“Zero Evidence”: Former Prosecutor Confirms Mueller Investigation Is A Witch Hunt With No Actual Evidence Of Trump-Russia Collusion

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Robert Mueller grand jury

There is no discernible evidence of any conspiracy between Russia and Donald Trump so Robert Mueller is conducting a “fishing expedition” in a desperate attempt at finding any kind of criminal behavior, according to former federal prosecutor Andrew C. McCarthy.

While there is already ample evidence that Mueller is nothing more than a deep state operative with the goal of taking out the elected president by any means necessary, the fact that yet another high-profile former prosecutor has publicly come out against his witch hunt just goes to show how bad it has actually gotten.

McCarthy made clear that the way that Mueller’s team is operating is not even remotely close to how normal prosecutions usually work. This is even more shocking when you consider that this is being done to the rightfully elected President of the United States.

“The usual thing in the United States is that there’s a crime, so we assign a prosecutor,” he explained in an interview with WND and Radio America. “Here, there’s no crime. We assign a prosecutor. We tell him to go find a crime.”

McCarthy continued by noting that so far Mueller has been completely unable to find any evidence, much less an actual crime, between Trump and Russia.

“He’s gone about his investigation as a kind of broad fishing expedition within those very broad parameters,” McCarthy said. “If they had a crime that was the predicate for this investigation, it would have been conducted a different way. But he wasn’t directed to investigate a crime. He was given this very broad mandate.”

That’s right, this is nothing more than a fishing expedition, cheered on by the establishment press and run by documented pro-Clinton forces who are specifically targeting the man who beat their preferred candidate in the 2016 election.

McCarthy also made clear that despite charges being filed against three different Trump associates, the fact remains that this all has nothing to do with the president working with Russia.

“Collusion is kind of a loaded word. All it means is concerted activity. What prosecutors care about is conspiracy, not collusion. Conspiracy is an agreement to violate a particular federal law. In this case, the law that they’re most likely talking about is some form of espionage by the Russians targeting the 2016 election,” McCarthy continued.

“I never thought they had a case on that. I haven’t seen anything to suggest it. What we’ve seen with the three sets of charges is quite the opposite.”

The entire interview is a must hear and has provided even more evidence that were are witnessing a sort of soft coup in America where liberal leaning deep state forces are openly using the power of the FBI to target a man who the American people voted to put in office.

This truly is hardcore level corruption in its most obvious form.

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  • dav1bg

    Like the only one surprised is the news media.

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  • John C Carleton
  • cosmosmith

    If Mueller’s searching for criminal acts, he needs to focus on democrats and RINOs.

    • Ray Donovan

      I hope it hurts to be that stupid.

  • The time is long past-due to investigate the investigators!!!

    • darkhorse

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        • darkhorse

          lost the info you previously gave me on this site…but I remembered your name…

          • … vmgworldwide (dot) com … is the main page …

            The Recorded Music and Entertainment Industries have gone to hell in a hand-basket THANKS to the socialist program-them-stupid endeavors.

            Sounds like politics/government as usual, doesn’t it???

          • darkhorse

            it’s evil personified…thanks for address again!!!

          • No problem … that site has over half-million hits and no successful law suits 🙂 even though it spills the beans on the entire industry ….

          • darkhorse

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          • Sounds like another beer-joint baritone operation to me … be sure to take that copyright form to any bank and have copies of it notarized and file a notarized copy with the County Clerk – make sure you keep copies, as many as you need, in separate locations.

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          • darkhorse

            LOL!!! Thank you for the info, Col… this turkey butt, below, has a home studio in a far off state! Out west – and I’m in NYC. You were very close.. LOL!!! I mean this guy doesn’t even know how the pros do it! I had some great demos made in Nashville for God’s sake… who’s better than Nashville? They wouldn’t even TRY to pull this crap- unlike the beer joint bartone .. I was offered a contract with a Nashville outfit but declined because I could tell they were lesser beings.. and by the way, the copyright for the song I’m talking about was issued in 1994!!! Been growing mold in the Copyright file all this time!!

