You Won’t Believe What They Did to the Ohio Ballot to Stop Trump

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We all know the elite are on the warpath against Donald Trump, with everyone from pundits, to major world leaders, to the Pope speaking out against him. Newt Gingrich recently said it’s because Trump isn’t part of the secret societies and hasn’t taken the initiation rites.

Regardless, Trump has received a groundswell of support from the average conservative American, winning state primaries left and right. Ohio’s primary is coming up on March 15, and it’s a big one because it’s a “winner takes all” state.

Well now it’s being alleged that Ohio’s GOP has intentionally set up a confusing ballot in a bid to try to make sure Donald Trump does not win.

The Dem ballot has one place for voters to mark their choice for president. Period.

The Republican ballot in Ohio this year apparently has two, leaving a lot more questions than answers about whether or not voters will understand how it works.

Take a look, (via the Conservative Treehouse):


Is the ballot intentionally confusing by design?

Given the previous discussions on State Party shenanigans, and the intent of state republican party leadership to hold complete influence over their delegate’s decision-making, many believe the answer is “probably”.

Look at that ballot. It definitely raises a lot of questions… that aren’t answered on the ballot.

Do the majority of voters know the difference between “Delegates-at-Large” and “District Delegates”? Does a person need to choose their candidate twice, or are they only supposed to chose once? Which is right? What if they pick a different candidate in each box, do they cancel each other out? What if they pick someone in the first box and not the second, or vice versa?

Why the confusing GOP ballot, Ohio?

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  • The RNC must be one of the largest political organizations that don’t require candidates for offices under their moniker to be vetted for acceptability before they are allowed on a ballot. It is long time past when Americans should stop subsidizing political parties that can’t carry on their private business privately. If they all took the reported pledge to support whoever gets the nomination, they should all resign their memberships if they can’t stomach who the American people obviously want from the sorry selection they have offered.

    • Cyber Liberty

      Uh, the Dems don’t even require their candidates be Dems. Look at Sanders. I think the states should stop subsidizing the Parties because I’d like to see them act independently of the government. As it is, they do what the government tells them, and it’s not good for either Party.

      • Are you saying that Bernie Sanders is not a member of the Democratic Party?

        • Cyber Liberty

          I understand he signed up last year. November. So he is. Better? If you are a Sanders Democrat, I feel sorry for you.

          • Rick Bost

            And Trump has always been GOP right? Your logic is horribly flawed.

          • Cyber Liberty

            No. Yours is. Nowhere did I say I’m a supporter of Trump. Nowhere did I say he 1) is a Republican and 2) would make a good President.

            Thanks for playing. It was fun.

        • Estella Aniston

          No Bernie Sanders is a communist. Look the man went to St Petersburg Russia for his honeymoon. He was a card carrying communist for many years and recently took on the democrat moniker. If you want America to be the next Venezuela then vote for Sanders, he will make it happen. The Venezuelan people are starving. If you don’t believe me, research it, the people cannot even get diapers for their children. Everything is rationed to the extreme there.

          • Why do you think that Joseph McCarthy was censured by the Senate?

  • rich

    The establishment have already and will some more look like the bunch of assholes they are! Trump will win the GOP ticket no matter what they do because the people are on to the bull crap the GOP is trying. It is time to clean house in the Republican Party and the first step will be when Mr. Trump wins this damn primary. What the establishment jackasses are looking at if they keep up the crap is a huge revolution and the people will enjoy hanging those crooked bastards by their feet!

    • Smarty

      Just imagine how a President Trump will react and deal with all the assholes that tried to kill him off once he’s in office. He won’t forget….

      • rich

        He has a lot of undoing to do when he gets in there. The bozo he’s replacing has shown us all a level of ineptness that is unequal and the jackasses in the GOP, who have had much concrete evidence to impeach his sorry ass, have done nothing. So what would it be like if their choice for the nomination went up against the lyingest creep ever to be in politics? He (Jeb or now Marco) would get their sorry butts kicked all over the country. There is only one choice (maybe two with Cruz) that the Republicans have and that is Trump.

