue, sue, sue.

      –Leslie < Fish

    • p

      Coercion against kids in youth leads to psychological disorders. This will do more damage than good to him and his peers.

  • Greg

    This is how you demonize the protion of society that can live free from Government influence. Purge coming shortly to a toan near you!

  • buttcrackofdoom

    stupid people……that’s our nation’s problem. we got too many stupid people. they are everywhere, and i’ve been thinking for a few weeks now on WHY there are so many stupid people infecting our society. i’m 58 now and i can’t remember this many stupid people around when i was a younger man. they are EVERYWHERE. the problem is that we have sooo many laws now to protect the STUPID from themselves, and they breed MORE stupid people. we have laws to make sure stupid people can get a job for example….i REALLY believe that a lot of stupid people get hired into government jobs because the human recources hirers know we would be paying for their welfare payments if they weren’t given these gubmint jobs. they have been instructed by their superiors to hire the handicapped(stupid) to keep the welfare roles lower. think about it, we protect the stupid from being cleansed from the genepool by making laws like:
    wear a lifejacket in a boat
    wear a helmet riding a bike
    don’t put your hand in the tigers cage at the zoo
    label on cigarettes to say they’ll kill you
    can’t take a glass bottle to a sporting event…gotta be plastic so nobody gets cut
    can’t walk down the street in public with a beer
    no jaywalking
    gotta have seat belts to drive a car
    sign saying “no diving” on a 200 foot high bridge
    mcdonalds coffee MIGHT be hot
    ladder sign saying it MIGHT be dangerous to stand on top
    don’t put your fingers in the fan blades
    these lawmakers got it so VERY few stupid people can get killed any more. back in the day people DIED for doing stupid things, now they just keep breeding more stupid. i tell yuh, the genepool needs more chlorine…..get RID of some of these laws. just too many stupid people for our country to not have a serious breakdown SOON! once it DOES all blow up, will it take a few generations to get back into balance? or will mostly stupid people die off? hmmmm… for thought…….oops! did i write that out loud?

    • Chris

      I agree that it is very disturbing that we have resorted to passing laws like requiring wearing seat belts. However, back in the late 70s and through the 80s (when this law was somewhat controversial) there was a significant percentage of the population that believed that wearing seat belts was a BAD IDEA and that it KILLED more people than it saved. [ Various anecdotal claims on how seat-belts were dangerous in this-or-that scenario dominated the debates, despite the overwhelming statistics supporting death prevention by wearing seat belts] … Sometimes, society itself can be “knuckle-draggers” when it comes to doing what is best for everyone. Unfortunately until penalties in the form of law are in effect, people will make bad decisions and take others peoples life into their hands. *Note, when it comes to hurting YOURSELF ONLY, I think the lawmakers need to stay 100% AWAY. However, with people living ever closer to each other, and increasing population means more idiots – some laws that would seem to be unnecessary and obvious to those with the IQ greater than a cabbage are needed to protect is from those who have zero social consciousness and are ‘socially brainless’. The alternative would mean that the idiots can wreak havoc on those of us living responsibly, and not pay any penalty.

    • Tamara

      Wow… decry the elites (who are eugenicists and want to massively depopulate the planet ie kill people en masse) and then think JUST LIKE THEM!

      You forget about the indoctrination/ conditioning being done ON PURPOSE by the elites over generations to stop people from thinking and condition people to become compliant/ obedient? Did you ALSO forget about the poisons being added to the food, air and water that diminished thinking capacity? Even much of the medicine out there is poison! You wish for a bunch of victims of brainwashing, psychological manipulation against their knowledge/ awareness and poisoning to simply die off, as if their lives had no meaning because they do not think clearly or make a few dumb decisions? You are seeing the results of the elites plans/ actions (social engineering, propaganda, school indoctrination etc) and wish for the deaths of people who’s bodies, minds/ spirits and brains have been metaphorically raped, brainwashed and poisoned as if they are simply stupid by nature and deserving of death? You are obviously NOT fully aware of what the elites have done over generations, or you forgot, or you don’t care… which is very troubling. You are following the elites line of thinking, looking down on others and thinking they should die because they are unworthy, yet most are like this because of the elites bloody manipulations and poisoning!

