Zero Tolerance Idiocy: Sober Varsity Superstar Punished for Giving Drunk Friend a Safe Ride Home

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What should you do if an underage intoxicated friend needs to get home?

If you happen to be an honor student and sports team captain at North Andover High School, you should definitely NOT give them a ride home or you might find yourself in the position of young Erin Cox, a Boston area student.

In another act of public school zero tolerance idiocy, North Andover High School in Massachusetts, has punished a student, all because she gave a ride to a friend who was too drunk to drive. By doing so, Erin (who police confirmed was completely sober) violated the school’s “no drugs and alcohol” policy.

Two weeks ago, Erin received a call from a friend at a party who was too drunk to drive. Erin drove to Boxford after work to pick up her friend. Moments after she arrived, the cops arrived too and busted several kids for underage possession of alcohol.

A North Andover High School honor student, Erin was cleared by police, who agreed she had not been drinking and was not in possession of alcohol. But Andover High told Erin she was in violation of the district’s zero tolerance policy against alcohol and drug use. In the middle of her senior year, Erin was demoted from captain of the volleyball team and told she would be suspended from playing for five games.

The Cox family filed a lawsuit in District Court on Friday but a lawyer for the school district argued against any kind of injunction. The judge ruled the court did not have jurisdiction.

Meanwhile, the parents of Erin’s teammates have started a petition to support her.

Neither the school district nor its attorney could be reached for comment Sunday. (source)

So, boys and girls, what have we learned here?

If someone is too drunk to drive, you should understand that it’s not your problem. Far better that they get into an accident and kill an innocent person than you associate with them and violate the “zero tolerance” policy by merely being in the car and inhaling their inebriated fumes.

When can we institute a “zero tolerance” policy for school stupidity?

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    These school officials are not capable of independent thoughts. Clearly the students made the choice not to endanger the safety of others. Hardly the responsibility of school officials to punish the students for acts not on school grounds nor during school hours. This is a parental matter, the school needs to but out.

    • Tom T

      Those who can, Do!
      Those who can’t, Teach
      Those who really can’t, go to work for the government

      • Rabbitnexus

        Those who screw it up for everyone else who can or who teaches, goes to work for the government.

  • It is I only


  • Mike

    All I can say is WTF?!?!

  • Steve

    What’s great is that these same 50+ year old admin. were the ones who grew up during the COKE area and weed times everywhere. They are the biggest hypocrites around. Also these useless as&holes are A O.K with Students doped up on every kind of ADHD meds. Public schools are a joke.

  • general777

    Impeach big pHarma

  • JG

    This is why government should not be allowed near education.

    These “teachers” could never make it in the private sector.

    So why are they “teaching” anyone at all? They’re clowns.

    These poor kids are going to have to unschool themselves when they get out of that idiot camp.

  • Cnsay

    Its a shame that these school officials who decided this, were absent during pressure cooker day.

  • Yeims

    A saying: “Those who can, do. Those who can’t, TEACH:”

  • Uh-Huh

    Reminds me of that kid who stayed behind at a party to make sure his friend, who ended up with alcohol poisoning, survived and then he himself got arrested for his good deed…I am in the last half of my century of life and I find that the 30-40-50-somethings are SERIOUSLY STUPID and should NOT BE IN CHARGE OF ANYTHING!!!!!

    • Jean

      Hey, I’m 37 – and SOME of us CAN manage things.
      WE aren’t the ones in charge, though – it’s politicos and A-holes (or, up here, MASSholes.)

      Those who can – are busy doing.
      Don’ be no Agesit, now. 😉

      Jokes aside- I agree with you, overall, but it’s NOT an age thing – it’s intentional stupidity.
      North Andover is in my neck of the woods – maybe I’ll stop by and say hi.

      “I have work to do. Read your newspaper everyday and you’ll understand.”
      “Which section?”

      They want a war, let’s start the war of attrition, they’ll be 50% “recycled” before they know it.

  • Mom

    Home school if you really care for your children.

  • robertsgt40

    I suggest after Erin’s five game suspension is up, tell the coach and administration she is retiring from the team.

    • Jean

      Better if someone executes the administration.

      Solves the problem two ways:
      1 – won’t happen again.
      2 – the PEOPLE won’t make it happen again.

      #1 still leaves the toxic ideas in place. #2 ensures containment of the cancer, and eradication.

  • Anon

    Everyone should resign from the volleyball team in protest. Flyers should be handed out with the names of the people in the administration supporting the decision. Frankly, students need to rebel.

  • Jim

    If the kids on the volleyball team really want to support Erin, they should all boycott the team until Erin is reinstated. That would show the administration that you need to make judgement calls. I never really understand “Zero Tolerance Policy”. Are people not capable to making judgement calls. Opps, I forgot we are talking about governmental employees.

    • Rabbitnexus

      Astonished they have not done so already. In my days in school this would have started within days by students or someone of their parents behind the scenes, typically through their kids. That is also why such a thing wouldn’t have happened then too I suppose. I am fifty.

  • Jeff

    I just read the “Chemical Health Policy” from Andover High’s student handbook that is posted on their website.
    On page 12 of the student handbook is says:

    Chemical Health Policy – Activities
    For students participating in a co-curricular activity (including but not limited to: clubs, theatrical performance, musical performance,
    student government, National Honor Society, etc.) the prohibition period for use, possession, distribution, purchasing, having consumed, or being
    under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs (controlled substances) includes the school year from the first official day of school to the last
    official day of school including weekends and vacations.

    First Violation: When the Principal confirms, following an opportunity for the student to be heard, that a violation occurred, the student shall be removed from the activity for four (4) weeks. If the student agrees to attend an approved chemical dependency program or treatment program, the consequences will be reduced to two (2) weeks of
    the activity.

    This student did not possess distribute, purchase, consume, or was not under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. The administration of this school is in direct violation of their own written policy.