  • It also has the other candidates in both categories, for the most part. Furthermore, it’s outdated with the drop-outs…

    • Mark Owen

      Yeah Michigans ballot has the same thiings has beens names on them too. People are smart enough to figure it out even though the GOP peckerwoods don’t want them to have an easy time of it.

  • Daddy50

    There’s nothing confusing and this ballot applies to all GOP candidates, not just Trump. This is a lame story trying to create sympathy for Trump.

    • Will

      TRUMP 2016

    • curmudgeon VN Veteran

      You don’t actually believe the Republican establishment pukes would resort to dirty tricks that would make democRATs proud? Politicians are not our ‘best and brightest’ and all are worried about being thrown off the public teat.

  • Zaphod Braden

    I am voting for TRUMP n the General Election.
    If TRUMP is not the nominee, I will WRITE HIM IN.

    • Better be sure to use proper grammar, or your write in will negate itself and another vote.

      • anna

        Why is there always a petty individual like you on every discussion board picking apart someone’s grammar or spelling? Don’t you have anything more worthy to do in life? Isn’t there some fatherless young men you could mentor or use your genius to help with job applications? Everyone here understood what Zaphod meant regardless of spelling or grammar. Since I suspect you’re the kind to have to flatter yourself with the last word….. go ahead and reply with your asinine comment now .

        • Dunno y

          Thats not why he does it as he explained his reasoning. Asinine? You having a bad day anna.? Thats ok. Salt over shoulder is a good practice on social media as its not called neo-liberalist or fascist,communist media is it. Delicate sensibilities left social media years ago, wisdom should not bring them back!!. I’m sure Zaphod was not offended.

          • anna

            I knew you couldn’t control your impulse to try and flatter yourself with the last word and a come back. People like you always do.

          • Dunno y

            Lol. Thankyou but I have not met you and you claim to know me in a few short words. Are you a spy. Hope today is better for you. I really do and will.

    • He Said It

      If the candidate is not on the ballot as a write in candidate, that write in vote will not count.

      • Zaphod Braden

        You IDIOT, what do you think ……. oh, sorry……….

        • Wags71

          My state doesn’t even count write-in votes. Many don’t.

          • Zaphod Braden

            The mere act of writing Trump in will be noted, and the RINOs can then ponder the number of votes they LOST ……. that cost them the election.
            Hillary will win? Yes. Let us get this bonfire started….. instead of slowly being brought to the “frog boil” get it over and done with.

          • Wags71

            Well, for the vast majority of sheeple in this country, if it’s not reported on the news, it didn’t happen. It won’t be reported (or counted).

            Let’s also remember that the only thing that matters to the elite is that Trump doesn’t win. They don’t care if it’s a republican or democrat.

        • He Said It

          Some states don’t count write ins. Others require them to be registered as a write in candidate. Just writing in “Joe Blow” does not automatically give him one vote.

  • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

    More political theater to distract the masses-as if any of this matters. We’re going to get whoever the elites want us to have. No. Matter. What.

    • Smarty

      Maybe not Randy. JFK got in, and they had to smoke him to get him out. I know times are different now….electronic (bullshit) voting machines, BUT it’s going to be hard to hide a MAJOR over the top majority vote even for the elite fuckheads. They may choose the JFK method before or after, but I’m holding out about 3% optimism that this may actually work. And then, I worry, is Trump for real or just another mind game? So many things to think about…

      • Wags71

        I think they’ll let Trump have the nomination, but then they’ll pull out all of the fraud in the general election for Hillary.

  • jim_robert

    I will vote for Trump if I have to. But I think Cruz is also hated by the elite and PTB, and is a better choice. Second choice is Trump.

    Hilary will be voted for after I vote for the local zoo’s chimp as the better candidate

    • If a candidate can’t win their home state…
      If Trump wins New York…
      Why would you vote for Hilary (sic) in addition to the chimp?