      You (and many others) fell for their conditioning to think as they do, hook, line and sinker! Didn’t you notice or realize people are also being taught eugenics in school and such ways of thinking are in line with theirs? To judge who is worthy of life and who isn’t based on one trait or another? They teach the whole survival of the fittest thing, “superior” vs “inferior”, and following it they prey upon us all, manipulating behind the scenes and laughing at us. To them we are all the fools, the sheep, the unwashed masses, the dumb animals! We are, to them, the STUPID ones! They see us as fodder and themselves as superior but nature isn’t as bloody dark as they have taught! It isn’t strictly survival of the fittest, but that is what they believe and teach – that might (strength be it mental or physical) makes right! Not what is right, only who is strong. In their minds, only the strong survive, and the weak/ “inferior” are prey or useless dead weight that must die off… There is little room for weakness or compassion to them and we are ALL in their sights. Their goal is to kill off 85% of the worlds population! Then again, they might think they are being compassionate by killing off those they deem “inferior”, a twisted sense of “mercy”. They have also been working hard on convincing people global warming is real in order to bring in eugenics programs, using people’s fear of extinction to convince them it is necessary! Abortion was/ is one of their pet projects too… they don’t give a rat’s ass about womens (or anyone’s) rights, it’s about depopulation but they lied and claimed it was a rights issue. Lost of groups get used in this way, used and lied to to bring in an agenda with hidden motives while using people’s legitimate concerns and troubles as excuses to bring in harmful laws/ etc under the guise of “helping” those who are being harmed. Hey, I’m not saying women or other rights groups didn’t/ don’t have legitimate concerns, they did/ do… the elites infiltrated, lied to to and used them is what I am saying. Now the feminist movement has become a reverse sexism situation where men are discriminated against instead of women and both sides fight rather than stand together. They are playing the environmental movement hard right now…. which is sad because most people mean well but don’t realize they are being tricked. The elites are master manipulators and dividers. They WANT people to fight, to look down on each other, to wish for each others death, or at least to kill their compassion and convince people to think like them. Be warned, be wary. If we become like them, how can we shake their influence or tyranny? Only by being unlike them can we hope to change things.

      By the way, it has also been proven that DNA can change, reprogram itself over the course of one’s life… Look it up, genetics are FAR more complicated. Genes are also far more flexible than we have been taught. Genetics are not locked into a completely fixed code/ pattern.

  • JamesRH

    We need the email address and phone number of this stupid school and blast them.

    It is they who need to be educated.

  • Had enough

    Every student at this school should quit and walk out and homeschool. We’ve had enough of this craziness and zero tolerance stupidity. Let the school sit empty permanently with only the morons who perpetrate this craziness there to talk to themselves. Recall or fire every single one of them including the entire school board. The parents should cripple the school with multi-million dollar lawsuits against every single one of them.

  • Bob Marshall

    It is bad enough the National Literacy Survey found that 23% of adults in the US are functionally illiterate and for high school graduates it was almost 19% as well. Add to this the number, 150,000,000 who the US Center for Disease and Control estimated suffer from some kind of mental illness in their life time. The number of people they found using prescription drugs today and it is no wonder the American Empire is collapsing.” If America is to survive as a free nation, its citizens must become far more politically educated than they are at present.” Good advice but it comes too late! The man the communist needed in the White House is in. before he became president the communist had carried out 40 of their 45 goals to create a Socialist United States as dreamed of by Karl Marx.

  • m

    We put all of these morons in office. It’s on us.

    • Jean

      You left out that we never forcibly REMOVE the traitors.

  • boone

    ask youre self seat belts in cars but not in school buses

    • Jean

      Not as useful or important in a bus – but I went to school in buses with seatbelts, so I don’t know what “hick” town you’re in… 😉

      ‘Cause I been outta school a LOOOOONG Time, brother. 😉

  • ENFP

    All who know this kid should get together and petition the prosecutor to drop the charges as unworthy to prosecute.

