You’ve Heard of Chemtrails… But What About Chemwebs?

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What in the world are they spraying these days?

Call it chemtrails, geoengineering, or solar radiation management. this issue goes well beyond a few lines in the sky…

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  • I forgot

    Good grief.

  • Dow Jones

    Ever get the feeling that the braindead mutts flushing this planet down the sewer with chemical filth are simply alien engineers setting up a galactic snack bar for inter stellar commuting flesh eaters.

    Onward to the collapse…finally, if they don’t poison US all first.

  • jadan

    It ain’t easy ‘splainin chemtrails, but this patriot humanitarian is doing a real good job.

  • lilred

    Project clover field. 1997
    I have a document somewhere about the details of it.

  • Renrah

    never ceases to amaze me how the evidence is in the skies on a daily basis and people still live in denial. I believe it is because people are mostly good and cannot even fathom the evil behind such things