      • Dennisito

        You are a fuckin dick.

        • It is far better than being an ignorant moron.

          • Leslie Beaumont

            Thats what everyone thinks you are

          • Since that has the appearance of a unprovable assertion, kindly present the bona fides of the poll.

    • Rachel Flanagan

      Cruz hated by the elite? Neil Bush is the newest addition to the Cruz team.
      I’m with you on Hillary 🙂


    Of course this was done on purpose. The RNC is desperate.

    • I’d like them to explain why they let him into the contest if he isn’t fit to win.


        Why did they let obama in? He is not even an American in any sense of the word.

        • Because We the People didn’t stop them. Barry Soetoro is his real name, he having given up his citizenship and name when he became a student at an Indonesian madrassa, as is required thereby. He never changed his name back, and was never naturalized, but names and citizenship are unimportant when TPTB have decided that one is the one to accomplish their goals. In return, he will enjoy a luxurious retirement, as long as he continues to do and say as he is told. He next goal is to replace Ban Ki-moon as the Secretary-General of the United Nations, to which he has pandered during his entire presidency.

          • MARYSWEET

            Thank you so much for verifying this information. I have been saying the same thing about him for years. And most people are not aware of why he has been so obliging to the UN. He still has some UN troops in the U.S. regarding Jade Helm. Not many people are aware that he is planning to move to Dubai and become the next Secretary General of the UN (God Forbid). That means we have a President in the Rainbow House who is not even an American citizen. How much worse can it get? I don’t want to be part of his NWO or anything to do with the UN. They are all a bunch of dictator leaches who never pay their share of the expense of keeping the UN building in NYC. I think they should be disbanded and rent out the UN building.

          • I’m not sure why anyone who wants to be the Secretary General of the UN would want to move to Dubai, there being very little UN business carried on there. I don’t know how that indicates anyone’s citizenship. The UN building is owned by the UN, and has the same status as any country’s embassy would have, being their sovereign ground. The UN building conveys diplomatic immunity on all who enter it on UN business, and I don’t know why their expense would exceed that of any of the other embassies that NYC plays host to. Only the owner of the building could rent it out, and doing so would unjustifiably encumber its sovereignty.

          • MARYSWEET

            I understand about the ownership of the building. That is not the problem. Every country that belongs to the UN is suppose to pay operating expenses but they have not been doing that and the American taxpayers have been picking up the bill for decades.

          • The US is the primary beneficiary of the building and the organization being where it is, in addition to being the primary reason why both exist, regardless of where it was built. The people of NYC have complained about its presence for as long as it has been there, unless they benefit financially from it being there. It is what lawyers call an attractive nuisance. If intelligence had prevailed, neither the building nor the organization would have been foisted onto the people of the world, but the same can be said of every government on the planet, as well.

          • MARYSWEET

            I can’t disagree with you but it still remains that a lot of the members of the UN do not pay their share of the upkeep of the building and security provided to them. I still say they should be disbanded and rent out the building for office space.

          • You can say anything you want if you aren’t willing to make it so.

  • Amerrikasfinest

    Why does this not surprise me? Ohio is definitely one of the crookedest state behind Florida. Ballot confusion will probably be approved knowing the idiots in charge…… how sad Ohio has sunk to……ripping off the candidates in favor of who they want. Hopefully Kasicko will lose and he can stay home for the rest of the race.

    • curmudgeon VN Veteran

      Goes for any state that has had democRAT governance for more than four years. Nothing beats the donkey party for dirty tricks and outright voter fraud. Show me a state run by RATs that does not require voter ID and I’ll show you a state rampant with fraud.

  • bonni

    Ohio has a dumb way of doing things.. is it Brian Freeze?? Dang people.. and you make fun of Florida..?

  • teensyteach

    I would just like to point out the it is any and all republican candidates that are wronged here not just Donald Trump….