  • get it on

    Scare ee eh. 17yr.high schooler …fishing….obomba youth violates multiple God given ,constitutional,birth rights…charged with a felony…. Search my car huh …..layers n layers of corrupted thinking ….lies drowning in a sea of deceit …day aft day…excellerate the saboteurs of debauchery… Increase chemtr….hutu- tutsi….bullets… tptb and the sheep that follow are doomed….false flags must get bigger …. Do we wait n hide ….rise n fight …now or sooner…orlater…world war z? … Ahca ,common core…at what point…how much…prepare to kill or …b,love thy neighbor …when they came for the mentals I did nothing …knock knock…who’s gonna help me. Yall best get right wit god and prepare for a fight to end all fights…die on u feet and take as many …c u when I c ya

  • Don

    His age doesn’t matter in the least. As an American citizen he has every right to keep and bear arms. Government does not have the authority to seize weapons simply because government has previously stolen the land upon which they were found. The solutions are many, including; abolishing the government’s school system and retuning that land to private ownership, and immediately arresting any government agent involved in denying this citizen his civil rights, prosecuting them to the fullest extent of the law. This includes any school personnel and police officers who had input into this decision.

  • charlie tango

    The cafeteria also uses knives and tools to cut food with. They should not be allowed to have these dangerous weapons anywhere the school. Also butter knives and forks could be used a weapons. This must be stopped immediately. There should be an immediate search for toothpicks and staple—GUNS!!!!!!!

    • Jean

      you left out that pencils, pens, glue, and markers can all be used as weapons, as can hairspray and a lighter, as can a toothbrush or rat-tail (or even a modified normal) comb, and they sell brushes which house knives, so can’t allow hair brushes, either – let alone necklaces (choke people), makeup (specifically looking at eyeliners and mascara, which could conceal dangerous steel pins/rods like an ice pick), brooches/pins (Sharp ends on the back), and hair ornaments (clips, barettes, bobby pins, etc), as each can be turned into a dreaded WEAPON…

      It’s time to put the fear of God into these people – or at least, fear of their fellow man.

      (I also note that it’s funny how many of these cases seem to line up with those who wanted to enlist – IE, they’re generally going to be conservative and pro-military, even if not pro-war. It would not surprise me to find that they are being targeted, especially by those Demoncrats/Progressives who want to “SAVE” the poor ignorant youths….)

  • FedUpWithTheFED

    This “weapon” bullshit has got to stop. Despite the mainstream’s stance that we’ve been consumed by violence, the FACTS tell a different tale. We used to take guns to high school in our cars so that friends could go hunting right after school,(even some teachers). Our children are being systematically turned into mindless, spineless little followers right in front of our eyes. I try to teach my kids not to instigate or start anything, but to stand up for people that need it, and for damn sure stand up for themselves. One never knows when one will fall, but at least we can go down swinging… Throw your shoulders back, hold your head up, and look everyone in the eyes. You might be surprised how good some backbone feels!

  • jim in Va.

    You can’t even point your finger at somebody without being sanctioned. Where did common sense go? Somebody is always offended by somebody else. There is no tolerance for anybody and we all have to change our behavior to please someone else, atheists,gays,PETA and every other minor group or interest. The press and the courts are complicit with it too.

  • RoMac

    Get your children out of government schools and home-school them. All this is just the tip of the iceberg to a paranoid society. What a mess !

  • i cant see this realy happening,a student in trouble for a tackle box with a fishing knife and thats a felony….this is not my country,the country i know has alittle common sense and dont do things like this,and we want to talk bad on other countries and we do this?

  • Tired Ol Sarge

    Lassiter High School
    2601 Shallowford Road
    Marietta, GA 30066

    Main Office (678) 494-7863
    Main Office Fax (678) 494-7865

    Principal: Chris Richie

  • Here’s a prime example of what the School Board and Law enforcement does best,create felons and ruin lives.The war on so called drugs was just a stepping stone to the real war,the war on any freedom that we have left.These traitors need to pay with their ass’s for what they have done to this country and are continuing to do on a daily basis.Pigs feeding at the trough!

  • Hugh Mann

    What right do they have searching his car? Was he suspected of a crime prior to this illegal search?

    • Jean

      It’s deemed a LEGAL search because it’s a student car (or any car) on SCHOOL GROUNDS.

      You don’t have the right to say NO to a search if it’s on school grounds. In fact, you don’t ahve the right to say no if you’re a student, and the car is OFF school grounds – it’s a STUDENT vehicle.

      It won’t stop until they’ve asserted ownership of us body and mind and [whatever they’ll invent in place of “soul”, since they don’t believe in such a thing – but see 1984 for their final plan for fully controlling us.]