          • darkhorse

            PS…bet Tipper is glad she divorced that thing!

          • According to the ‘news’ the separation was a ‘mutual’ decision [i.e. the longer they were together the less they could stand one another] — now if we could just get the rest of the DemonCrap Party to be an nth as honest and take the hint this witch hunt against President Trump would evaporate like a fool’s money!!!

          • darkhorse

            I’m so sick to death of evil people … wish they would all self-implode, or if not, lets drag them out and tar and feather them…time for justice for so many…

          • … if we did we’d be bombarded by the communists with
            “more tar and feather control” … 🙂

          • darkhorse

            there must be an answer and it sure ain’t politicians…

          • … search War of Restoration …

      • DIEcheetohitlerDIE!

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    • DIEcheetohitlerDIE!

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    • Ray Donovan

      Wow. Just, wow.

  • DIEcheetohitlerDIE!
  • taxpayer22

    Mueller is turning constitutional actions by the Trump White House into crimes, -Dershowitz is a well-known Democrat.

    • Ray Donovan

      It is always funny to see Alan Dershowitz’s statements cherry picked by the minions.

      FWIW, I would love to see Trump terminate Mueller’s investigation, pardon those of his fun bunch who were caught and submarine the 2018 election and beyond for the Republican party.

  • taxpayer22

    Russia warned Mueller more than twice about the Boston Bombers and he admitted to closing the cases.

    • DIEcheetohitlerDIE!

      Awww is that the Koala bear you wrap in duct tape and fuck?

  • Didum Hasu

    Although a crime was committed in the Democratic primary election – election fraud and voter obstruction. It has been revealed via wikileaks documents that HRC was picked to be the nominee before the primary began. It would be illogical to think that a fix wasn’t organised for the presidential election. Would the deep state seriously commit these crimes in the primary election and then leave it to chance her winning the presidency? Dr Steve Pieczenik stated in a youtube video around Sept last year that he and people from 16 different intelligent agencies were operating a counter coup against dnc/deep state, because they had watched them steal the primary election and could see them taking over the government. HRC not winning the election points to a successful counter coup. It is so frustrating that the people involved with thwarting the HRC fix are not talking about it, or even leaving hints. They were happy to let us know about the counter coup being instigated but are saying nothing to stop the continual russia russia russia diversion.

  • phicrappazappa

    Evidence? Who cares about evidence? The main job here is how to divvy up the 7 million and counting – and being untouchable while doing it ( except for the bj’s from supportive and fawning Democrats – they get to touch ).

    • Ray Donovan

      As opposed to the BJs you gave your local priests?

      • phicrappazappa

        You are truly an ignorant individual. And yes, that’s an insult as by your posts you show your obedience to the herd mentality of liberalism.

        • Ray Donovan

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          • Ray Donovan

            I expected you to project.

            I read through some of your posts and see a tendency for you to do exactly what you accuse me of doing. Duplicity be thy name. GFY

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            I’m a big fan of judging clowns like you by your post history. Anyone who takes the time to read what you wrote will come away with the same idea of who you are – an insecure person with a poor education.

            I will continue to have my way with you – just like your father.

          • phicrappazappa

            This is in truth a lot of fun, as you may well have discerned from my prior posts. I look for the humor in postings. I do not take myself seriously, nor anyone else. No one gets out of here alive. Everything is based upon lies. Everything. But yet limits to abject stupidity cause me to respond. Why I respond to you.
            And for a close on your last bit of inane banter; I would have been your father had that d amned dog not beaten me upstairs.

          • Ray Donovan

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            You are one of those assclowns who think that they are intelligent but only so when in the company of their pals at the trailer park. Anyone examining your posts can see plenty of examples of the duplicity I noted earlier. Whether you are pontificating about the Clintons, taking racist jabs at the Obamas or attempting to malign anyone who doesn’t s;url the Breitbart Kool Aid, your kind is easily triggered. You’ve jumped every time I pulled your strings, Snowflake.

          • phicrappazappa

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          • Ray Donovan

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