    • Will

      TRUMP 2016…no brainer

        • Dunno y

          I have been so bewildered by Trump and his rheteric I found it hard to grasp, the link puts things into perspective nicely. The Don really does sound like a statesman of old logic much needed in todays Times everywhere. He actually has a bit of class behind the scenes which Putin would like. yes I can see the two shaking hands that allows hope. Hope is in the Don I get it now finally. thanks for clarifying the disturbance of mindless bewilderment.

  • mabera19

    Just who are the designer of the Ballot??? They need to be fired…

    • Smarty

      No. They just need to be “found”………………………………………..

    • curmudgeon VN Veteran

      Probably the same liberal idiots who formerly came up with Florida’s butterfly ballot that their own ignorant democRAT voters could not figure out how to cast their ballots and caused old Fat Albert Gore to lose.

  • Rhino23

    Seems it would hurt all candidates the same

  • Guillotine_ready

    Are any of you still thinking voting matters? If voting actually mattered, or had any chance of changing the corrupt, puss filled system even a little it would be outlawed.

    • Voting only matters if it is approached as a sacred duty rather than a right. Most voters are so ignorant about their government and their responsibilities with respect to their casting of a vote that it has become as unimportant as their commitment to becoming educated about it, being only a ruse in the reliance on TPTB to do everything for us.

  • jerry young

    I live in Ohio it will be something to look for, I’ve said this before if there is any way the GOP can keep Trump from getting the nomination they will, the’ll do whatever they can to put the rino of their choice in the running, Trump 2016!

    • tayronachan

      The GOP elite would rather have Hillery than Trump, because they know she “plays ball”, business as usual.

  • The party members should chose their own nominees instead of being subsidized in the public bread and circuses that should be ignored by all but the parties, in the same way as the parties were originally independent of the government. Political party candidates have always been chosen in similar fashion to how a mafia don is, by how many powerful followers they can muster. If the RNC didn’t want Trump to be a candidate, they should have refused to allow him to register with the FEC as a republican candidate. They made the mistake of not taking him as seriously as the voters have. Instead of learning from their mistakes, they are about to do the political version of killing their opponent, if we let them get away with it. Shame on us, if we do.

  • dogface

    Just called the Governor`s office and the response to the Republican primary ballot is to vote twice. Once for the district delegates and again for the delegates at large.

  • clarioncaller

    Yeah right, John Kasich is an honorable politician. The same guy that gave us NAFTA, GATT, and a pedophile speaker of the house, Dennis Hastert.

  • Randy

    Is any more proof than this needed to show that rigged up popularity contests, also known as “elections”, are the worst possible way to staff government positions??
    After TSHTF and we are in rebuilding mode, it sure would be nice if we could set up a merit based system instead, one where a strict 5 year term limit is imposed for ANY government job, and you have to firstly PROVE that you can do that job well before you have a chance at winning it via a double entry lottery system. Select out 1,000 names and then draw from those to get the job.
    Does anybody have to campaign first before they can get a job flipping burgers or designing cars?

  • Dunno y

    While one man one vote does not exist anywhere in the world we will always have the throne dictatorships we subscribe to. No the world gave up on America a while ago but we live in hope the great nation can restore itself as an example to our own useless systems. He has not proved himself a statesman yet as that will come after he gets in. I truly hope you are right about him and the movement that has tied itself to him. All the world is counting on it. I plead dont let yourselves down first dont let the world down second like you said. It truly is bigger than just America like you know.

  • Wags71

    If they keep Trump from winning the nomination, it will destroy the Republican party, which would be a great thing. It’s possible the same thing happens to the Democrat party if Hillary wins. I’m looking forward to watching it all burn.

  • Smiddywesson

    I AM NOT YOUR SLAVE. YOU DO NOT OWN MY VOTE. For trying to steal my vote, and MAKE me vote for Rubio, I’m already gone. After 36 years as a straight ticket Republican, I am saddened to tell you I am leaving the party. From here on out, you will have to earn my vote, and it won’t be easy. Sorry.

    • tayronachan

      Yup, after the way they treated Ron Paul last election cycle I’m done with the Repubs too. Truth be told, I’m done with both parties.