      We need to stop them, and we can’t wait until it’s up-close-and-personal.
      It’s already personal, whether we have children or not. Whether we own guns or not. Whether we have a house or not.

      Need to cull that herd.

  • rag

    Hang on a minute, the report says he was charged with possession of A weapon, the butterfly knife in the driver’s door pocket perhaps? Be honest, that’s not fishing tackle is it?
    I would agree that a filleting knife in the tackle box in the trunk is not offensive though

    • Jean

      Doesn’t matter – think about when you’re off the rag.

      It’s ridiculous on its face. It’s intended to FORCE the next generation to be worse than this generation.

      (Think about how teen drinking has gotten ridiculous. When there was no age – there were drunks, sure. When they cleaned up, people would deal with them. If not, they were ostracized. Even with cars – see Mad Men, for example – people generally didn’t kill others on the road. People grew up with alcohol available, and over-used – but generally, most didn’t abuse.
      When the age was 18, people drank – some more, some less, but they drank – but they had the “forbidden fruit” aspect, so they drank with less control. Age goes up to 21 to prevent the “tragedies” – and WORSE binge drinking, and cirhosis of the lvier in college students, etc. And while some kid can be sent to fight and die for the country, they can’t drink or vote? And the forbidden fruit of guns and other weapons, applied in the same way: Guess what sort of people will be drawn to professions dealing with guns and weapons and brute force, when THOSE are “forbidden fruit”? Brutes, criminal-minded sociopaths, psychopaths, and those who want power over others.)

      Please think things through. As with drunkards always existing, psychopaths – both born and created – have always existed.
      We USED to be free to deal with those abberations. Now, we are forced to cower in fear – whether they wear a badge or are street thugs – we’re not allowed to protect ourselves.

      Personally, I’d like to see MORE weapons – as places with MORE weapons, have LESS crime.

  • Evie

    Georgia is a right to work state. He looks like the man who claimed to sign up for O care.
    Another student who had a bone may have called law enforcement. There are no knives in cafeterias, food is pre packaged in China and sent to the schools.

  • jim

    GA state law says any blade under 5″ IS NOT CONSIDERED A WEAPON.

    look it up.

    and fuck GA policies this place is retarded.

  • jim

    also, you cant search without a warrant, or without specifically suspecting him of a specific crime.

    dogs bark at squirrels, fast food wrappers etc. they also are know to trigger the dogs and make them bark, because they are corrupt traitors.

    furthermore, WHERE exactly did this happen in GA? we need to support hi and make calls etc.

    • Jean

      Because it’s on school property, he’s not allowed to refuse a search. Also, he’s a minor – not allowed to refuse a search.
      And even if he COULD refuse a search, the Supreme Court allows for the dog to be summoned and a “check” (Don’t know what they termed it) to be performed – and when the dog alarms, then there’s probably cause, and there’s no warrant needed (Really meaning, it’s a rubber-stamped thing, and difficult to fight because the dog alarmed, and the dog is “infallible” despite evidence to the contrary.)

      The ONLY solutions are to eliminate these people.
      Eliminate the idiots, eliminate the petty tyrants, and eliminate the high-level tyrants, in governemnt, and outside government.
      Roll back the intentionally vague (thus easily abused) laws.

      Burn them all. God knows they’re not his.

      • Check your facts

        Ok,Sorry Jean, hate to burst your rant-bubble and all,

        Yes a student can refuse consent. Being under 18 does not change this.
        Courts have repeatedly ruled, however, that drug dog indications can be considered grounds for a search.

        Also, since people are unaware, it’s a heavily republican area, and the rules are likewise (the area around the School has been littered with Broun for Senate signs for months already)

        Oh, and there’s no place to fish where he claims. There is one a little bit (well half way) down Mabry road (ok, it’s actually closer to Shallowford road than 92, you know the same Shallowford road the HS is on) and I hope he didn’t mean that lake, because it’s er… Right at an Elementary school.

        BTW, You carry any sort of knife in your car door pocket, and a Ga cop will charge you. Carry a butterfly knife they will too generally (since the blade tends to be longer than 5″ and thus requires a license to carry). Combine the two and he’s got no chance.

