Your 72 Hour Red Flag before US Martial Law

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By Susan Barrett

Writer & researcher Susanne Posel of in-depth conversation about the government’s plans for martial law in the United States. Susanne shares her insights about the preparatory measures the DHS and military are taking, and why: “They know the collapse is coming,” says Susanne. “So they are preparing for it.” Susanne also shares shocking information about a computer banking virus that may be used as the excuse to shut down banks internationally. “If you hear about this in the news, you have 72 hours to do whatever you plan to do before the collapse.”

Success or Failure: Authorities Practice Martial Law After Boston Bombing

Once the curfew was lifted in Watertown, Massachusetts, “resident David Hanberry noticed that the tarp covering his boat in his backyard and been disturbed. Checking to see what was wrong, David was shocked to find Dzhokhar curled up inside the boat, covered in blood. He immediately alerted police.”

With all the display of SWAT teams, para-militarized police and the declaration of “martial law” it was a local resident that initiated the capture of Boston Marathon Bombing (BMB) suspect Dzhokhar Tsnaraev.

During the “martial law” imposed on residents of Watertown, SWAT teams dressed in military police garb came door-to-door, demanding that they be allowed entry into private citizen’s homes to search for Dzhokhar.

The Boston police department utilized high-tech “crime fighting tools” to capture Dzhokhar; including thermal infrared imaging from helicopters which allowed he authorities to identify Dzhokhar under the covering and hiding in the boat.

Fully armed SWAT teams of paramilitarized police roamed through resident’s backyards and entered homes without a warrant and under the authority of martial law.

Mainstream media (MSM) has justified the recent use of martial law in Boston by equating it to the routine lockdowns that protect schools and the attack on 9/11.

This is a 2-part MUST HEAR interview with one of the best new media writers and researchers on the scene today.

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  • Bob Marshall

    Why else would so many UN troops be training in the United States?

    • Heretic


  • Carol

    Am I crazy? I can’t find the second part of the interview.

  • Pointer76

    At West Point we were taught in Military Law class that declaration of Martial Law is a declaration of civil war since Martial Law is, by definition, a setting aside of the US Constitution – the only legitimizing authority for government to exist. Once Martial Law is imposed, the authority of the US Constitution to create governmental agencies ceases to exist. Thus, those agencies created by the Constitution also cease to legitimately exist. Though they may continue to use force, Federal police agencies such as DHS, FBI, etc lose their legitimate authority to enforce any laws which also cease to exist. Thus, upon Martial Law declaration, civilians are no longer duty bound to follow ANY federal instructions by any federal agencies since all federal; agencies are no longer legitimate. In fact, the US Constitution Section Six demands all laws inconsistent with the Constitution are illegal and it is the duty of every citizen to resist illegal uprisings by any government agencies that would enforce Martial Law or any other illegal usurpation that would set aside the US Constitution.

    • Ray

      Citizens resistance is just what the powers want ! Then the second Bolshevik Revolt will occur , where 40 to 50 MILLION Christians were murdered ! Christians have already been identified as Potential Terrorist ! Now you have to ask yourself , what group was behind the Russian Bolshevik Revolution ?

    • Renaldo

      Great to know, but difficult to put into practice. I’m sure the Federales would love to have you refuse them. I believe it may be to late to resist our governments imposition of anything. Not enough sheeple are willing to face reality.

  • Elisha

    It’s never too late to resist. Be diligent. Be prepared. You are he Resistance!

  • jc

    Better dead than red

  • Benny

    I definitely believe its coming (martial law). Our government is the exact beast our forefathers warned us of. They are absorbing, and now stealing(Obamacare) our nations economic resources. They are expecting a collapse for sure. They’re even pushing the collapse along. They have familiarized us with the thought of a “New World Order”. They just aren’t saying the Hell that’s coming with it. We are out of money and the only way to create a new economy is to destroy the old one. Government controlled healthcare is scary as hell when you consider our circumstances. Believe That and don’t forget to Pray for our nation and our leaders. It might not hurt you to read what the Bible says about New World Order and what a lot of Christians will go through in the “beginning of the end”.

    • Anonymous

      I believe it!!and every thing you said that’s all true!!i agree:-)We all need to pray !!!And keep our family safe!!!And hop it will turn around!!!And i seen the fist sign that was the governments shut down,,And scary thing reopen the government,And close again in January some time!!So what does that say for us !Big trouble a head!!!Obama and the governments had this plan!!!Since he been in the office this world have went to shit!’!!look at everything went down !!over through his terms in the whitehouse,Still going through hell!!!That’s crazy!!

  • Kevin

    Would this affect American Express. I.e. Could one still use a credit card not associated with a bank account.

    • yankeewatchdog

      We are talking about Martial Law, and you’re worried about a credit card? YOU ARE part of the PROBLEM!!!Get a clue!

  • me

    Shit crazy

  • Mr1776

    We bacame all familiar with dependency. Most can’t comprehend this as our near future. Its all set out in the movies and TV PROGRAMMING and still many don’t believe it because they have been IMAGINEERED!

  • John

    Maybe this is what the world needs? Maybe this is a way to get the world to come together instead of going to war with other country’s and getting nowhere. Nobody is going to like being told what to do, but it’s what needs to be done for better of human race and planet. Greed and religion is ruining this planet.

  • Pete

    All I can say is that put your trust in GOD,and keep your powder dry.

  • Guy

    I’m gonna be quoting all you people in 2018 when you all have healthcare and there’s no martial law. Out of money? Do you understand global commerce? Stealing economic resources? So are car insurance companies inciting martial law too? You people are the biggest part of the problem. Moronic, easily manipulated, fear mongering, etc. If you would stop swearing that democrats are evil and just work with people and stop being extremists you wouldn’t be so discontented that you felt the need to call the President an enemy of the state.

  • 1462

    Got news Obama is a Criminal Fraud USURPEER as such he possesses absolutely no legal lawful or Constitutional power to do anything he has done. They are all whores for the NWO trying feverishly to OVERTHROW these United States and disarm us so they acan enslave us to their perverted Nazi NWO However I gots news for you USURPER…..We the people are the 4th Branch of GOvernment and the Last Line of Defense fully empowered under the Constitution to physically remove all your asses…….. just remember this!!
    If you declare a BOGUS ILLEGAL UNCONSTITUTIONAL Martial Law
    and I want the Military to hear this……. It will fall upon DEAF EARS because it will have nothing to do with “Continuity of Government” but will have everything to do with “Continuity or your Criminal Enterprise” hense the illegally Created USA CORPORATION and your illegally Re Written Constitution” forced upon the American People without their Knowledge and Consent 1871! You will Ignite the next American Revolution only this time its all 50 State against you in addition to most of our Military and National guard. and what we do not have…..we’ll take off your dead bodies and from your convoys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It will be the biggest mistake of your lives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!