  • Mr. Predicto on angry white male voters version 2.0 if Trump: 1. is assassinated. 2, has nomination or election stolen from him or 3. turns out to be a kleptocrat controlled stooge.

  • Jeff Z

    With the oligarchy that runs the place, there is no difference between a Dem or Repub……its just them vs us.

  • This is not surprising, the Virginia ballot was confusing as well and Trump underperformed there. Parties have always played these kind of tricks with candidates they didn’t like.

  • Moneyman2day

    Does any o this really surprise the people the world? Really it all boils down to one simple thing! Donald Trump is not bought and paid for! This being said the rest of the pack is like a bunch of scared sheep running aimlessly around in circles and crying foul, foul! They are all in my opinion a bunch of worthless, sniveling cry babies that all need to be voted out! If any one of the other 3 candidates running against Trump are elected, it will be business as usual!!!! Nothing will change! The elite bought and paid for in Washington will still be stuffing their pockets with bribes from the lobbyists and telling you and I what we need to do, while they do the opposite and get by with it! The elite will always be the elite and we the people will always suffer! If you vote for anyone else but Donald Trump, the others to include . Rubio, Cruz and Kasich will be good little boys, fall in line and do as they are told by those they owe for the bribes they have taken! My apologies, I mean the campaign financing they have taken! Donald has used his own money and owes NO ONE! Although, all of THEM OWE “Donald” for years of him giving them money! None of the others have any business sense as an employer, nor do they have businesses worldwide! Donald Trump employees thousands and thousands and thousands of people worldwide! He has the knowledge of how to run a business and the country we are living in should be run like a business! They way they have run this country over the last 65 years is like children using a new credit card, that have no idea of the costs it can create!
    The above is of my opinion and as a Veteran who served in four different branches!


    The person in the Ohio Republican Party that set up this ballot should be arrested for trying to manipulate the election.

  • Brandon Johnson

    This is a ridiculous, misleading, and false claim. Simply put, if the ballot was meant to hurt, his name would be the only one that is repeated. Instead they all are, if you actually look at the ballot… So is this site suggesting that Ohio is trying to hurt chances for all the candidates equally? What about Kasich? He is intentionally “hurting” himself, or is it much more likely that this is just how the ballot looks with no ulterior motive? It looks like the second section is specific to district while the first is for the state. Most likely just to help with counting. Oh, wait, maybe this is a tactic to deprive Trump of precious votes… That’s if this site is suggesting that Trump voters are too dumb or last to figure out to mark both names… Like actually reading the ballot.

    Somehow I think they will manage despite this sites assertion that they are less smart than other voters.

  • Nice_Cat

    I sure hope the voters read the ballot carefully and follow all directions.

  • Allen Benge

    The Ohio ballots are purposely misleading. If the voter checks one box or the other, the vote will not count. THIS CANNOT BE AN ACCIDENT. This needs to be investigated.

  • Estella Aniston

    So did anyone answer the question yet? Do we check both boxes or just one? This reminds me of the stadium deal check yes for no and no for yes. Argh, I hate how easily they are able to manipulate our votes.

  • Dunno y

    On behalf of the Westminster failed system we wish you the best of luck. Unfortunately you do have choices in third parties we dont have the luxury of. Hope/ chance can be placed in these parties if foresight would allow it on the majority. This would have really thrown out the powers at be but now we see America stuck in the same rut wishing itself out of it. Viva la revolution the controllers have to go and rebellion will be the only path not just for you perhaps the Westminster system as well. Again unfortunately free speech in my country is not a constitutional matter. My constitution only gives powers to states equal to federal government which means states and federal systems answer to the crown on equal terms ?? We cop a double whammy. But I will not argue about Trump while he gives hope in clouded ways it can only be a good thing for now. As you said later comes later.

  • bosunj

    Nothing new. Same thing was done in Florida the first time BushCo stole the WH.

  • Fantazine Davol

    It looks like they have to check both places for all candidates and not just Trump.