        BTW, don’t like it? Blame the State laws, and their reps. Just look for the guys with(R) after their name, that’s who has represented that area for ages (and indeed the state as a whole). Besides, as everyone knows, when it comes to badly thought out policies based on fear, cowardice and panic, no-one does it as well the republicans.

        • Wayne

          In any case, a responsible 17 year old who can be trusted with a car ought to be trusted with a knife. Think about it- which one is more dangerous- a ton of steel at 70 mph or a knife?

    • Tamara

      Maybe the dog smelled the remaininf smell of fish? These cops really need to learn the difference between a drug alert from a dog and other normal dog reactions. They seem pretty half-ass about it. And yes, they are corrupt and trigger the dogs to alert as well.

      Same as police thinking a hydroponic vegetable garden is a weed grow-op because it seems they don’t even bother to learn what marijuana looks like. My defense in court would be that the cops don’t even know what weed looks like and since they are too lazy to bother to learn, despite the supposed mass grow-ops in the country, they are a threat to any house they go into because they don’t even know what it is they are searching for! I would demand they pay me the value of my garden and equipment and demand they learn what the damn plant looks like! How many of people’s personal vegetable gardens have they destroyed because of this? If they are going to search for drugs, they should know exactly what the ingredients (plants etc) look like! Likewise if they are going to use an animal in a search, they should know the variable nuances of the animals behavior instead of paranoically reacting to every twitch/ sound the animal makes!

      Not that I consider marijuana as a threat. I should be fully legalized and NO regulation put on people growing it for themselves. It cures cancer and can be used very successfully to treat and even cure various other illness. Then again, I know police are also being trained to NOT think and to simply obey even if it breaks the law, and to see everyone they enter conflict with as a lethal threat, even disabled people and children. Stupid elites are doing a terrible number on society by indoctrinating people with such nonsense as zero tolerance and blind obedience to laws, regulations, policies no matter what the circumstances! This has been done in increments over generations. The elites MUST be stopped!

      By the way, cops here in Canada are also becoming rather inept. They are starting to tase first, even for someone with a screwdriver or knife…. a martial artist can disarm and incapacitate a person holding a melee weapon without a taser or gun…. our cops and the US cops are being undertrained and don’t even realize it!

      I know a little off topic, sorry. In terms of them even searching the car, the 4th Ammendment should protect people against this… they somehow have convinced people it is OK to have a drug sniffing dog walk around in a passive search, but I say they entered the lot KNOWING the cars might have drugs and intending if the specially tained dogs might smell them and alert that is an unreasonable search. You cannot search unless you suspect a crime has been committed and every car the dog walks by is the intent that the dog will be able to smell anything in each car. Since the intent was there it is in my view a violation of the 4th Amemdment. So what if courts have deemed these searches legal, it is a corruption of law/ morality and must be defeated.

  • Okwaho

    This is an example of the types of narrow minded assholes we have running our schools, police departments, courts and yes even churches all over our country these days. These people are idiots. What’s even worse are the idiot politicians we elect to public office. It doesn’t say much about us as a whole, does it?

  • Jack Donachy

    We have seen time and again that it’s best to take a breath and wait for ALL the story to come out in these cases. Knives are tools, and we use them in outdoor activities too, but a butterfly knife? They are illegal or restricted in a lot of places in this country and around the world, and although they are legal in Georgia (where this story took place), they aren’t a fishing tool and this knife was not in a tackle box. July 4th was a few months ago, and the idea that a teenager has “leftover” fireworks from back then is odd.
    Claiming that this person was arrested and charged for bringing “fishing gear” to school is an agenda-driven distortion of the truth. We’re not fans of “zero tolerance” policies, but if a kid is bringing fireworks and a butterfly knife onto school property, we believe school and police authorities are doing the right thing to investigate. We know that’s not what folks on a site like this want to hear… but again, we’ve seen time and again that the wisest course in these cases is to wait for all the facts to come out… and meanwhile, to honestly Present all the facts.

    • Jean

      You mean, wait until they have made up all the facts that will fit the narrative?

      If a crime was comitted – a real, tortuous crime, not a breach of arbitrary violations – let that be prosecuted.
      as for a knife, in the door – and the firecrackers, which may or may not have still been there (dogs can smell quite well – to the point they’ll alarm on basically ANY $20 bill, as they have “drug residue” on them – WTF is with that, right?) – No harm, no foul (no mens rea, means no guilty mind, no intent to commit a crime.)
      If you can’t handle that, you’re not part of the solution, but part of the (authoritarian) problem.

      QUIT FIGHTING PRE-CRIME. This ain’t communist Russia, nor is it Oceania (1984), nor even Minority Report. No act means NO CRIME.
      And if you don’t understand, I’ll remove you piece by piece from MY country, and mail you to the dictatorship of your choice.
      Getting TIRED of assholes.

  • RSMJR87

    I just don’t see any crime here don’t sorry left over fireworks is not odd i just found a whol bunch of fireworks sitting right behind my bar and thought to myself nice. and so far as knifes in a vehicle that is the smartest place to keep a knife people.. yes i said it and i will tell you why I was in a car accident when my friend rolled his fathers truck with my friend and I in it when we finally stopped i could not get my seat beat off, I was suspended and it just wouldn’t budge. I then pulled out my knife and cut the belt I could now help my friends out of the vehicle and get us to safety as the truck caught on fire. not to mention you need a knife to go fishing or pliers to which he should have used in the first place to be within school rules. Ruining a young mans life over something like them makes me lose faith in our Country and the American Dream, Good thing I put all my faith in GOD.

  • Dissectional

    The students should have a “Bring a knife to school day” in protest.

    • Jean

      And use it on all the officials, to “make a point.”

      I crack myself up sometimes…

  • Daniel Lee

    Its all about this ( $ ) Yes, money. Court cost, got to put coins in the meter, pay the lawyers. It just goes on and on!! Sorry

  • WretchedWhiteRabbit

    antiRacist is a code word for antiWhite

    • Tamara

      Really? I’m anti-racist AND white. Not accepting racism doesn’t mean you hate white people, it means you are against discrimination based on race. I’m not out to kill whitey, I AM whitey! Just not an elitist whitey.

      Where the hell did you get the idea not liking racism meant you hate white people? WTF?

  • maridots

    I saw his attorney on TV last week, he’s been acquitted of all charges, his record will be expunged and he will be able to enter the Airforce without having a ‘felony’ on his record. Zero tolerance needs to have limits, this was a kid who fishes, big deal. Each case needs to be looked at individually, not have a blanket rule that covers every situation. There are extenuating circumstances.

  • publikjohn

    This is the reason I don’t want to bring children into this world.

    And this is the reason too….

    This video speaks volumes about the mentality of the police in this nation. Shoot first and ask questions later.

  • Tatiana Covington

    He should simply refuse to be prosecuted or to bother himself with someone else’s complaint.

    “Keep it to yourself!”

  • And the beat goes on. One more stupid policy after another in the public schools, but honestly the reason for zero tolerance policies is to protect administrators and teachers jobs. Because if the policy is enforced differently for one person over another (using good judgment) then there is the possible appearance- by other parents whose children received harsher punishment- of favortism or racism over another student. I myself had to call CPS and report bruises of one of my students or I could have lost my job. Believe me, I would have too because the district cannot take a chance at someone using “common sense” and creating a liability for the school. If possible, remove your kids from school and homeschool them.

  • Ken Griffith

    Public schools… you get what you pay for.

    • Karl Kimball

      But our public school costs more per student than any and all non third world country’s spends! And we settle for garbage like this, and don’t even have higher test scores. Because they worry more about teaching our kids about political correctness and homosexual rights then what they are going to need to get by in life..BY DESIGN, so they can be dependent on the State!

  • Jim Harvey

    We need to bring back public hangings

    • imwithstoopid

      No, what we require is to hire people who are competent,
      able to do their jobs,
      have and use common sense,
      know right from wrong,
      not hiring (prosecutors) who are using their court wins to get ahead,
      (Judges) that have a world view and see through unreasonable cases such as this,
      cops that react unreasonably under low threat conditions such as this,
      people in charge that are able to sit down and talk one on one with someone like this kid.
      Most of all in an area like this town, cops that understand that a tackle box with this stuff in this area
      is a common object probably found in many cars.
      Zero tolerance shows zero brains, with zero abilities.

      • Jim Harvey

        Public Hangings would help to get the point across…:)

  • Farmer

    Can you name the administrators and give contact information so we can speak up?